- ISBN 4-592-73138-7
- 122 pgs
- 9"x 12"

BERSERK Illustrations File

Contains many sketches by Miura, a very detailed guide for the first thirteen volumes of the manga, as well as a rather long ( about four pages) interview with the man himself, Kentarou Miura.

- ISBN 4-592-73157-3
- 93 pgs
- 8.5"x 11"

BERSERK Complete Dissection

Focuses on the anime, Kenpuu Denki Berserk. Contains vibrant character and cel art and details each episode and an interview with the director of the series.


- ISBN 4-592-73169-7
- 124 pgs
- 7" x 8.5"

BERSERK Visual & Story File

Created for the Dreamcast Game "Berserk: Chapter of Oblivion Herbs." It contains chracter designs for enemies and the main cast of the game, as well as a complete script of the game. The art is almost completely in black and white. It also has an interview with Miura.

- ISBN 4-592-73152-2
- 32+ pgs (Hardcover)
- 5.28" x 7.35"

BERSERK Warcry: Postcard Collection

A color postcard artbook. It contains primarily Guts/Puck traveling around the Midland countryside but also contains several other color works. These pictures are exclusive to War Cry and they can't be found anywhere else.