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Speculation Nation / The God Hand's Main Flaw
« on: March 15, 2017, 08:04:55 PM »
Although the God Hand has admitted that they are not invincible as they are ďnot Gods after allĒ, thereís little weíve seen that can oppose their power... Even so, I do think that they have weaknesses and I suspect that they are aware of them... Their greatest strength is their ability to predict the flow of fate and causality almost to the tee...
I believe that they can fully predict events within the Mortal World (Corporeal Plain/Human World/Earth) and the actions of a human right down to the last molecule... However, the flaw with this ability is predicting the fates of individuals who are able to exist beyond the Mortal World i.e. the different layers of Astral Plain...
Examples of such individuals are as follows:
ē   Branded individuals, namely Guts and Casca, who are said to live within the Interstice because of their brands. Skull Knight also states that he lives within the Interstice as well.
ē   Magic-users such as Schierke, Daiba and Flora, who are able to release their Ethereal bodies into the Astral Plain at will.
ē   Other God Hand members (I think)... Although they work together, I donít believe they can accurately predict each otherís movements and actions based on what Slan said to Guts and SK in Qliphoth.
Not to say they canít predict Ehtereal beings, they can probably predict their fates 99% of the time... Itís that 1% that they canít predict that scares them... An example of this flaw is highlighted during the Eclipse where they failed to foresee Skull Knight gate-crashing the ceremony and rescuing Guts and Casca... Griffith had to send two of his Neo Hawks captains, Zodd and Grunbeld, and their squadrons to kill Flora because they know how dangerous a powerful witch can be to them... I also believe that being a magic-user gave Ganishka the confidence to oppose the God Hand even though he was an apostle: a servant of the God Hand...
Skull Knight created the Sword of Actuation to kill the God Hand (specifically Void) but, because he had to use it earlier than expected in Qliphoth, Griffith was able to foresee and counter SKís attack atop Ganishka... However, if someone were to create another weapon to kill them, the God Handís flaw may render them unable to take proper measures to counter the weapon, thus defeating them... Which is why I believe that this may compel the God Hand to attack Elfhelm, which is home to a number of Ethereal beings and magic-users.

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