T H E     W O R L D

Emperor Gaiseric ends an age of warfare by unifying several nations, establishing the Midland Empire. It is later decimated by 4/5 "angels."

Gaiseric confronts Void during an Eclipse-type event, and perishes

Conrad(?) is born as the second God Hand

Ubik(?) is born as the third God Hand

Zodd begins his search for the "Ultimate Strong One"

Slan(?) is born as the fourth God Hand

Tudor intrusion into Kingdom of Midland begins the 100 year war

Godot is exiled by his King for forging the DragonSlayer




Griffith is given the Beherit. Soon after this, he begins forming the Falcons.

Griffith meets and enlists Casca.

Griffith sleeps with Gennon for a sizable war chest.

The Falcons defend a garrison for 30 days against a series of mercenary squads. Guts troop eventually breaks through.


The Falcons become involved in the 100 year war, fighting for Midland. Griffith is named a Viscount.

The Falcons storm Doldrey with a small army and successfully end the 100 year war with Tudor. Griffith is named 'White Phoenix'. The Falcons are made nobles.

Griffith assassinates the Queen and her co-conspirators. A mont later, Griffith is arrested for seducing Princess Charlotte.

Now outlaws in Midland, the Falcons are attacked by mercenaries including Silat.

A troop of Falcons are slaughtered by Apostles. Rickert is rescued by the Skull Knight. While rescuing Griffith (Age ~21), the Falcons defeat the Bakiraka and the Black Dog Army, both sent by the King.

Griffith's Beherit is activated and The Eclipse ceremony begins. The God Hand appear. Femto is born as the Fifth God Hand. All Falcons except Guts, Casca and Rickert are massacred.

The Vatican's Holy Iron Chain Knights discover the remains of the Eclipse, which they say is the sign of the fifth angel, and set out to find the Falcon of Darkness.


Kushan forces invade Midland just as The King dies of a heart attack. Zodd is approached by the Falcon of Light and discovers his purpose.

Farnese and the H.I.C.K.s are sent to Albion along with Mozgus to hunt down Heretics. Luka befriends Casca and brings her also to Albion.

Mozgus' capture of Casca awakens a mass movement of ghosts which begins a process that culminates in the 1000-year Reincarnation ceremony.

The ghosts annihilate most of Albion. The Reincarnation ceremony mirrors many of the events of the Eclipse, and causes the tower to fall. A reincarnated Griffith emerges from the remains..

Children become aware of strange occurances. The world begins to change.

A Midland raiding party led by Griffith attacks a Kushan encampment. Zodd, Grunbeld, Rakshas, and Locus join the fray..

Mule leads a ragged band against a huge Kushan army. Griffith and his Apostle Army aid Mule and destroy the army. Mule pledges his service to Griffith.



A Midland resistance led by Minister Foss meet with Raban in Wyndham. Ganishka realizes a connection between Charlotte and Griffith.

Griffith successfully rescues Charlotte as Locus and his lancers make a diversionary assault on Ganishka's forces, the Daka.

Ganishka's armada of familiars, headed by Daiba nears Vritannis, possessing alligators and Makara along the way.

The Holy See Alliance gathers around Vritannis to defend against the Kushan invasion.

Farnese's brother Magnifico arranges her marriage to his childhood friend, Roderick, in exchange for a boat for Guts' band.

Ganishka's invasion of Vritannis begins with a flood of familiars, Daka and Makara.

Daiba, a Kushan caster battles the Band, using Oriental magic. And ultimately, summons a huge water-snake, the Kundalini.

Ganishka in fog form is assaulted in Vritannis bay by a swarm of flying apostles. He destroys them with a huge electrical blast.

The Kushan ground troops assaulting Vritannis cease their attack and retreat after Griffith incapacitates Ganishka and challenges him to a decisive battle in Wyndham.

The Pontiff declares Griffith the divine savior of humanity in front of the gathered Holy See Alliance.

Ganishka enters the apostle chamber and emerges a colossus from the Abyss, having lost his mind, he begins to destroy Wyndham as Griffith's army prepares for the final battle.

Femto manipulates the Skull Knight's dimensional slicing technique to penetrate the depths of Ganishka's transformed body.

The resulting astral explosion destroys the barrier between the astral and physical worlds.

The new world of Fantasia emerges—a blending of the corporeal and astral worlds, where magical creatures and the God Hand can freely manifest.

Falconia appears from the rubble of Wyndham. It is humanity's last bastion in this chaotic new world where magical creatures have shattered civilization.

Rickert and Erica arrive safely in Falconia, meeting Luka and Daiba.

After learning the truth about Griffith and his city Rickert slaps him and says farewell.

Falconians overcome a band of Jotunn and return to Falconia through the world spiral tree's branches.

Griffith lays out plans to expand and solidify Falconia before leaping from his window during a full moon.

Griffith arrives in Falconia with Casca. She awakes in a subdued state. Fleeting memories of her past provoke a failed escape attempt.

Griffith sends his forces east.


















Kentarou Miura's BERSERK ends.
The BERSERK continuation begins.









Guts is born

Shisu, Guts virtual mother dies of illness .
(Age 3)

Sexually assaulted by Donovan
(Age 9)

Kills Gambino in self-defense and flees, alone.
(Age 11)

Guts is imprisoned and nursed back to health by an elf named Chich.
She sacrifices herself so that Guts can be well enough to survive the fight that's ahead of him.
(Age 14)

Defeats Basuzo, the 30-man slayer alone in combat, and leads his mercenary troop to victory.
(Age 15)

Encounters the Falcons, is defeated and enlisted by Griffith . After a series of successful skirmishes, becomes a platoon leader two weeks later.

Promoted to commander of the Falcons' raiding team, encounters Zodd in a castle siege and assassinates Yurius and Adonis on Griffith's orders.
(Age 18)

Slaughters 100 of Tudor's soldiers single-handedly. Later, defeats Boscone in the siege of Doldrey.

Defeats Griffith in a duel, then leaves the Falcons.

Returns to rescue the Falcons from mercenaries and Griffith from the Tower of Rebirth. Upon Guts' return, he and Casca become intimate.
(Age 19)

Encounters the Apostle Wyald.

During The Eclipse, loses his right eye and left arm. Is branded for sacrifice and forced into the Interstice. Rescued by Skull Knight.

Guts and Casca's child is prematurely born, tainted by Femto's raping of Casca. Acquires Dragon Slayer and armor. Leaves Godot's Cave on a quest for revenge.

Becomes known as the Black Swordsman. Meets Puck. Defeats the Snake Tyrant. Encounters The Count, who summons God Hand. Guts survives and aquires a Beherit (olive) from the fallen Count.
(Age 20)

Defeats the apostle Roshinu in the Misty Valley. Encounters the Beast of Darkness. Soon afterwards, is captured and imprisoned by the Holy See's H.I.C.K.s, led by Farnese
(Age 21)

Returns to Godot's Cave and recieves new and refurbished equipment. Sets off to rescue Casca.

Encounters The Skull Knight. Learns of the 1000-year incarnation ceremony. Storms the Tower of Retribution to rescue Casca.

Defeats Mozgus. When the tower falls, leads a group of survivors against the Bakiraka. Escapes with Casca as the Kushan Army approaches.

Speaks with Griffith before engaging in battle with Zodd during which, Godot's mine is destroyed. Guts and Casca begin their journey to Puck's home, Elfhelm.

Guts encounters Balzak and the Mandragora.

(Dreamcast Game: Chapter of the Oblivion Herbs / Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage)

The Beast takes over Guts' mind and he attempts to rape Casca. Soon after, Isidro, Farnese, and Serpico find and join Guts in his travels

Guts' Band encounters Schierke. Flora improves the Brand's condition. Guts' Band is given new elemental equipment and begin Troll extermination in Enoch Village.

Schierke summons the water elemental Lady of the Depths, and floods Enoch village, ridding it of Trolls.

Guts and co. head to the source of the outbreak: The Qliphoth.

Slan inflicts Guts with an astral wound. With the Skull Knight's help, Guts dispels her form.
Outside Flora's mansion, a weakened Guts battles Grunbeld and an army of Apostles until he is given "Berserk's Armor".

The Beast physically manifests through "Berserk's Armor". After massacreing apostles, Guts regains consciousness. Flora summons a wall of fire, allowing Guts' band to escape.

The group reaches the ocean outside Vritannis. Guts and Schierke encounter the Skull Knight, who gives Guts hope for Casca. Casca finds a naked child on the shore and takes him in her arms, like a mother.

Guts' gives into the Beast to battle against the Makara. This puts his Band in danger. The Child of Moonlight puts the Beast to sleep. Schierke drags Guts from beyond the protection of the barrier to reality.

Schierke encounters Sonia in Vritannis as tensions gather before the battle. Farnese visits her father at the nearby Vandimion estate.

Serpico challenges Guts to a duel, to stall their inevitable reunion with Farnese. Serpico loses. His rivalry with Guts at an end, together they retrieve Farnese.

Guts allows the Beast to take control in order to fight several Makara. However, during the transformation Schierke's astral body is drawn into Guts' mind.

Schierke summons the Blaze Wheel to briefly inhabit the Dragon Slayer, which eviscerates Daiba's Kundalini.

Zodd and Guts team up, using the Dragon Slayer to cleave Ganishka's weak point in the fog under Schierke's guidance.

The Band makes it to Roderick's ship, the Sea Horse and begin their long sea voyage to Elfhelm.

As Guts recovers from the Vritannis escape, The Beast taunts him, saying his friends are still in danger. It will bide its time and return when the time is right.

Ripples from the astral wave hit the Sea Horse.

Guts and co. meet a young merrow, Isma, on a solitary island, beneath which the Sea God is sleeping.

Enters the mouth of the Sea God, and with the help of the merrows' song, slices through its heart.

The merrows guide Guts and co. to Skellig Island, where Elfhelm is situated.

Schierke and Farnese use Danan's Corridor of Dreams to help Casca regain her mind.

Casca recognizes her companions, but she cannot face Guts without triggering the buried trauma in her past.

The boy appears on the island, spending a peaceful day with his family before transforming into Griffith in front of Guts and Casca.

Guts is unable to stop Griffith from abducting Casca, and the island begins to fall apart.

Danan and the elves disappear, leaving Elfhelm's magic users behind.

In the ship's hold, Guts despairs his failure. Schierke peeks in his mind but is repelled by the Beast's jaws.

The Sea Horse drifts into Kushan territory and everyone on board is captured by troops led by Silat.