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Character Cove / Guts and Silat
« on: November 06, 2016, 04:08:20 PM »
I was going through my books looking for specific scenes with Silat because I just find Silat to be a delight to enjoy (seriously who doesn't find this exotic character awesome), and I came across his first meeting with Guts and all their interactions in the Golden Age. And oh my God! I forgotten how much I enjoyed Guts and Silat's scenes! What I find it interesting about how these two interact is how Guts treats Silat. Silat is no one to sneeze at. He is dignified and poised and looks like a walking blade. Yet Guts treats him worse than he even treated Adon. Some how I find that absolutely hilarious! ADon was an ass clown. A walking joke, and I'm not saying Guts gave Adon ANY respect. But I would argue he treated Silat as more of a waste of his time than Adon. He makes fun of him and treats him like he is court jester or something. The fact that Silat is exotic is something Guts comments on. I loved how where any one else would be shitting themselves looking at Silat perform his flashy moves, Guts just seems perplexed and very unimpressed, and I think he likens him to a court jester or something. His reaction to Silat's fighting style is a "what the hell..." reaction. And then he just humiliates him.

My favorite thing Guts does to Silat is when he throws these flying discs at him (I forgot the name of these) Judo is all like "watch out!" and Guts just catches them. I love that silly grin Guts has on his face when he fllngs them away, Like it's just a game. I think that is probably one of my favorite non serious Guts moments. It's an aspect of his personalty I feel does not get much attention and definitely no one has ever bothered to translate to the visual media. No he is just a brooding Batman clone in these. No lighter side to him.

Silat has changed since meeting Guts and I like how his humiliating encounter with him has had such an impact on him. Silat is awseome and Guts has not left his mind. I sometimes wonder if Guts ever gives Silat a second thought even though he has seen him from a far from time to time in the story. 

Shootin' the Breeze / Amicable break-ups
« on: November 17, 2015, 06:58:27 PM »
My boyfriend of two years and I recently decided to break up with each other and go our separate ways. It was mutual break up and we both decided that we wanted to do other things with our lives and not necessarily with each other. This break up went way much smoothly than I expected it to. We had a long talk and we both realized some where along the line that our relationship had evolved from romance to just being friends and that it was time to see break it off. We did not yell or have any unpleasantness, actually it was a good long refreshing conversation that had us both laughing and even reminiscing on the fun we had had together and feeling actually good afterwards. We got everything we felt out in the open and we both agree that we still like each other and that we both still think very highly and still want to be friends with each other.

We have never had problems with each other and there was never animosity. Some people are shocked we decided to break up. But we both decided that our relationship had run it's course and it was time to move on. We also agreed that is is a final "break up" and that neither of us would be entertaining thoughts of "getting back together" at some point. I have had very little  bitter or ugly break ups with former boyfriends, but even in those case a break is usually some what unpleasant. This was surprisingly not. Has any one else experienced an amicable break up like this before? It seems like a lot of people have nothing but horror stories to tell about breaking up with their significant other.

Manga Mausoleum / First read through
« on: June 12, 2015, 09:00:05 PM »
Hello everyone!  :serpico: It's been a while since I have posted on here.

How many of you are on your first read through of the manga? I know this place is full of berserk manga veterans who are probably on their sixth or seventh read through of the manga and can probably recite select dialogue of their favorite scenes in the manga from memory at this point, but I am actually still reading Berserk through for the first time.

I am purposely taking my time with reading Berserk, which I started doing a little over a year ago, because I know some people complain about waiting for episodes. One thing I have seen crop up from other fans is the pacing of the series. I do not know if it is because I have not had to wait long spans in between episodes but I have thought that the pacing of this series very good even during the more sedate moments in story. I have yet to really feel like anything is dragging. I was even somewhat dreading Guts and company getting on the boat because of how many volume it encompasses (and because I am jot a fan of sea centered story-lines) and were they still are right now, but as I am in that section now (and inching closer and closer to the where the story is currently) I have found the boat trip to not be as tedious.

I do however sometimes find myself back tracking to certain parts in the previous volumes just re=read them. Guts battle with Rosine is one of my favorite. But I am almost there. I might tap the breaks a bit again because I am still enjoying my first read through and not want it to be "over" just yet. I like the fresh feeling you get when you experience something for the first time.Was reading the manga a second different for any one?

Speculation Nation / Problems for Farnese in Elfhelm?
« on: April 28, 2015, 10:32:52 PM »
This is somewhat inspired by the thread about Flora's reputation in Elfhelm and how the magic users will reacted to her staying in the human world. I was wondering Farnese has come a long way from her days of being the Figure Head of the Holy Iron Chain Knights and has abandoned her zealous pursuit of heretics. But, how notorious was the exploits of the HICKS and the persecution and condemnation of heretics and witches? Magic users probably retreated to escape that kind of treatment when the holy sea became prominent. So I am wondering would the magic users be aware that Farnese was the figure head of that organization and be hostile toward her? I do not know how wide spread her passion for finding and burning witch's were beyond the immediate members of the HICKS were but if her zealous tendencies made it further than that is it unreasonable that the magic users on elf helm had heard of her?  What would this mean to her acceptance among them?

Character Cove / Love in Berserk (Guts and Casca and others)
« on: February 14, 2015, 04:30:16 PM »
Since today is Valentines Day I thought it might be interesting to discuss the love relationships in Berserk and delve into them a little bit. The most prominent one of course being Guts and Casca but they're also other relationships that have cropped up in Berserk as well.

You have luca and Jerome who, after Guts and Casca probably have the most genuine affection and consensual sex of all the Berserk characters. Jerome seems to look upon Luca with genuine affection and wants her by his side. He does not seem to look down on her for her "profession" and seems to value her quite a bit.

There is the recent development of Rickert and his attachment to Erica. I can not say much on this yet because I have read the issue were he comes back in full, but he seems to care for her very much beyond just her safety.

And then there was the unrequited love that Judeau had for Casca during the Golden Age arc. I always found his feelings for her interesting. He was so devoted to her but never made a move to express them to her...until it was too late. Which is one the more tragic aspects of his character. But what exactly was it that he loved about Casca so much? Was it just because she was the only female among them? I have a feeling Judeau took it upon himself a lot when Casca first joined the Falcons to help her out a lot. It is sad that his affection for Casca were just one sided.

Actually there are a lot of one sided feelings for one person in Berserk. Farnese and her feelings for Guts are quite one sided, and she agreed to marry Roderick to help Guts and his situation. However there have been some pretty genuine moments that have been shared between Roderick and Farnese, and I am wondering if Farnese will eventually fall for him and abandon her affection for Guts once Casca comes back. Or if she will continue to pine for Guts. There are also places where I have seen in the fandom that would like Guts give Farnese a chance. I wonder what Miura has planned for all this, will he dodge this all together and just have Farnese and Roderick become more serious? Farnese seems to pine for Guts in part it seems because she does not have something special to have with him like Schierke has with Guts. 

Then there is Schierke and the little crush she has on Guts. She is young and is content with what she already shares with him. I have heard fans speculate that Isidro and Schierke have some affection for one another, and fans expect that they will eventually come together. Or at least I have seen fans say that they hope they would.

And of course there is Guts and Casca. a lot of Berserk shows Guts undying love and devotion for Casca even though she is in a state where she cannot return it to him. It was beautiful thing to see Guts and Casca's affection grow for each other in the Golden age Arc. What I miss most about their relationship is how much respect and admiration Guts had for Casca's strength and prowess as a leader and warrior. Right when the eclipse happened before the God Hand show up, there is a moment where Guts just stops to admire how incredible Casca is in the face of the unknown terrain they are in and keeps the Falcons from panicking. And it was beautiful seeing Casca go from someone who mistrusted Guts to falling in love with him. A lot of fans seem to misunderstand her actions in pushing Guts away to take care of Griffith, but she was just as much looking out for his interests as she was Griffith's. She was taking into consideration Guts's desire of not stay with the hawks and be on his own, and I have no doubt she felt that if he stayed it would be going against what he told her what he wanted to do. She was trying to protect that. I also enjoyed the playful banter between them. It is funny how their interactions do not completely change after they come to an understanding after the cave incident. Before Guts would annoy Casca by being reckless and she would chew him out for it...that does not actually change between them even after they come to an understanding and even hook up with each other a year after he comes back to the Falcons. I thought that aspect of their relationship was interesting that Miura did that. It proves (to me any way) that Casca is the perfect person for Guts because she is willing to call him out on things and make him stop and think...who else can really do that?

We are at a point where we are about to have Casca's insanity addressed and I wonder just what is in store for these two. Are we ever going to see the dynamics between them return to what is was right when they hooked up or is it going to be more conflict between them? I hope the issue between them can be resolved on elfhelm and that Casca will understand why Guts wants her healthy and whole again and by his side and not get angry at him for "restoring her". This has concerned me the most about the present state of their relationship.I miss the admiration Guts had for Casca, and I wonder if he will ever get the chance to feel that admiration for her strengths again. She is disempowered right now, and I not think she is going to be super charged like she was right before the ecplise (not right away). I have actually never been more emotionally invested in a couple than I have Guts and Casca.

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