Berserk Episode 226: Armor of the Berserk (2)
Translation by Saiki
page 1 Isidro: I....Incredible
page 3 Isidro: It's not just being strong! What's going on!? Gutz could barely stand before!! Isidro: You're not a good person there!! You should have given him that item when we were
troll hunting!! Puck: Cloth Saint?(A joke reference to Saint Seiya) Shierke: not something as easy as that Grunbeld: Is it him/the Black Swordsman? His movements are like a different man....
No...but that sword is indeed
page 4 Zodd: That... Zodd: It brings back good memories my friend/arch rival Zodd: Do you plan on having him walk the same path as you. The same path as you, the path of Hell. (note: MeifuMadou couldnt be translated into english that well.
Meifu means Hell so I just figured that was the best way to put it)

page 5 Gutz: What's going on with this armour Gutz: The moment I put it on, all my pains went as away Gutz: ......No, it just doesnt bother me. I don't care about it anymore. don't care, but....
page 6 Gutz: This beat that rises into my body. Something very ferocious is boiling in me.
page 7 Gutz: .....I see Beast: ...En Beast: Tru Beast: st.... Gutz: This is Beast: Entrust Beast: Entrust me with everything Gutz: My.....
page 9 ???: - The shape of the armour.....!!
page 11
Grunbeld: Interesting!! So that is your true power!! Grunbeld: That just makes it worth it for me to crush you!!
page 12 Grunbeld: Gu GAAAAA Grunbeld: He blew away my huge body!?
page 14 Grunbeld: What power?! Could these strikes be coming from the same man as before?
page 15 Grunbeld: My shield that even deflects cannon fire......Crushed!? Grunbeld: These movements are not possible with that sword and wearing not
possible to humans page 17 Grunbeld: He...!! had a cannon in his gauntlet....!! Isidro: He was always strong like a monster, but he's just on a different level today
Isidro?: - That gauntlet was important... No wonder Shierke: It's very dangerous. If he keeps fighting that way Isidro: What do you mean? Shierke: Gutz hasn't healed his wounds. He just doesnt feel the pain from them anymore Isidro: the pain? page 18 Shierke: That is a cursed item created by the dwarves. The Berserk's armour. Isidro: The Berserk's -

Serpico: - armour.....

Shierke: Those who wear the armour and are exposed to the flow of "Odo" will literally turn into
a demon. Shierke: Due to the strong stimulation from it, one will forget all pain and fear. Shierke: A human will subconitiously hold themselves back to not hurt themselves.
Pain is like an alert to keep one's body from damaging itself. When one forgets about pain,
they will show immense power. page 19 Shierke: Breaking the boundaries of the body, in exchange for the endangerment of one's life.