- Gurunberd statue
- Size: 26.5 cm (H), 28 cm (base included)
- Weight: 1675 g

Official collectibles by Art of War

Art of War is the company that officially produces Berserk figures and statues (a few more exotic collectibles are produced by Movic). They don't limit themselves to these however, and their production can vary from cellphone straps to wrist watches or necklaces. Their website is frequently updated with information concerning new products.

Most of the items they commercialize are limited in numbers (ranging from 500 to 50), and become rare mere months after their release. This is exacerbated by their exclusive-oriented policy, involving the production of limited editions of most of their products.

Their site has an online buying function, that allows fans from all around the world to buy and pre-order directly from the source. The prices range from 1.500 YEN ($14) for the cheapest items to 65.000 YEN ($595) for the most expensive. When buying internationally from their website, please be warned that only bank remittance transfers are available as a payment method, non-Japanese Credit Cards aren't accepted (The best alternative is the HobbyLink Japan online shop).

Visit them here: http://www.art-of-war.co.jp/

- Berserk's armor by HEADLONG
- Size: 170mm
- Price: 7,000 YEN ($66)

Unofficial collectibles

Several talented individuals have become popular with crafting unofficial Berserk material (mostly resin kits). Their quality often equals or even tops the one of Art of War products. Being the work of isolated people, and created in very limited amounts, these items are very rare and hard to obtain.

They are sold most of the time unassembled and unpainted, and are released at Japanese hobby conventions (under special temporary licenses), then resold on Yahoo Japan auctions.

Among these people the most popular are:

- Dotou no Tonosama
- The Team Getsurou
- Jinchiku-Muguy
- Mimyan.GK
- Megatech
- Atom Factory
- Acetone

- Skull Knight on Horse by Art of War


Keeping up with the constant releases of new Berserk statues, figures, and other collectibles isn't easy. Providing people reliable and up-to-date information or pictures is an even more difficult task.

This is why SkullKnight.net has decided to associate its Encyclopedia with http://www.berserkstatues.com/, a site dedicated to Berserk statues and figures, and maintained by DirectDK, a proud member of SK.net's online community.

This site is the international reference for Berserk collectibles, and should satisfy the most exigent fans.