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Hi everyone, new member here! I recently finished reading Berserk for the first time and have just started re-reading it. I've also started listening to the SkullKast from the beginning where the admins always discuss details that can only really be noticed having re-read the manga. With this in mind, I'm starting to pay closer attention to the themes and symbolism that can be found throughout the series. I searched the forum and couldn't find a topic about this, so here it goes.

Something that caught my attention early on was the white dove that Puck rides on when he was looking for Guts at the beginning of the episode "The Brand". The panel at the top of page 98 shows the white silhouette of the bird against a dark landscape. This scene becomes very common later on when depicting The Hawk of Light in the dreams of the Midlanders when the Kushan waged war against them. I'm wondering what is the significance in displaying this scene with Puck as such? I don't think it's necessarily a connection to The Hawk of Light, but I feel there's no reason in drawing the scene this way unless there is some underlying meaning to it.

Or I'm just a novice reading way too far into a simple coincidence.

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