Episode 225 : Armor of the Berserk (1)
[Millenium Falcon Arc: Chapter of the Holy Demon Wars]
translated by Graywords

(Page 3)
Grunbeld : Pathetic.
     Are you truly the Black Swordsman?!
     Who has struck down countless apostles, and traded blows evenly against the Nosferatu Zodd?
     Our old enemy... is a coward like you?
     Answer me!!
Guts : ......!!

(Page 5)
Grunbeld : Lord Zodd is indeed lucky...
     ...to be facing such a powerful opponent.
     To warriors, the battleground should be a holy land.
     Their greatest desire is to die amidst blood and carnage.
     It seems you do not have a warrior's pride, from the looks of it.
Guts : Monsters shouldn't pretend to be warriors...
     You self-absorbed bastard...

(Page 6)
Grunbeld : As a warrior, you are not fit to be destroyed by my warhammer.
     Now fall into pieces...
     ...and die gloriously.
Guts : (Is that...)

(Page 8)
Guts : (Those are...!!)

(Page 9)
Grunbeld : Feh. Children's dolls.
Guts : (Schierke!!)
     (Are you okay!? What about the old woman!?)

(Page 10)
Guts : (You want me to go in there!?)
     (Why, what's in there...!?)

     I see.

(Page 12)
Guts : !
Isidro : Guts!?
     H-hey! Are you alive!?
Serpico : This is awful... just like Schierke said...
     The wounds that we thought healed are open again.
Evarella : It's not healed at all!
Serpico : Not only that, he has new wounds, too...
     What on earth is out there!?
Isidro : What are we gonna do? He's not gonna get any better if he puts that thing on, in his shape!
     If we don't hurry, the fire's gonna get in here too...!
Schierke : .........

(Page 13)
Schierke : (It's true, if he puts it on in this state...)
     (It could mean his life.)
Monster : Witch!!
     Where is the witch!?
Isidro : Oh, shit! They're here!!
Schierke : (.........)
Puck : I guess we should be going now.
Evarella : Oh, don't be in such a hurry.

(Page 14)
Schierke : (I've got to use my magic and do something...!!)
     (It's my responsibility, for exposing everybody to this kind of danger!!)

(Page 15)
Grunbeld : Worthless tricks.
     Where are you hiding, Black Swordsman??
     Do you wish to continue disgracing yourself??

(Page 16)
Monster : Eeeeeeee...
     Help meee...
     It huuurts...
     I ate him...
     I ate him... he should be dea--BLARGLE

(Page 19)
Grunbeld : That armor...