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Current Episodes / Re: Episode 355
« on: March 20, 2018, 11:29:43 PM »
My mind is in ashes. It feels like I'm instinctively called in to listening Guts theme(Bonfire of dreams), while getting a glance to that cathartic panel with Guts and Casca facing each other, then looking just what fucking comes after.

What an overwhelming story. Did you figured out the literary prowess? The chapter could have the following title, equally suiting to the chant : Bear a Past on our Shoulders.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 354
« on: February 21, 2018, 09:37:03 PM »
I wish I could be as excited about this moment as everyone else, I never really liked Cascaís character so Iím not feeling cathartic about her returning to the story. Episode still looks awesome though.

This is not about liking a character or not. Take picture of the journey until that momentum; what it could mean for the story itself... and for Guts, out of the bunch.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 354
« on: February 21, 2018, 07:47:25 PM »
What a strong psychological build-up (kinda reversal, that is) through that already memorable "corridor of dreams" sub-arc. The whole thing was an anthology of symbolism. Once again, I'm simply flabbergasted.

I still can't realize what I was seeing in front of that last panel. 1997. Since that year, how many guys have been waiting for Casca; for that awakened face.

But yet, we should not fall in a rejoicing fest. That kind of situation is obviously fitting to call up a sinister hunch. Berserk.

:SK: Hello, here is my first hindsight posted in forums ! :SK:

After some analyzes, I noticed something kind of intriguing regarding the depth of the "will" in Berserk universe.  :puck:

Across Void's  :void:  prominent thesis, it's clearly told to us :
man has no chance to control even its own will.

There is a transcendental law, "causality", applied by the 5 desire's Guardian Angels which presides over human destiny.
This Hand of god is symbolically the tool which ensures the so-called control onto this flow of desire filled by a "common-consciousness that transcends invidivuality."

Even so, The Idea of Evil had pointed out the "will" to be the gearing of the whole backdrop... settled since the Gaiseric era 1000 years ago... I guess. We don't know in details what happened at that time but if we consider the birth of the Idea of Evil to be related to these older days, what does it mean exactly?

If causality haven't existed yet, then "destiny" was not substituted nor tricked by anything else, and maybe man was chaotic in his search of reason?
I mean... Did man wanted to stop suffering or dying by figuring out how to live in a more cathartic way or just having an understanding to these phenomenas ? Would he accept to undergo after the insight given to him? Would he suddenly gain somehow control over his will?  :ubik:
For sure, they merely thought an "Idea" as a God (or a "God" as an idea?) who brings them a kind of salvation and unconsciously sacrified their unformated freedom but I think there was a trigger at one moment which had gathered a huge mass of dark feelings, what would define human nature through the "common-consciousness", since the individualities of each being were not sufficiant to make up such a thing on their own.

Thus... Did the common human's will of the ancient world wanted to idealize an entity in order to weave a patern for each individuality and then etablish a complete authority among the desires of every forthcoming beings?   :???:

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