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Podcast / Re: Skullknight.NET Podcast: Episode 77
« on: August 03, 2016, 05:21:06 AM »
This was very funny, should come with a trigger warning before you tell a joke so I don't smirk like an axe murderer while I'm listening to it, listening to you guys butchering the anime and the movies is gut wrenching. Whatever Griffiths goal is, it must be massive if his own kingdom is merely a stepping stone, then again he has a profound connection to the entire human race, in retrospect a minor Kingdom was never going to cut it. The only likely objective I can think of is a world sized Falconia empire, or maybe he's after something more transcendental rather than territorial.

Well certainly mere kingship can't satiate Griffith's endless ambition now that he's Femto. It seems clear to me that he's basically meant to be the Face of God. The being that shines the brightest, at least in the eyes of humans. The 'Most High One', as it were. Loved and perhaps feared above all other beings. And surely having ultimate control as a worshiped deity who actively rules over all humans/other beings is included in this ambition as well. Plus its not hard to see why having total control over humans on all levels would clearly be in the IoE's best interests.                       

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 345
« on: August 01, 2016, 03:42:43 AM »
You make a good point though about the fact most of the people we've seen in Berserk seem to have bad karma.

I'd be curious to know how exactly karma operates in the world of Berserk because the specific mechanics of it can vary between Indian traditions. Though I seriously doubt Miura will give much if any additional time to expound on this as there are more important things to focus on.

If you look at it from a Hindu perspective karma is a bit easier to work with. Giving gifts is a central aspect of acrueing karmic merit, and this is why traditionally the one receiving a gift in ancient India wouldn't be saying much thanks or making a big deal out of it because the one giving the gift is the one really benefiting.

However from a Buddhist perspective the system becomes much trickier to work with and frankly most people in this modern day world would have rather low or even negative karma even without doing particularly bad deeds. This is because in the Buddhist system a person's mind states and especially their intent for any given action are factored in heavily to the equation. Also speaking truthfully is very important as well. So if you aren't watching what you say and actively cultivating a clean/high state of mind (ie. with the brahma viharas), there's a good chance your karma is at least such that you won't be looking forward to rebirth in a heavenly realm.   

One of the more interesting beliefs I've heard from a Buddhist is that when a being dies its actually the being itself who's turning around and doing the weighing and judging of their karma, deed by deed, and in this moment one is not unlike a God, and we actually end up coming down rather hard on ourselves as we often imagine a God would do. And it is only by becoming a 'stream-enterer' (the abandonment of the first 3 fetters including 'permanent self view' ie. breaking through the illusion of an ego) or attaining the further 3 stages toward nirvana that one can actually see what's going on in this process clearly after death and simply choose to be born in a fortunate location. So it doesn't have to be a completely static and unthinking law of the universe, there are different ways to approach this issue.                 

It has never been mentioned in the manga so far, so we should assume that time flows similarly for them. However since their consciousness is on a very different level, they can still experience things no normal human would understand.

Okay thanks for the response in any case, just something I was curious about. Had a feeling if anyone know it'd be you or Walter. I quietly check out these forums every now and then and you guys seem to have the entire series memorized, haha. Lots of good insight to be had around here.

 I've actually only read Berserk once through now so I don't quite have a handle on these things yet, bit too much to absorb all at once especially when you're reading it all in a sort of orgasmic frenzy over the course of 2 weeks. Berserk is indeed really special. Though I actually did grow up watching the anime, some 13-14 years ago and it has always kind of stuck with me as something that made a pretty huge impression during a formative period (frankly I was probably too young at the time, sheesh). But I guess I'm still kind of a newbie when it comes to the 'Berserk proper', the manga. All I can say is it was a really wild ride, finally looking into where exactly things go after the golden age (plus the missing details not included in the anime). I now have serious doubts that there is a single comic/manga that's in the same league as this, outside of maybe Lone Wolf and Cub.

Aw hell, I'm starting to think my ambition to save up a few episodes won't last after all.... :farnese:

I don't think it would have been better, no. You have to understand that technically, "Griffith" wasn't "reborn". What happened is that Femto (who was "born" from Griffith during the Eclipse) acquired a fleshly body. Until then Femto only existed as a spirit in the Astral World, so he couldn't materialize in the real world. He only had a spiritual body. But through an incredible set of circumstances, a once in a thousand years event occurred: Femto was incarnated.

I'm planning a deeper reread of Berserk later this year to get a handle on all these interesting little details, but for now you seem knowledgeable so let me ask you this:

Do you know if they ever mention/hint at how time works in the astral layer, and in particular how that might relate to Femto or the other members of the God Hand? The specific reason I'm asking this is because while I understand the other members of the God Hand are quite old, I'm wondering if they aren't older in experience in the sense that where they previously resided time operated differently, kind of like how things work on the island, but perhaps in reverse (I haven't read the latest episode yet btw, I might be waiting to pile up a few if I can since things are really cooking now).

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