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Speculation Nation / Re: Berserk Ending Theory
« on: August 12, 2017, 05:59:28 AM »
I've edited the original post, fixing some errors and I've clarified on some plot points a bit more.

Speculation Nation / Berserk Ending Theory
« on: August 12, 2017, 12:43:37 AM »
I know a lot of people are going to hate this, but what if Guts is presented the opportunity to use his Beherit? He tries to kill Griffith in his berserker armour, but fails. Griffith is still more powerful. After all Guts' efforts and sacrifices, Guts' gets a taste of reality and that reality is that a human can't beat a near godlike being with will alone.

This is when the Beast of Darkness has a resurgence, in his rage at this world, he forgets all his comrades and even the reason he's fighting Griffith in the first place. He is nothing more than a broken corpse is a shell of rage. The Beherit activates, and he is presented the opportunity to sacrifice all for the power to kill Griffith. The Fairy Queen couldn't cure Casca (Note: I feel that Casca won't be cured, if she is cured Guts will have less motivation to go after Griffith. Why? Because Guts loves Casca and will most likely not want throw her into a situation in which she has to confront Griffith. I imagine he also won't want to leave her since he just got her back. I also think she won't be cured because it will reflect what happened to Guts' adoptive father) and his comrades will eventually die. So blinded to his actions by his anger, he sacrifices them. He becomes powerful enough to kill Femto, because unlike Griffith, Guts' saw his comrades as more than just tools, thus the sacrifice is greater. He is now more of a force of nature (Note: What I mean is he lacks thought and decision making, being more like of a law of nature) than a being. He, or "It", shatters the connection between this world and the next (spirit tree). Now permanently residing in the spirit world forever in battle with the God Hand. Neither to destroy each other. Almost like a ying and yang kind of theme.

Now I know this theory has flaws. Maybe instead of sacrifice his friends, he embraces the spirits of the vortex, kind of reuniting with his former comrades. With the Berserker armour paired with countless raging souls, he would be unstoppable (Let me clarify that once Guts did this he would be no more, he would be apart of the vortex like every other soul, the berserker armour is being piloted by the vortex. He's destined to become apart of the vortex anyway due to the sacrifice Griffith made). Then Casca and his new friends would be safe, he would sacrifice himself for them, becoming (again) a force of nature against the God Hand. After that everything would play out exactly the same as the theory above. Except Casca and company would be safe in reality as the berserker armour eternally fights the God Hand, untill Casca dies of old age or whatever, and becomes apart of the vortex herself.

As I'm writing this, I'm finding I like the second theory a lot better. In berserk there is this theme of Griffith and Guts being kind of mirrors of each other. So Griffith sacrificed is comrades to achieve his own goals, and Guts sacrificed himself for his own (and his comrades) goals. It all kinda all comes full circle.

Anyway, this theory might be absolute fan-fiction shit. I appreciate the harsh criticism I'm getting so far, however if you have a problem with this theory could you please clarify the reasons. Although just commenting "This = shit, ur bad kiddo, you fuckin retar?"  is perfectly fine and it gives me a good chuckle, I would appreciate some constructive criticism as well. Thank you.


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