Episode 221 : Companions
[Millenium Falcon Arc: Chapter of the Holy Demon Wars]
translated by Graywords
Note: Page numbers are those marked on the scans here, and not the "actual" page numbers in the chapter/episode.

(Page 1)
Slan : Aha...

(Page 2)
Slan : ...yes...
     You're splitting me in half...
     Life and death are twisting together inside me...
     You're so wonderful, darling.

(Page 3)
Guts : ...did
     Did I do it...?
Slan : We'll meet again, my dear young boy...
     hee hee hee

(Page 4)
Guts : What the!?
Troll : Gih..!?

(Page 5)
Isidro : Ah...
     got 'em...
     I got 'em!!
Puck : Very...

(Page 6)
Isidro(behind his head) : OH SHIT
Farneze : What's that...!?

(Page 7)
Schierke : My name is The God of the Rotting Roots.
     I am lord over the decaying trees and murky mud.
     In ordinance with my pact with this small one before you,
     I shall turn these beasts who crawl along my body into food for the maggots.
     NOW, ROT!

(Page 8)
Isidro : Ah!?
     Whoa!? Hold on a sec, damnit!!
     She's gonna kill me!
Troll : ?
Isidro : No fucking way I'm gonna die like THAT!
     Hey, hold it!! You keep that up and you'll bury Guts alive, too...!!
Puck : Magic-user Sarin.
Evarella : You fiend!
Schierke : (Guts!!)

(Page 9)
Schierke : (Hurry up and get out of there, please!!)
Guts : Sorry, girlie, but I'm kinda in the middle of something.
     What the hell's going on here!?
Skull Knight : It is a consequence of her forcible advent and subsequent demise.
     All the life and death in this area has come to a boil... and has become chaos.
     If we do nothing, not only the inside of the cave...
     ...but this entire vicinity will be swallowed up.
Guts : Well, we're already in deep shit!!
     The entrance is completely blocked!!
Skull Knight : .........perhaps this is a suitable time to test my new blade...

(Page 10)
Skull Knight : This was something I intended to wield...
     ...solely for the purpose of entombing those beings...
     ...in the absymal vortex.
Guts : What do you think you're doing!?
     We don't have time for magic tricks......

     (What happened to his sword... that blade!?)
     (......no, wait... I recognize it...)

(Page 11)
Skull Knight : I have used the Beherits inside my body taken from apostles and empowered them into a blade.
     It is... the Sword of Resonance.
Guts : Reso...nance?

(Page 12)
Guts : !?
     Is that...!!

(Page 13)
Guts : They're catching up...!!

(Page 14)
Isidro : Shit!! It's breaking up!!
Evarella : She's doing the best she can!
Schierke : (...I can't.)
     (I just...)
     (...can't keep control any longer.)
Evarella : Schierke!
Isidro : !

(Page 15)
Isidro/Farneze : Guts...!!
Guts : !?
Isidro : Guts!?
Farneze : Eh!?
Guts : ...what the hell just happened?
Skull Knight : We cut through space and escaped to a different layer.
     That is this sword's power.
Guts : You're not making any sense again...
     Just tell me why you were in there in the first place...
Isidro : What happened!?
     How'd you get behind us!?

(Page 16)
Guts : ...looks like I owe you again.
Puck/Isidro : ?
Evarella : You okay, Schierke?
Schierke : Yes, don't worry about me.
     (That knight......)
Child : Look..!
Schierke : The forest...
     The Qliphoth... is sealed?
Isidro : Awesome! Is this magic, too?
Evarella : Yup!
Schierke : N-no, I didn't do anything...

(Page 17)
Schierke : But
     I think... it's over...

(Page 18)
Guts : (Companions, huh......)

(Page 19)
Guts : (Who would've thought...)
     (I'd ever have them again...)