Episode 223: Flame (1)

Translation by Puella:

Page 1

Schierke: Mistress ... mistress!!!

Guts: Stop her!

Page 2

Guts: There's no doubt. They're ... Apostles!

Page 5

Demon Soldier: You!!

Demon Soldier: Where did you come from..!!?

Page 6

Demon Soldier: What the fuck?! What's a human doing here?!

Demon Soldier: Are you an ally of the witch?

Demon Soldier: It hurts?!

Page 7

Demon Soldier: You're pretty fucking good at wielding that sword.

Page 8

Guts: You.. Why are you here?.

Skull Knight: I'm her friend.

Guts: Her friend... So that's why you came to the Troll cave back then.

Page 9

Apostle 1: What the fuck are you!?

Apostle 2: Amazing! You fight with us demon soldiers with only a horse.

Guts: Demon Soldiers!?

Skull Knight: I don't have a name for you followers to know. Let's just say I'm one who has a grudge against the five.

Apostle 1: What the fuck are you talking about...

Apostle 2: Wait! Oh yes... I remember. When our master was born... The eclipse! The knight who showed up on that earth!! You are the one!

Page 10

Guts: Master....?!

Apostle 2: You!! I remember you too. The sacrifice of our master!! One of those who survived!!

Guts: ...Master. Really!!?

Zodd: I never thought I'd meet you two in such a place as this.

Page 11

Zodd: Is it fate?.

Guts: Zodd!!

Page 12

Guts: Zodd!! Why are you here...!!? Your master is...!!?

Zodd: You know already. The only one in the world who I would serve.

Grunbeld: Master Zodd...

Page 14

Grunbeld: I would like you to let me be this one's opponent.

Guts: A giant...?!

Zodd: Grunbeld... Hmph, very well.

Grunbeld: I thank you... I have heard about you. The black knight who hunts the apostles. Even though you are human, you were able to survive the eclipse. Whatever kind of witch she may be, to attack on old one living in these peaceful woods with such a great number is far from an honorable thing for a warrior to do. But to prove my loyalty to the hawk, I asked to be allowed to be assigned to this mission.

Page 15

Guts: Griffith's order...!? Why does he want to kill the old woman?

Grunbeld: Since I met such a fighter as yourself, I think it's worthwhile that I move my heavy legs. I, Grunbeld, challenge you as a soldier of the Hawks.

Guts: ... What... Now he is... What?
Grunbeld: Come on.
Guts: ... Hawks...

Page 16

Guts: Did you say Hawks!!?

Page 17

Schierke: Mistress!! Ididro!?

Isidro: What the hell are you doing, witch!! Where's your magic, magic?!

Schierke: B...But!!

Page 18

Schierke: ... I ... my mind is so dispersed that I can't use magic well ... Mistress...

Evarella: Schierke...

Puck: But it's natural for her to do so.

Serpico: You two! Let's get out of here quickly.

Isidro: Serpico!! Can't you do something to the fire with your feather sword!?

Serpico: I can't!! It will only aggravate the fire!!

Schierke: Mistress. Where are you.....!?

Page 19

Flora: Schierke.

Schierke: Mistress?!

Flora: Listen carefully to me, my child. Give this to the black swordsman.

Episode 223 End