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Current Episodes / Re: Episode 334
« on: May 02, 2014, 02:13:03 PM »
So would it be safe to assume Femto plans on sacrificing the people of Falconia as a sort of last-ditch effort to save himself in the hypothetical event that Guts does manage to find a way to run him through with the Dragonslayer?

I'm referencing the crescent moon and eclipse moon its half-consuming.

Speculation Nation / Re: Do you think Casca will be cured soon?
« on: May 01, 2014, 09:20:51 PM »
This is my last post for this particular debate. If you don't like what I had to say, well get over it, because it's just an opinion. I did not like having to get aggressive and if I sounded like an asshole, well, I'm only 10% sorry.

His love for her has certainly been shown, and he has said that he will never abandon Casca again. As Aaz said, when Casca recovers it is up to her and her alone how their relationship will evolve.

No, it hasn't been shown, not at it's full capacity. They have never seen Guts and Casca, hug, kiss, or do anything even remotely affectionate that displays just how much they truly love each other. Clearly, we have different views on one's capacity for showing love and speaking of love.

May you please not resort to using sexist insults to describe female characters? She wasn't being indecisive anyway, her overwhelming feelings of guilt and duty led her to make the painful, self-sacrificing decision to stay with Griffith and the Hawks.

She called herself a bitch outright, thought of herself as one, and admitted to acting like one. This isn't a social ethics class, and I'm not here to entertain your feminist sensibilities, so cut it out.

Are you sure? We have no idea how things will happen, and just diving into her mind to bring her back won't necessarily involve going over her experiences with Guts. That's certainly not what drove her insane.

I'm absolutely, damn, 100% sure. She ELOPED WITH GUTS after revealing her true feelings with them, struggled between the ones she had for him, and the one she held for Griffith, decided she wanted to stick with Griffith to protect and nurse him back to health. What happened after that?! In a cruel twist of irony, that same person RAPES her, violates and tramples her love for Guts in the worst possible way, WHILE MAKING HIM LOOK AT HER AND FOR HER TO VIEW THE FUCKING ENRAGED LOOK ON HIS FACE.

I should not have to explain something so extremely obvious.

Where did you get this idea?

What the fuck are you talking about? Are you sure you've read the series? Guts definitely did not consider killing the boy at any point, and the Brand doesn't react to him either. You have a serious comprehension problem if that's what you took away from the scene.

No, you have a serious accusation and dismissal problem.

You also have an IMAGE COMPERHENSION problem. I suggest you fix them.

He looks at the boy, then looks at the knife in his hand. Put two and two together. Holy shit, he's thinking about throwing the knife at the boy so he can practice his circus tricks.

We don't know anything about how those feelings will carry over. Casca might trust Farnese afterwards, but that doesn't mean she will feel comfortable asking for advice. Casca becoming sane is going to change the dynamics of their relationship completely.

This is why we're in a speculation thread, not a black and white thread, called "This will happen because I say so compounded with the fact that I disagree with you." That said, don't shift your connotation of consideration to one of absolution in the following sentence. It contradicts what you're saying and encompasses more than what you're trying to argue against as it pertains to my opinion.

Again, may you please refrain from using sexist slurs? It's unnecessary.
Farnese as she is now doesn't come off as someone who can offer useful advice. She has not been one to react objectively, her behavior when she yelled at Casca while giving her a bath in in episode 331 are two examples.  She has been motivated entirely by her feelings.

She called herself a bitch, and she has yet to redeem her bitchy quality, and no it's not a sexist slur. And again, I'm not here to entertain your misguided feminist sensibilities, so cut it out, or I'll just stop replying to anything you have to say from here on out.

Second, showing? Showing what? You're thinking of some voyeuristic experience where snapshots of Casca's past experiences with Guts would somehow indubitably prove something that mere words wouldn't?

It proves the sheer depth of why he's protecting her as well as his violent reaction to Apostles that never fails to enrage him beyond any reason. It's about more than him just loving her and protecting her, it's about what he wants to protect her from, ontop of shedding insight as to what in the fuck caused the Beast of Darkness to be borne inside him. All this shit has to be addressed, all of it, it is all interconnected and none of it is even remotely separate. Farnese, Isidro, Serpico, and with the borderline exception of Schierke all know JACK SHIT about the true nature of his past with her.

Guts loves her in spite of her state, he's shown it, and it's been recognized by all interested parties. Anyway, like I said, their relationship will change when she regains herself, that's obvious.

What is this "in spite of her state" thing all about. There's no spite, he hasn't openly shown rage against Casca, the beast of Darkness which is a mental creation from his mind doesn't hate her or spite her either, save for the specific context that it views her as an obstacle to getting to Griffith.

Yes, their relationship will change, now stop telling me things that I'm not disagreeing with you about. It's a cheap attempt to give yourself some delusional high ground and it's pretty annoying.

Are you sure? We have no idea how things will happen, and just diving into her mind to bring her back won't necessarily involve going over her experiences with Guts. That's certainly not what drove her insane.

I explained it to the other girl but I guess I have to explain it twice. Falls in love with Guts, elopes with Guts, has mixed feelings. Griffith witnesses Casca's love for Guts, Griffith becomes jealous, Griffith rapes Guts to spite him and forces Casca to feel like she betrayed Guts by making him look at her as she's being raped.

I say again, it's all connected. How is it connected? Because Griffith -- okay Femto (don't want to trigger the cynical part of you again) -- DESTROYED THE RELATIONSHIP THEY HAD DAYS AFTER IT HAD FORMED. DUH.

We're able to see any character's opinion so long as Miura sees it fit. That's not particular to Schierke, and her opinion on whether going against Griffith is worth it or not is not especially more valuable than anyone else's to me.

This is what I mean by "Nice dodge." only this time it's like an ant trying to dodge an asteroid. It won't work. Stop hiding behind the author to make you points, because we all know the author, Mr. Miura isn't here to back you up and he's not interested in doing it either. The author provides points for us to look at in the story, he also provides us with future points to speculate on, and that's exactly what point we're at right now as it pertains to this debate.

A speculation point, not one where things are written in stone, and have been pre-determined. If you truly don't understand this point, which I'm not interested in explaining multiple times, simply don't respond to it because I'm not going to waste time here having an intellectual shit-flinging contest.

Could you please not gratuitously insult the characters? Because not only is what you're saying completely untrue, it's puerile and annihilates any attempt you may make at being taken seriously.

Well, since you said please, I'm going to assume it's not a rule. NO. Do that thing you do again, where you quote the wrong panels to prove your point against me and I might just reconsider.  Other people's moral opinion of me isn't my concern, not when it pertains to arguing a real point about Casca's mixed feelings. Furthermore, we're reading Berserk. If you can handle rape, pedophilia, and other horrible things, then you can handle me referencing it as a point of contention.

tl;dr Grow up.

Because as readers, we definitely don't need Schierke to see Casca's traumatic memories in order to have "an external lens" (that doesn't mean anything, by the way) on whether or not going up against Griffith is "worth it".

Who is we? You're the admin of a discussion board, not Miura's spokesperson and while I appreciate you doing your best to help me and provide a place to discuss Berserk, I am in no way obligated to count myself among the collective opinions that you seem to think are orbiting around your brain.

And while you're at it, stop with the statements of absolution, so I can actually have a two-way discussion with you and not constantly resist the urge to say things that might get me into serious trouble. And at least have the decency to say it to me directly, not in parenthesis.

But the problem here man is that we can get many perspectives on the situation without resorting to the scenario you've concocted. For one thing, like I've been saying, I doubt revenge will be the main drive for the group to go after Griffith. Why would they all follow if it were the case? Besides, Guts has forsaken his revenge for Casca's sake so far, and while we know he'd like to face him it's not like he'll be desperate to get off Elfhelm right after arriving there, dragging everyone with him against their will. That's a pretty big assumption on your part that warps all of what you're saying.

None of what you just said is anything I am arguing aside from the "concocted scenario". If you're going to accuse me of being assumptive try to do it while not being presumptuous at the same time. It makes you look like you're arguing with a ghost of a person who never lived.

How about you try looking at it from another perspective yourself: do you not think Guts will be unwilling to kill his own son? Because if so, you're sorely mistaken. Which ties to what I've been trying to tell you: it's not going to just be about revenge.

Don't ask me to look at something from another perspective then dismiss it in the same breath. That's basically putting a gun in my hand and then trying to arrest me for "possession of a lethal weapon".

Enough of these attempts at using dead-end methods of arguing your points. I don't fall for them, I don't listen to them, and I don't acknowledge them as valid, but I will acknowledge their invalidity.

Uh, what? The lunar cycle is a little over 29 days. That's once a month.

Oops.  :slan: Guess that means Casca will be even more pissed off when she finds out she only gets to see him once a month instead of twice. This is starting to feel like a custody battle.

That isn't true. Casca was a leader, and she acted as such on numerous occasions, taking initiative when needed. Asking for people's counsel doesn't mean you can't take decision on your own, and I feel that's a deliberately disingenuous comment on your part here.

Last we saw her, she couldn't make the decision as to whether she loved Guts or Griffith, but then Femto raped her into saying: "Well, if I can't have both, I can't have either." Don't tell me you feel I'm being disingenuous, because I will throw it back in your face as far as this debate is concerned. And no, I won't flame, or insult you in the process either. That's not my style, so don't take it the wrong way or I'll have more annoying crap to clear up.

What the hell are you talking about? Like I've said, all characters in the story have their own perspectives, but they're just that: the perspectives of characters in a story. The reader does not need one or two of those perspectives to be somehow "more objective" than that of every other character, because the reader has the ability to enjoy the story from outside, by virtue of being a reader. I'm not sure why you started talking about lenses and "lens-seers" and nonsensical stuff like that, but I can assure you it's not going anywhere.

Because the characters help to tell the story. If you can't grasp what I meant by "lens-seers" and other sensical stuff like that, then I can assure you, you'll be the only one not going anywhere.



Don't troll me if you want me to take you seriously. That's why my responses are becoming less professional and more geared toward poking fun at their absurdities, while using them to aid my own arguments.

Affect. Affect the entire party.

Relevancy, your honor? Don't point that out. I don't care, but I'll sure not to make that mistake again, so I don't have to mock you for using misspellings as stacking tools to make a point. In other words, don't get uppity about tomato tomato or potato potato.

It's not that not all that crushial to your point.

There's no ground at all for that line of reasoning, that someone would take a decision without caring about the others, and I actually argued against that possibility in my previous post. It's also pretty funny that you seem to forget that Farnese and Serpico had both decided to leave the group without giving any proper reason to the others in Vritannis.

Well since you agree with so much, why don't you stop pretending to be the teacher, and I the student in your imaginary classroom.

That's not a valid point at all. You don't need to witness something in order to believe what someone tells you. Saying otherwise is rather ridiculous,

Saying otherwise means other people take different levels of convincing to believe what a person says. Go read a book on individuality and come back to me after you've enlightened yourself on the nature of discussing points with other people.

Please don't take the Band of the Hawks translation as canon.

Fortunately I'm using images to argue my points and not words. Words can be misleading at times, especially when they come from the wrong lips.

Speculation Nation / Re: Do you think Casca will be cured soon?
« on: May 01, 2014, 05:24:25 PM »
I fail to see how that would be of any particular interest. Their understanding of Guts and Casca's relationship is pretty clear right now, and that relationship is bound to evolve when Casca's condition will change. How it will evolve depends on her and her alone, since Guts' desires on that matter are pretty set. The others' understanding of said relationship is completely secondary to all of that and I don't see how getting involved in the process leading to her healing would affect it.

Saying your heart belongs to someone, and showing that your heart belongs to someone are two very different things, and the love between them cannot be shown in their present state. This is what I mean by insight. If you're diving into Casca's mind, you're diving into her experiences with Guts, what made them close and what broke her in the first place. It also lends them greater insight into why Guts may or may not make the decision to leave and go after Griffith, and the same with Casca.

That's a really strange (and reductive) way to look at it I think. If Schierke were to bear witness to Casca's memories of being raped, I doubt her reaction would be to question the motives of revenge against him. Furthermore, Guts himself has already forsaken his quest of revenge in order to take care of Casca, so that reflexion of the reader to which you allude has already been taking place for years. And Guts has answered it: going against Griffith isn't worth abandoning Casca. Now the thing to consider is that if the group were to go after Griffith at some point, they will likely be driven by something other than pure vengeance.

What reduction...where? I said it would give us an external lense through which to view the situation, not a means for Schierke to walk up to Guts and try to convince him otherwise. You can have your opinion and still keep it to yourself without saying a word, and in Schierke's case, we just happen to be able to see her opinion. That's what I meant. I think we need another perspective, and I believe Schierke may be able to offer it, even if she chooses not to voice it.

You're assuming a lot here. For one, I think Casca and Guts are definitely in a better place than anyone to decide what their own course of action should be regarding Griffith, simply because of the history they have with him. Even if everybody else wanted to go, they'd still have to hold Casca's opinion above their own desires out of sheer decency. Second, it's not like the decision to "go after Griffith" would be taken by just one or two people and everybody else would follow; I really don't believe things will go down that way. They're all free to do as they wish, and I'm convinced that by the time the group leaves Elfhelm they'll have been told about Guts & Casca's past (which will in itself be interesting even if it's narrated by the interested parties and not directly experienced in their minds).

I'm assuming here, because the last time Casca had a chance to make character progress, she admitted that she was being a stupid indecisive bitch. Regardless of what Femto did to her, Femto has her SON, which is going to lead to some massive indecision. Even in her mentally handicapped state, she is ferociously protective him, and will not let Guts anywhere near him. Do you really believe that these instincts won't remain after she's healed, that she won't be able to put two and two together, that she won't recognize his hormonal scent (yes, people do this, it's a proven fact, go look it up) and feel uneasy? Try looking at this from another perspective. There are typically two full moons a month. This means if Casca forms any sort of connection to the Moonlight Boy then what do you think will happen to her when he suddenly vanishes, and then the KoFS or whoever has the most knowledge has to say: "Sorry, Casca, he went back to being apart of Griffith, y'know, that guy who raped you and slaughtered all your comrades?" Even if he doesn't use those words, that's what the situation is going to be, whether she or anyone else likes it or not.

When Guts first watched the kid inside the cabin at the beach, he considered killing the fucker, and I don't doubt that his brand won't still be tickling him the next time he shows up. When Casca is healed and sane again, he may be more tolerant, because as far as he knew she was too dumb to think and make decisions for herself.

Now here's the major factor. Farnese has been taking care of Casca, she has literally acted as her mother, who she trusts instinctively and runs to when she's afraid. Do you think those trusting feelings won't carry over when she's brought back? That all that trust will simply vanish. Casca isn't the type to make a decision on her own without talking about it with a third person. She went to Judeau for this constantly, because Judeau was trustworthy, Judeau knew how to say the right thing at the right time. Farnese may not be a wisdom-speaker like Judeau, but she has matured, she has grown up, she has the ability to think objectively when she has to, and if someone who she's been taking care of like a daughter for several months decides that she needs her opinion, especially after possibly receiving some sort of direct insight into her past, or being directly informed of it by the KoFS then I'd be inclined to believe that she'd provide some sort of answer.

Remember, Farnese made the decision to follow Guts on her own. If she's bright enough to make a life-changing decision for herself and stick to it, then she's smart enough to give Casca advice. And yes, I am aware of the lvls of difference in trauma they experienced, and what the results were, but the fact of the matter is they've both gone through horrifying experiences.

Farnese may not be a fucking therapist with a Ph.D, she's no Dr. Phil either, but she's far from being an inexperienced twat when it comes to overcoming mental trauma and learning how to deal with it.

Beyond that, I don't think "revenge" will be the sole motivation for going out there, nor do I believe that Guts or Casca's motives would be somehow less valid than Isidro's or Serpico's based on objectivity. That being said, I'm sure those questions will arise at some point in the story and I look forward to it.

I don't think revenge will be either, I'm just debating the popular topic. I frankly believe that somewhere, deep down, Guts and Griffith want to sit down and talk. Griffith didn't take the time to watch Guts sail away into the ocean after his battle with Ganishka for no reason, and it didn't feature him grabbing his heart, or acting in any way suggestive of him thinking about how to handle the Moonlight Child.

You know, I'm not sure I'd agree to say that Rickert is necessarily completely objective about Falconia, or that Schierke is 100% objective about Guts. And it's not just a matter of age but of feelings and life experiences too. But more importantly, those are characters in the story, and there's simply no need for them to be an "objective lens" for the reader. We get to see events as told to us by the author and so our own objectivity is enough, especially since we know more about the story than all of the characters combined.

Nice dodge, and try not to bridge two methods of observation again and then try to detonate that same bridge before other people have a chance to walk across it. Characters determine the outcome of the story, and that's more important than my, yours, or everyone else's opinion on this board and elsewhere's combined as the author chooses to portray the story.

And this is not a story told to us, it's a story shown to us, all the narrative that gets inserted into the plot is typically to provide us with a more worldly view of things.

This talk of "lens-seers" sounds like hogwash to me, and I have no idea what you're getting at with your last two sentences.

Rickert's perspective isn't more important than Schierke's, and Schierke's isn't more important than Rickert's, because both of their perspectives are rooted in what other people have told them. Rickert saw the Eclipse from the outside but had no idea what the fuck was going on inside. Schierke caught a glimpse of the Eclipse, albeit more directly, but never quite got a front-row seat to it.

Having your cake and eating it too means you want to be able to have both of their opinions, but still raise one as being more important than the other. I'm not saying you did this, I am speaking of it as a general bit of advice for how I think the value of character perspectives should be measured, and there perspectives are important because Guts' has a family now and he has to do what's right for that family which he clearly sees himself as being responsible for.


Furthermore, everything Guts and Casca decide to do from that point on will effect the entire party. Yes, Serpico, Schierke, Farnese can choose to stay, but the fact of the matter of these people have all bonded with each other on some level. Saying "Fuck you, this is my decision, I will make it" sounds ridiculously selfish and just straight-up bitchlike without them knowing the full-depth of their decision and why they chose to make it. You can't gain full insight, and you can't gain full, true perspective without actually witnessing what has happened to a person on some visceral level, no matter what everyone else says or tells you to believe.

Speculation Nation / Re: Do you think Casca will be cured soon?
« on: April 30, 2014, 04:25:53 PM »
I don't think I want any of the group involved with Casca's healing. Her truama involved her and Guts and I think it should be dealt with only her and Guts. Some how think, due to their feelings for Guts that Farnese and Schierke would not be a benefit in a situation meant to restore the love of Guts's life. Schierke may have her emotions in check but Farnese is another story.

The point isn't for whether or not they should be involved -- it's whether or not they're involvement, period -- will have a positive or negative impact of their understanding of Guts' relationship with Casca. Schierke has already received a glimpse of what happened, and if she sees it again -- this time more directly -- then it may provide us with an external lense through which to say "Hey, is going up against Griffith really worth it?" Rather than having this awkward dance of opinions between two people, whose opinions are ultimately going to be subjective, and while Schierke is still just a kid, she's far more mature and understanding of other people's feelings than she lets on.

Rickert is Falconia's objective lense. Schierke is Guts' party's objective lense. And if you want to argue against that, it needs to be realized that both of these lense-seers are still of relative age points in their lives. To deny one is to have your cake and eat it too. The Moonlight boy, Griffith, and everyone else including the Skullknight are mere variables in the equation that will lead to the decision.

Speculation Nation / Re: Do you think Casca will be cured soon?
« on: April 27, 2014, 04:37:37 PM »
Fair enough.

Speculation Nation / Re: Do you think Casca will be cured soon?
« on: April 27, 2014, 04:21:20 PM »
I think it's going to the King of the Flower Storm...

I'm not debating whether or not the King of the Flower Storm will be involved. There's no doubt in my mind that he will be. My opinion is that while he may be the primary "man in charge of the operation", Farnese or Schierke may be involved as additional "aids/assistants" because they know Guts and Casca better than the KoFS.

Moreover I just think it'd wrong for them to not have any sort of involvement in the actual event as they have both been the two major members of Guts' crew when it comes to aiding  and taking care of her. Plus there's the fact that Casca feels most comfortable around Farnese, potentially having adapted her as a surrogate mother of sorts that may need to be around in order to keep her calm throughout the ordeal, though that could and probably will fall into Guts' lap at the end of the day.

The point is I don't think it's right to simply leave them out of the equation and "dismiss" them so-to-speak.

Speculation Nation / Re: Do you think Casca will be cured soon?
« on: April 27, 2014, 04:05:16 PM »
Well, we don't know yet what the process will involve, but I think it's a safe bet that it won't be as simple as the King of the Flower Storm snapping his fingers. One of the ways in which I've recurringly envisioned it over the years is Guts having to delve into her mind to "rescue" her.

As much as I love Schierke, despite what others may think, I believe it'd be more appropriate if Farnese was the one to aid Guts through the process. It would be a grand test for herself, display how far she's come, and lend valuable insight as to why Guts deems Casca as his true love, and finally allow her to get over all these stupid and unreciprocated feelings she has toward him.

Forgive the small tangent. The point is that Guts wouldn't be able to do something like that, not on his own anyway. He'd need help.

Speculation Nation / Re: Do you think Casca will be cured soon?
« on: April 27, 2014, 03:12:29 PM »
I'm pretty sure he meant just what's written in his post...

Well, in that case, I'll take up what I said and put it forth as my own theory.

I do believe that using magic to restore Casca's mind will have some risk involved, and there may need to be a procedure, or failsafe of some kind to make sure that her mind doesn't get lost to the astral realm in the process as this will likely involve a form of magic that deals with the mind. And as we've been shown many times before, magic is very much a mental act in Berserk, and therefore using magic to restore one's mental health could yield some significant danger.

Speculation Nation / Re: Do you think Casca will be cured soon?
« on: April 27, 2014, 02:43:37 PM »
No, I don't think so. The processes involved are not the same at all, and I don't believe that Casca's spirit was taken away from her body. Her condition is likely psychological in nature.

What I believe the guy meant was during the ritual, there might be a chance that Casca could lose her mind to the astral realm, as there is likely going to be some form of magic involved in restoring her back to full mental health. We don't know what the actual process is when it comes to restoring a person's mental health using magic, but basically performing surgery on Casca's mind through those means is likely to involve at least some sort of risk.

Character Cove / Re: There's something about Rakshas
« on: April 17, 2014, 06:36:21 PM »
I don't "not want Rakshas to be an apostle", I just think it'd be much cooler/interesting if he turned out to be something else, what with the mystery surrounding what he is under that cloak, ontop of the fact that he wants to cut off Griffith's head. One can only imagine what must be running through his mind after getting a front row seat to Femto warping Skullknight's portal and super-imposing it onto Ganishka's face, followed by the astral realm merging with the physical. I imagine it's going to be a bitch-and-a-half trying to kill him and he'll most definitely fail.

The other problem I have with this is that whenever Rakshas does decide to set his assassination plans into motion, what's to stop him from falling under the same spell Ganishka did when he had his first, direct confrontation with Griffith? Ganishka practically shat bricks while being mesmerized at the same time. So if Rakshas actually is an apostle, how would K. Miura go about making this event any more memorable without it just being another repeat? It's not like the circumstances would be any different (not counting Ganishka's tormented past). Griffith is a God Hand and Rakshas is just an apostle who would be compelled to obey him and bask in his light.

Character Cove / Re: There's something about Rakshas
« on: April 16, 2014, 07:50:57 PM »
Okay, this convinced me. I just went with him being as "human" as the other Bakiraka.. cause they were kinda freakish too. But this really makes sense. At least it seems more probable that Rakshas is an apostle than not. And now I'm VERY excited as to what his apostle form is gonna look like... a spider definitely sound like a legit alternative.

Three eye-holes in Rakshas' mask is not indicative of him being a tri-clops. The caravan Ganishka rode in has eyes all surrounding the central section, so do the clothes being worn over the elephants. Three+ eye-holes in his mask seems more like a aspect of decorative Kushan art.

Being able to contort his body in ways so unnatural that they are "clearly" supernatural? The only image I can find of Rakshas contorting his body allow the viewer to clearly distinguish both shoulders and forearms with relative clarity.

The officer part is fair enough, however, Sonia (a human) being a medium to Apostles does make me question just how what method he uses of judging whether or not a human or apostle should be allowed any important role in his army.

Speculation Nation / Re: Falconia vs Elfhelm: Will it happen?
« on: April 11, 2014, 11:55:05 PM »
You talk about making assumptions as to what will be there, but it seems to me that you're the one assuming "armies" will be around waiting to march on Falconia, when nothing of the sort has been hinted at so far.

You're missing the point. Whether Elfhelm possesses an "official army" or not isn't important to me. What's important to me is whether or not the KoFS recognizes Guts' value as a warrior, capable of fighting Apostles should his people ever come under attack by Griffith's Apostle Army. It's a matter of the KoFS' ability to make decision based on his own tactical soundness, and not an attempt at saying: "Yes, the KoFS does possess an organized military army."

Jarif already worked for Griffith before Ganishka's demise.

Quote from: Skullknight Glossary
A Kushan who defected to The Band of the Falcon as a key member of its intelligence unit.

So he's an ex-Kushan soldier. Whether he fought against the BoTH at some point I don't know, but the point of what I said about who Griffith allows into his army and city remains the same.

And you can't really compare random soldiers to Daiba, they're really on a completely different level.

I'm not trying to compare them.

Rakshas is an apostle.

Quote from: Skullknight Glossary
Exiled from the Kushan clan of Bakiraka, Rakshas is a mystery. His motivation for allying with Griffith is so he can ensure that one day he can cut off his beautiful head. Rakshas commands the demon search and destroy squad.

According to what you just said that mystery has already been solved. Am I to take what it says in the glossary as truth or what you say about Rakshas as truth? It's a hard choice to make as you're an admin and I wouldn't doubt you had a hand in putting that glossary together.

I don't get your point. So far we've only heard about soldiers killing astral beasts to protect refugees.

I was pointing out the difference between creatures that pose a threat to humans and beings who pose a threat to Griffith himself.

Quote from: Alucroas
He only seems directly concerned with killing off Astral beings capable of using magic,

The Cockatrice can't use magic. He sent a cavalry led by Raban and one Apostle to help, most likely in the event that things go south, which they did.

A witch can use magic. Flora, after dying, came back as an ascended being and summoned a wall of flames that blocked Zodd and Grunbeld's path to Guts and co. Her power, imo will go beyond this because while she did ascend onto the Astral Plane, that plane has been merged with the physical, meaning she is likely alive and well somewhere. In this regard, killing her while she was still human was mistake, because it gives her more time to acclimate to becoming an Astral Plane and control her powers.

For all we know she could be in Elfhelm now.

See above. What campaign? And Flora wasn't an astral being. She was human.

I assume killing Flora to be only the first step. That's an assumption.

What's ridiculous is to assume that Elfhelm has armies to begin with when that certainly hasn't been the depiction we've had from it so far.

It hasn't been depicted as being anything other than an Elf City. My "assumption" that there's an army there is hypothetical, and if there was one, narrowing it down to piskies:
Quote from: Skullknight
Ivalera and Puck's species, a sub-species of Elves. Piskies are the descendants of Wind spirits, and are themselves called "Spirits of the Wings."
becomes ridiculous when we're talking about the King of Elves. If he's the King of Elves it means he rules over all elves of multiple species, meaning there are going to be more than just tiny fellas like Puck and Ivalera running around.

The fact that Elfhelm is written about in grimoires, magical textbooks written by magic users, makes me believe that some magic users like witches might have been there before and/or still live there to this day. If they live in peace and harmony then I'd imagine they're capable of working together to defend themselves if they ever came under attack by anyone or anything of significant power.

From now on when I refer to Elfhelm as possessing an "army" I'll reword it to make sure it says something along the lines of "capable of banding together" when and if they need to.

Anyway, you're selling Flora pretty short here. Her bargain was an excuse to send Schierke along with them to Enoch. It served a triple goal: help the villagers because she was too weak to do it herself, acquaint Guts' group and Schierke because Flora knew her time was short and she wanted Schierke to go with them, and give her time to actually prepare Casca's necklace as well as the talisman inside the Berserk's armor, which is what she planned to give Guts.

I know why she made the bargain with Guts as it pertains to serving a triple goal. My concern is her motivation to help Guts, separate from her desire to protect Schierke and help out Enoch. How does helping Guts work in her favor?

I also don't see how that could be a reason for the merging of the worlds, given that she was killed before it happened.

Because it makes it easier for him to kill all the other people with powers on par with Flora's who may have been out of his reach beforehand. People like the King of The Flowerstorm. I'm not in denial that merging the planes did other things for him too like give him Falconia though.

Speculation Nation / Re: Falconia vs Elfhelm: Will it happen?
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Quote from: Aazealh
And while I do think the residents of Elfhelm as a whole will most definitely disapprove of Falconia, I have a problem with the idea of elves (like Puck and Ivalera, you know) going to war against apostles.

I don't think Elfhelm's army would consist solely of elves and pixies. In fact, assuming anything like that is completely short-sighted. The reason I didn't go into any detail myself is because I'd be inclined to believe that there are more than just Elves occupying a magical island that witches, wizards, and warlocks know about (evidenced when Schierke and Skullknight spoke together about it), thus making it not too far-fetched to assume that there might just happen to be some variety.

Quote from: Aazealh
Ganishka's right hand man hiding from the enemy who annihilated him? Who'd have thought!

People who know that Griffith has a reputation for not holding grudges against former war enemies, as is blatantly obvious when Rickert passes by some of their ex-Kushan soldiers, and when Rakshas joins his army would have thought! It wouldn't be hard too hard to draw that conclusion given the information on Falconia's demographics. If he knows about Griffith's war on magic then that alone is reason enough for him to be hiding, not because he's an ex-enemy who, for all we know, Griffith may look favorably upon should he pledge his magical skills to him, and that would not be out of his character to do so.

Quote from: Aazealh
That seems a really backward way of doing things. I mean astral beings had almost completely disappeared from the world, and merging the astral and physical worlds brought them back in full force. The world is also big, very big, and it seems unlikely that Falconia's armies will get rid of them all rapidly, if at all. What would they have done against a being like the Sea God? Rather, remember that among all the astral beings that were brought into the world were four former humans... Beings of incredible power that could not manifest themselves in the physical world before that point. To that was very likely one of the main goals (if not the main goal) of the merging.

I was referring to a specific reason for a specific goal: Griffith's campaign against beings of the Astral Plane who he deems a threat to his reign. How rapidly Falconia's armies will get rid of them is no relevant concern of mine. He only seems directly concerned with killing off Astral beings capable of using magic, as that seems to be the only thing capable of even coming close to touching a God Hand. The Cockatrice was killed by Irvine because its a threat to people travelling on their way to Falconia, otherwise we'd have probably witnessed more scenes of other Astral beings getting killed, and not just the one we saw trying to kill the group Rickert and Erica were moving with. It is a threat, sure, but it is a threat to only to ordinary people. The Sea God isn't even a good example because it didn't display any abilities that lie in the realm of manipulating, space, time, or even the natural elements. It was a physical threat, nothing more, and the sound-waves coming from its heartbeat are not magical, but just a physical consequence of possessing such a massive heart and Guts being at such close proximity to it.

Quote from: Aazealh
Nah, a preemptive strike from the elves against Falconia? I just don't see how that could work at this point. Not that I don't think there could be a conflict on a wide scale opposing partisans of the "natural" order of things against the minions of the God Hand (which would include Falconia's armies), but given the size of Falconia's walls that just doesn't seem to be the most sensible approach.

Nobody knows how big Elfhelm is in comparison to Falconia. It's an island out at sea, hidden from human eyes, and doesn't show up on any maps. And again, there have been many implications to suggest that there's more than just elves and pixies there. If there's a war between Elfhelm and Falconia it's not going to be a bunch of doll-sized creatures going at it with demons twice the size of your common hut. They're going to have back up -- from what -- I don't know for certain, but to reduce Elfhelm's armies down to something so minuscule and minimal is pretty ridiculous.

Quote from: Aazealh
As for leaving Casca behind, that's just not the direction the story's taken. Guts has said he would never do that again, and so far he's kept his word. Why change now? Especially when he's been told that she could possibly regain herself. Besides, he pretty much needs her to keep going with the Berserk's armor, and doubly so if he has to face more formidable enemies in the future. Not to mention the Moonlight Boy's role in all of this. Casca will likely be essential in that regard, and I strongly believe the boy is the key to vanquishing Griffith. And do you really think the king of the elves would blackmail Guts into going to war over the restoration of his lover? That's hardly been the elf way so far... Lastly, if anyone had to lead the "rebel army" against overlord Femto, the most qualified by far among Guts' group would be... Casca.

Don't blow this out of proportion like you're doing right now. A witch named Flora wanted something in return for drawing seal across his neck that would reduce the effects of the brand and makes thing easier on he and Casca. It's not a leap of logic to predict the Hanafubuku King might want something in return for reversing hideous amounts of trauma enough for Casca to be able to speak and interact with people, Guts above all, like a normal human being.

As I said, Guts will have many things to take into account if it happens. What Guts wants may not be what Casca wants, and if Casca doesn't want to go to war with Griffith after her mind has been restored, even though Guts made a deal with the Elf King, then he may just be inclined to keep his word. That's something he's also never done: broken his word, so why would he do it now, even while caught in such a massive predicament?

Speculation Nation / Falconia vs Elfhelm: Will it happen?
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My answer: yes.

Griffith has already shown his willingness to go after people who possess magical abilities, Flora being only the first, and the fact that Daiba is hiding from Griffith rather than serving under him makes me think that there is likely a strict ban on magic as he probably believes it to be the only thing capable of challenging him. Otherwise, what reason would Daiba have to be sitting in a barn feeding his companion creature, despite everybody else in town knowing full well that they have a demon army serving as one of their main sources of defense against an attack.

There is clearly some discrimination being laid out before us and Falconia's dark side has already begun to show with that one small glimpse.

Griffith had Flora killed -- killed while he was at war with another supernatural force, Ganishka -- sending two of his strongest Apostles along with a small platoon of soldiers to get the job done. In his eyes, witches, wizards, and warlocks definitely pose a threat his reign, otherwise he wouldn't have bothered going out of his way to do that.

What is Elfhelm's reaction going to be to this?

Hell, if I know. We have yet to meet the King of the Flower Storm, but he is likely already aware of Flora's death, and as an Astral being himself, he's obviously aware of the fact that the Astral and Physical planes have been merged. In my eyes, the reason these two planes have been merged is so Griffith can have easier access to erasing them from the face of existence, with the World Helix tree granting him vision of everything on Earth.

What I do believe is that if Elfhelm does decide to launch a pre-emptive strike before Griffith launches his, then they will likely want Guts on their side, as he has proven himself capable of slaying many Apostles, even when he was armed with nothing more than a broken dagger and horn. This makes Guts a valuable asset, and it wouldn't be the first time he's had people wanting to use him as their mercenary. Perhaps the King of the Flower Storm will use Casca's mental restoration as leverage to make him take their side. Flora's amulet and ward services didn't come for free either, remember, so why would the King of the Flower Storm's?

This could force Guts into abandoning Casca again while she is off being mentally healed, granting him the "freedom" to take revenge on Griffith, but at what cost? She suddenly wakes up, fully healed, only for Guts to have taken off and left for war?

Anyway, I'm pretty sure Griffith will attack Elfhelm or begin his campaign against the Astral denizens at some point, but there are many implications for Guts to take into account pending this war does happen.

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Just a day before my birthday...

Speculation Nation / Re: Slan Birth as A God Hand
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I think that thought crossed most people's mind at the time, though there's no real ground for it.

I believe Miura doesn't intend to tell the stories of each individual God Hand outright as it adds more mystery to their identities.

However, the reason I think that woman is Slan is because of her nature as a sado-masochist. This woman spent much of her life tending to the sick and dying, and would therefore be seeing people in constant pain, misery, ontop of having to deliver the bad news to the families of those who finally succumbed to their illnesses. My theory is that when the man who rejected Slan's nursing (assuming it is Slan), it messed with her head. It went against all reason that a man would take pride in his ability to weather the poor state of his life, and to proclaim that mental fortitude of his is "proof of his existence" sounds similar to Guts who would rather fight against his fate than accept it and die. For Guts, his struggle is proof that he exists, combined with all the other things that motivate him to keep going. I think this is why Slan is so intrigued by him, because in a way, he mirrors what might have been the initiatory factor in leading her down the road to becoming a God Hand. That is to say I don't believe that single, solitary event triggered her Eclipse (the sacrificial offerings of whom could very well be all of the sick and dying people she was tending to), but that it would certainly have had something to do with serving as a potential catalyst.

Actually that one never came to mind to me. I don't really think it fits her profile versus the "sex goddess" if I can say that for a lack of better words.

She's a sado-masochist who takes pleasure both in human suffering as well as pleasure, especially if there are intense emotions present during an event. Slan doesn't hone in on one specific thing, she enjoys all of it, moreso if they are culminating together like what happened during Casca's rape scene.

Besides, isn't it fitting that a nurse of the clergy, most likely a virgin wound up becoming Slan of all things. The church is supposed to preach of all things pure and holy, and a sex goddess, a succubus is among the most physically and mentally impure things one could possibly imagine. It's not at-all a farcry to assume that this woman could possibly be Slan.

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I find "humans vs monsters" scenarios to be quite vexing in their predictability: no matter what happens, the humans are going to win in the end, and it'll be another great excuse for us to wave around, claiming that we're the best damn thing to come out since God created Angels. Compounded on top of that is the fact that these "monsters" aren't exactly what I'd call original. They're just titans lacking skin and while that is something I'd find to be legitimately frightening to go up against, I certainly wouldn't view it as something foreign or "alien".

Speculation Nation / Re: Slan Birth as A God Hand
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I've always been of the suspicion that Slan was the woman who attended to the sick and dying in the tale Mozgus told Farnese in order to calm her.

Hello, first post.

According to this article I found after googling 'Gigantomachia', it's definition is "War" (Machia) and "Giants" (Gigantes/Giganto). Would it be implausible to say that after millions of years following a post-apocalyptic event, the Gods have risen and are now waging a war on one another through various tribes?

I find it interesting that the article reads about origins, and yet here we are in a setting that is largely representative of what it was like back in the days when humans were just starting out: in the desert, Africa where humans are said to have originated from. Of course people weren't riding bugs, but the presence of beetles in the story only further enforces the location. That is to say dung beetles. I wouldn't be surprised to see a few scarabs running around or being used as currency.

Moving on, we have a guy with a Greek name (Delos) which was the name of an island associated with Apollo, Artemis, and Zeus and was even the center of what was called "The Delean League" -- a compilation of associated Greek city-States led by Athens during the war with Persia. I'm starting to see why he was suspected of being a spy, provided Ogun's people or, he himself have any knowledge of Greek words and their meanings.

I rather like the fact that the article mentions Ragnarok, the end of days, or rather the end of a tribal era that is soon to come. The Gods may just be instruments used to enact this, but then I see that the tribal people are willing to die for them, which doesn't make me view them as tools anymore but instead the force that is motivating them to be at war with these other empires.

By the way, I looked up Prome's name as well and it's the name of a city in Burma.

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