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Speculation Nation / What kind of ENDING you hope you will NOT see?
« on: December 14, 2017, 02:47:04 PM »
I hope I won't see:
- a cliche'd happy ending where each character survives and gets back to their old, improved, but still old - lives (just kill Isidro already, pls!);

-the "God Hand" getting stopped in a short fight that won't conclude anything regarding them besides making them disapear for a few years that the Manga won't cover anymore, anyway;

-the skull knight sacrificing himself (that'd be too obvious) and not even revealing his face;

-generic revenge on Griffith; it'd be very lame not to see a complex conversation between him and Guts beforehand which'd show new cards to the table, it'd completely ruin all the expanded personalities of the characters that were developed through the 1st volumes (in fact: I'd not be mad if Griffith'd survive after all -  :griffnotevil: - maybe he isn't a good guy, but he isn't evil either, just lost as a human being which resulted in being selfish - that's how I see it);

-too much slapstick humor: one of the reasons why I loved Berserk was because it always tried to give a serious feeling and vibes of the western works (which Miura admitted himself, he tried to copy), not the typical Anime comedy crap that is in the current arc and has been growing since the introduction of Isidro... (Puck always felt more subtle/natural to me... and actually funny, not cringe-worthy and forced like Isidro);

-not freeing Guts from Hell that he's supposed to enter when he dies (mentioned in 3rd or 4th volume), or, more like: mentioning it at all cuz I feel like everyone forgot about it, Miura including... (or maybe I don't remember something?  :schnoz:)

Do you agree with me? And even if so, please, try to think of something for yourself and type it down :)

I really hope Miura won't listen to the editors because they'd probably suggest him to end it the way majority of the fans would like to (which means: boring, cliche'd and too positively).

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