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Speculation Nation / The Four Kings VS God Hand
« on: September 22, 2016, 07:43:57 PM »
Hello Everybody!!
First of all I want to thank the administrators that allowed me to access!  :slan:

I’m new to this great forum and I would like to share with you my thoughts!
I apologize for my English and I remind you that this is just a funny speculation that intrigues me. Please feel free to comment/criticize my ideas  :ganishka:.
There are similar topics here but what I’m going to tell is a little bit different:

lets start… (hope you'll like it  :carcus:)

The Speculation

Basically I think that the God Hand is a sort of fake/distorted copy of the Four Kings. The God Hand emulates in part appearances and modus operandi of them. Based on this maybe they probably were born later then the Kings (that instead could be eternal?)
Anyway, now its time for some appearance comparison:

‘ATE – King of Air’ VS ‘VOID’

You can easily notice some ‘big’ resemblances:
  • The big head 
  • The big cloak
Ate is the first King called by Schierke (Vol 25), as a sort of Big Chief of the Kings (Miura dedicates 2 pages while the others have ‘only’ one page). And we know that Void is the leader of the God Hand.

‘VE – King of Water’ VS ‘SLAN’

  • Both are feminine figures (notice the hips of VE);
  • The water flows around VE resemble the wings the ‘cover’ Slan.

‘Gedula – King of Fire’ VS ‘UBIK’

Here it is my weak point… maybe.
So, what do Gedula and Ubik have in common? I’ll tell you… NOTHING… as far as we know .. But, here I could make a comparison for opposite characteristics:
  • Ubik is small, ugly and apparently weak (just in appearance)
  • Gedula is tall, beautiful and strong (?)

‘Markt – King of Earth’ VS ‘Conrad’

Probably the easiest comparison:
  • Both have robust bodies;
  • Both have in common also the element, the earth (too many times we have seen Conrad manipulating and interacting with the ground).
… maybe they are twins :troll:

Also notice the order of King Introduction in Vol 25 (the same I presented to you above) matches the order of God Hand re-presentation in Vol 13 when Phemt reborns. Just a coincidence? Maybe…

And… Griffith/Femto?
Well, Griffith is the Last and Fifth member, the Special one that reincarnates in the Physical World. For this reason he does not have a match in my schema.

Evocation of Kings and God Hand

We can notice a sort of similitude between the two rites:
  • Men invoke Spirits (Kings) with magic (a form of prayer) to ask help to gain protection;
  • Man invoke God Hand with desperation to ask help in order to overcome pain.
I simplified a little bit  :griffnotevil:. But I could argue that the two ’processes’ have the same intent: ‘talking to God’.

OK, I stop know at this point and I’ll continue later.
Sorry for some language and formatting mistakes I made, but I wrote in a rush.

Share your thoughts!!  :beast:

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