Episode 222 : Claw Marks
[Millenium Falcon Arc: Chapter of the Holy Demon Wars]
translated by Graywords

(Page 1)
Flora : Whew...
     That should do it...
     It's finished.
     In the end...
     It truly has been a lot of work.
     Doesn't it bring you back?

(Page 2)
Flora : Who would have thought we'd have to bring this out...

(Page 3)
Skull Knight : I am certain that you know...
     exactly how dangerous this item is.
Flora : Yes, I do.
     I've kept it here since long ago.
     If that is how it must be
     I believe it could become necessary for them on their journey.
Skull Knight : It is causality...
Flora : ...no.
     I don't believe so.

(Page 4)
Flora : It may seem as though humans continue to repeat their same mistakes...
     But by no means is causality a perfect circle.
     It is a spiral.
     Those children...
     They are not limited to the same path you and I have chosen.
Skull Knight : ...indeed.
Flora : .........
     They've come.

(Page 5)
Flora : My spiritual energy has greatly weakened, it seems.
     My barrier was broken through so easily.

(Page 6)
Flora : You're going to fight for me?
     But, either way, I'm going to...
Skull Knight : If that is how it must be, then let it be peaceful.
Flora : ...thank you.
     I won't forget your devotion.
     Old friend.

(Page 8)
Flora : One final time, at least...
     ...I would've liked to see your shy, smiling face.
Schierke : Hm?
Evarella : What?
Serpico : Is something the matter?
Schierke : N-no.
     I just thought I felt a thought from my master, for a moment...
(*1)Evarella : ()

(Page 9)
(*2)Evarella : Are you sure you're not just really anxious for Flora to tell you what a good job you did?
Schierke : No...
     That's not it... at all.
     (All I could do was seal up the Trolls' den.)
     (*3)(It was some other power that sealed the *** ... it wasn't any of my spells.)
Serpico : Give yourself some credit!
     A young girl like yourself, doing everything you did, is what allowed us to escape.
     Your skills were miraculous!
Farneze : ...
Schierke : ?
     (I'm just a novice...)
Farneze : I... I'm moved by you!
Evarella : Y'know, your eyes kinda scare me.
Schierke : I- I see...

     (Honestly, I'm not certain...)
     (...whether or not these people are my destiny.)

(Page 10)
Schierke : (...but...)
(*4)Evarella : ()
Farneze : !?
Serpico : Guts!?
Isidro : What's wrong!?
     I thought you got healed up back at that temple!?
Schierke : .........

(Page 11)
Schierke : This is...
Isidro : What's up?
     See, his wounds are all healed.
Schierke : No... this is a very deep wound.
Farneze : What...?
Schierke : The wounds in his flesh are sealed, it's true.
     But the wounds to his ethereal body are still there, unhealed.
     If left alone, they will debilitate rapidly............
     and eventually the wounds in the flesh will reopen.
Farneze : Oh no... we can save him, right!?
Schierke : Carry him to the cottage, quickly. We must get some medicine from my master. Everybody help me...
Guts : Ah, this is nothing.

(Page 12)
Everybody : !
Guts : I was just a little light-headed there for a sec.
Serpico : We can still help carry you a bit.
     Even if you don't want us to.
Guts : I said I'm fine.
Schierke : (Wounds to the ethereal body are wounds to the spirit... they cause extreme trauma and unbearable pain.)
     (*5)(Normally he wouldn't even be able to breathe...)
     (He sure is stubborn.)

     (...Guts. After we escaped, what exactly happened in there?)
     (Those wounds...)
     (They're not something a Troll could give you.)

(Page 13)
(*6)Schierke : (And the seal I inscribed on you...)
     (It disappeared at some point during all this.)
Guts : (I took it down...)
     (A monster pretending to be an angel...)
     (With one strike from THIS.)

(Page 14)
Schierke : (...did that...)
     (...did that truly happen!?)
     (...I see... so the strange flow of energy I felt was...)
     (If that's so, then there's no way he could still be okay......
     although I guess he's not really okay...)
     (First of all, any normal human)
     (would have no means of fighting with such a high-level spiritual being......)

     (...that sword.)
     (By continually slicing through those from the spirit world, its power has become specialized.
     With that sword, maybe he could...)

(Page 15)
(*7)Flora : (Don't let your heart be stolen only by the most miraculous of miracles.)
     (Open your eyes, and look also at the truth in front of them.)
Schierke : (He is)
     (still alive.)

(Page 16)
Schierke : (What!?)
     (This energy flow...)
     (Deep in the forest... in the direction of the cottage!!)
(*8)Evarella : ()
Schierke : (The seal around the forest is gone!?)
Casca : Uuh...
Farneze : What's wrong?
Casca : Oww...
Guts : Farneze, Casca, wait here.
Schierke : !

(Page 17)
Isidro : What's going on?
Serpico : Are there still some trolls alive?
Guts : There's something really dangerous at the cottage...
     It's much worse than just trolls. The old lady's in trouble.

     (......it's them.)

(Page 18)
Schierke : !


First, an unmarked note. What exactly does "nareba koso" mean? I don't have the tools to look it up right now... ^^;

(*1, *2, *4, *8) - Text too small. Help!

(*3) - Furigana text too small. It ends with "to"... what is she trying to say? One of those fancy words like Qliphoth or something?

(*5) - Not sure on this one. It looks like "ishiki", but not sure if that's actually "shiki"...

(*6) - Kanji text too small for me to read, so I completely guessed on what she was trying to say. ^_^ Educated guess, mind you.

(*7) - I'm not entirely positive I pieced this sentence together correctly. Am I close? *blinks*