Berserk, volume 17, chapter 7

Translated from Japanese to English by Namirrha on 13 May 2001.

Story ark and part translations courtesy of Olivier Hagué.

Though every effort has been made to provide an accurate English translation, mistakes may none the less have been made. All such mistakes are, of course, purely unintentional.

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-Page 129 (01)-

Soldier: No way…!!

Soldier: By only one man [alt: At the hands of only one man.]

Soldier: A mercenary corps of 300 men…!!

Soldier: I I I I don't believe it!! [alt: U u u unbelievable!!]

Soldier: I knew it!!

Soldier: I knew we shouldn't have challenged him.

Soldier: Boss, you can't go!! Don't be driven to the same end by a thing like ambition……!! [Guess alert.]

Soldier: The legend was true.

Soldier: That man is the battlefield god…

Soldier: I…Immortal…Zo

Retribution (Part)

(Chapter of) The Birth Rite

Revelation (3)

-Page 132 (04)-

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-Page 140 (12)-

-Page 141 (13)-

Puck: It's no use, this village is the same as the others.

Puck: Irrespective of the house, it'll be completely empty.

Puck: As for food, nothing remains.

Puck: The church's interior is a mountain of corpses.

Guts: It's a problem that seems to be common everywhere now-a-days, thanks to the plague. [alt: …thanks to infectious disease.]]

Guts: Everywhere is crowded with nightmares and spirits of the dead. [nightmare = evil dream spirit]

Guts: Because of them, I can't sleep peacefully even during the day.

Puck: You should take a rest on that hill now. [alt: You should take a rest on that hill without a momments delay.]

Puck: You haven't slept in over two days.

Puck: That place was dedicated by the men of antiquity to the fairy folk, therefore nightmares hate and will not approach it. Probably.

-Page 143 (15)-

Guts: That's…?

-Page 145 (17)-

Guts: Stop…

Guts: Stop it!!

Guts: Stop!!!

-Page 146 (18)-

Guts: Stoppp..

-Page 147 (19)-

Guts: Ha---. Ha---.

Guts: Did a nightmare also do that? [alt: Was that also the act of a nightmare?]

-Page 148 (20)-

Guts: It was you,

Guts: just now.

Demon Babe: Dan…

Demon Babe: ger…

Demon Babe: …ous…

-Page 149 (21)-

Guts: You-

Guts: What is this!! [alt: What are you doing!!]

Demon Babe: Dan…

Demon Babe: ger…

Demon Babe: Hurry…

Demon Babe: A pillar of fire stands…

Demon Babe: Blind sheep…

Demon Babe: Gather.

Demon Babe: Sacred ground……

Demon Babe: The heavens…

Demon Babe: Time (that) they fall…

Demon Babe: Make haste…

Demon Babe: Quickly.

-Page 150 (22)-

Guts: …Danger……?

Guts: …No,

Guts: It can't be!!

Guts: Has something happened to Casca…!!?