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Character Cove / Re: Each Character in one word
« on: September 15, 2016, 02:37:47 PM »

Magnifico: Corcus

I know Magnifico and Corcus have some what similar characteristics, but I think it is a real stretch to say Magnifico is a just another Corcus. Also I feel Corcus had a little more too him than Magnifico has shown so far. Although it is interesting to contrast them.

Anime Asylum / Re: 2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 11
« on: September 12, 2016, 06:16:30 PM »

On the bright side, it only took them 11 episodes to correct Casca's skin color in the opening:


holy shit this looks horrible! Yeah they darkened her skin tone but it looks over done now and obviously fake. The top one with Casca is the worse offender. Her skin does not even look like real skin with this change. It looks hideous now. They should have just left it alone because in both cases (but mostly the first one) it just looks like the eerie unnatural lighting was responsible for the washed out "whitish' look to her skin. The second one I don't know why they bothered because, though lighter, it still looks like Casca has an olive complexion but the lighting is just very bright and floresnt looking. Her skin tone does not even match the rest of the shot now...and did they make her lips a darker pink as well? They should have just well enough alone. I guess they got too many death threats from fans for the opening sequence. I was not even seriously bothered by it because I figured since these were flash backs the coloring would be warped to give off a dream like quality. Not now...

Also I they managed to mess up the embrace Guts and Casca share when he finally gets a hold of her.  :rickert:

Anime Asylum / Re: 2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 10
« on: September 08, 2016, 07:05:15 PM »
Isidro is pretty good though.

I have to say that Isidro, Luka, and Puck so far the only things about this new anime that I really like. I don't know, but I was really tickled and enjoyed seeing Puck and Isidro's banter animated and acted out. They both actually seem like they are bothering to put some life into their scenes. In the cave with the hertics Isidro's actions trying to prove his mettle and freaking out and miraculously landing safely when he took that leap from the cliff over the possessed heretics, were some of my favorite Isidro moments from the manga and I think Isidro's voice actor pulled those scenes off well. Luka has always been a great character and I loved seeing her brought to life and animated and I think her voice actor does a good job acting her lines. I'm kind of sad that we will be over with her character soon.

As for the other stuff I am really not impressed. They botched Farnese's backstory as well as Serpico's, and have yet to establish their relation to each other when I think it was already covered at this point. The backstory with Serpico's mother was such an emotional part of his story. And I feel Farnese's VA over acts her part. I actually thought her haughty attitude was done much better in the video game where she puts it off a bit more subtly with her earlier interactions with Isidro.

This whole part with the CGI blobs are really dumb and like others have said do not capture the eerie creepy atmosphere of the manga.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 346
« on: August 26, 2016, 07:25:47 PM »
Truly an amazing episode! Happy too see Miura back at work again. Soon we'll see what happens with Casca! Aaah! I'm very excited.  :???:

I can't wait to see what is in Casca's mind when the Sovereign of the Flower storm delves into it. All this time I have wondered about the mechanics of Casca's  mental state. If she is regressed simply to toddlerhood where she had no pain and responsibilities? Or has her conscientiousness created this dream state where she is back with the band of the Falcon in her old role where she was happiest. I wonder what that would mean if Guts sees her in that state if she has created something like that. I imagine he would not be happy.

I know there has been speculation on here that Guts or even Farnese would play a role in helping the elf queen heal Casca, but I can't help but think it would just involve just Casca and the elf queen. Healing someones mind seems like such an intimate thing I would think it would be done privately with one else involved but the person in question.

She's a struggler already.

I think the role of "struggler" really only implies to Guts.

I am hoping the dawarves in elf helm can give something to the dragon slayer that can make it even more powerful and give it some edge in a supernatural show down with the God Hand. But as far as Femto is concerned i really think the real weak spot for killing him will be Guts and Casca's child.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 346
« on: August 26, 2016, 03:21:25 AM »
this may be a long shot, but I wonder if this new element has anything to do with affecting the time flow around elfhelm? Maybe it also contributes to the slower time flow between elfhelm and the outside world.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 345
« on: August 26, 2016, 03:02:51 AM »
I hope that while everyone is here on Skellig that Farnese can truly come into her own and get fitted with a witch outfit like all the other witches on Skellig. It would be fitting for her since she is at this point a true and genuine witch at this point.

Anime Asylum / Re: 2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 4
« on: August 25, 2016, 04:44:28 PM »
I mean yeah she does have the broken mind but what does a mindless adult sound like? A mindless adult, not an infant or a 5 year old. She went "uuwaaaahhhh" and it sounded more like an infant babbling at something than an adult with the mind of a baby babbling at something. Its just something that i had worried about since the beginning of this adaptation which is why i'm a bit over-critical of this point. She didnt even sound like a woman.

I kind of agree I have been dreading the animated version of Casca's mentally regressed sounds she will be making in audiou form. I cringe when I read it in the manga and hearing it gives a whole new level of sad to her condition. I rather appreciated the way the english voice actress who did her "sounds" in the first video game pulled it off. She sounds mentally regressed and simple minded without going over board, just enough to get the point across.:

check out: 4:24  10:23

But like some one else pointed out, it might be because anime girl voices are just very high.

Seeing this episode I was reminded on how despicable I found Farnese at first. Her getting off on those men getting crushed really made me despise her when I first read the manga. What a turn around for her characterization. She was really in danger of becoming a Mozgus clone at this point in her life.

And LUKA! I love her, and it was nice to her animated and stick up for Casca even though she knew nothing of her. Luka is the one of the best side characters in Berserk

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 346
« on: August 24, 2016, 05:43:45 PM »
I am so pleased with this episode!  :ubik: I am also amazed how Miura is just hitting the ground running with the pace of these episodes. He pretty much wasted no time hitting all the points and then moving along in a quick yet very satisfying way. And I am just tickled by Puck's antics with Magnifico. God I loved the way he trolled him (and everyone else) with that King business. Poor Magnifico, he's such a butt monkey!

I am most surprised by Dannan and her reveal to be the Sovereign of the Flower Storm. After expecting a king for so long this was quite a pleasant shock. I really love how in the background she was really when we first met her and then bam! She turns out to be the one Guts has been wanting to see all along. And in that vein, it's a good thing Ged and Puck in a round about way cautioned Guts to chill and take things slow and not acting gruff about being detained. We all know how Guts does not always adhere to decorum and I imagine Guts might have been more vocal maybe even rough about being kept waiting if no one had gently cautioned him to just relax and enjoy a meal first. Jeez, nothing is worse than being observed and even judged when you don't know it and you are feeling stressed, so there not showing your best self.  Too think how things might have played out other wise.

I also wonder if the Elf Sovereign put the gurus up to asking Guts questions about Griffith. This makes me think she is quite concerned as well.

Elfhelm reminds me of creatures governed by Oberon and his wife Titanya.

Anime Asylum / Re: 2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 2
« on: July 19, 2016, 08:18:52 PM »
ok, I have been holding off on actually watching this because I have just not been all that interested in checking this out, but I finally caved. Episode 2 is the first episode that I have seen. At some point I will get around to watching the first one but this one was one I was able see sooner.

let me just say I am very butt hurt that the anime (among other thing) decided to skip over the Black Sword's Man and lost children arc with Jill and Roshine. They are by far my most favorite and enjoyable stories in the series and are the only areas of Berserk manga I have read more than once. So the fact they just skip right over to Farnese, Serpico and the H.I.C.KS was disappointing. That being said, even though I like the BSM and LC storylines the best, I really like this portion of Berserk as well with the H.I.C.Ks. This was a time where Farnese was at a very interesting place emotionally. Farnese was someone I did not like intially just like Casca and she grew on me eventually in the manga.  :farnese: So hearing her animated and speaking in all her posturing glory was...ok. I feel like if they had taken their time with Farnese and the H.I.C.KSs that the dynamics of Farnese's over the top posturing and her   arrogant treatment of those around her could have been better fleshed out. Instead I feel she and the other H.I.C.Ks fall flat. the fact the H.I.C.Ks are a bunch of pampered noble heirs that mostly just look and act the part of a knight is mostly just talked about in exposition by Serpico. I know it is somewhat the same in the manga (since Serpico does bring this up) but you see it shown more in the manga than you do here.

I also really like the interrogation scene between Farnese and Guts in the manga and was dreading how this will come off in this anime.  I was disappointed mostly, they some what hit some of it. Farnese was alright here but some how I feel they toned down her overly full of herself arrogance and stern posturing that she is depicted having in this scene in the manga. Yes, Farnese is trying hard to be authrotive in the manga, but here in the anime it seems like she is trying too hard. I'm not sure if it is the voice acting but I feel she is not as convincing. The whipping scene seemed both exaggerated and toned down. The sexual tension Farnese is feeling is there but nothing else that makes this out burst so nuanced. it's not just that Guts makes her hot that makes this good in the manga.

Guts is actually the biggest offender here. My God, put some fucking emotion in it will you? Guts's voice actor is the same from the trilogy and he still can not put any inflection in his voice. Why did they keep him? I know in this stage of Guts's life he is emotionally dead but it comes out in him being an epic (sometimes subtle) asshole, not a monotoned voiced robot. Boy does Guts asshole it up in Farnese's face during the interrogation scene in the manga. The way he mocks her and pushes her buttons and the shit eating smirks he makes while she questions him was gold. I loved it! Here you would think Guts was being asked what size shoe he wears...the point is, even while Guts was in his dark phase he never came across to me as being totally emotionless like he is here. Then again when he escapes and confronts Farnese in her tent or when he is kidnapping Farnese and threatening to burn her butt. No emotion except generic agression. Guts's personality and general disposition come off very flat here.

And then there is Farnese's deduction work of who Guts really is and his connection to the bad of the hawk. At first I was pleasantly surprised it surely makes Farnese more intelligent and capable than she is shown to be at this stage. But the more I thought about it the more I disliked it. It just felt cheap and now I wonder how this will play out later in the story. What,have her second guess her original deduction so she can look more stupid than she is and also keep  the mystery of Guts's past present like in the manga? Or change the storyline around all together?

Serpico comes off way more creepy and stalker-ish than he should be.

Azan is the only one I feel came off rather well. When I first came across him I thought he was going to be another Adon clone, but he is much more than that and I like that he is the only member besides Serpico who is worth a damn in the H.I.C.Ks.

There is something that happens in this that I wonder if it came off the same in the manga. When Guts is taking off with Farnese on the horse Farnese almost hits the ground. Did she throw herself off or did Guts deliberately dangle her head above the stones on purpose. Thats not how played out in the manga?

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Re: Movies you've recently watched
« on: July 19, 2016, 05:44:12 PM »
I recently saw Zootopia. It was actually pretty darn cute and I really like the main protagonist Judy Hopps bunny and Nick Wilde the fox. the premise is a bit cliche with the whole predator vs. prey mammal racism thing. But just the same it's approach to the whole thing did not annoy me. I enjoyed the way Nick and Judy played off each other. I just hope if they make a sequel that they keep Nick and Judy's relationship platonic. I think they work well together and have an interesting dynamic as best friends and professional partners without going to cliche romantic route. I think there should be more platonic opposite sex partnerships in these movies.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 344
« on: June 24, 2016, 06:58:54 PM »
I am very pleased to see this come out and that it was actually earlier than the release date! I am also happy that the buring doll fight was over extremely quickly instead of it being dragged out for half the episode.  I also got a better insight of Morda's character. For some reason her appearance last episode irritated me and I can't quite figure out why. Her revealing outfit was something I found a bit garish. I think it was because she was adding more obstacle to the meeting of the the elf king and I got annoyed with that. I may be in the minority but I am not fond of the flying on a broomstick thing.

I really like seeing the other witches and that there seems to be a good number of male witches instead of it being over whelmingly female. I was most interested in seeing the culture and customs of the magic users what with there being gurus and apprentices under each guru. I also like how the magic users concentrate on nature. I really loved the decor and how it is very similar to Flora's mansion.

Summary courtesy of puella:

The girl says they'll have to call their "guru" (I'm going to use this word repeatedly but just like everything else, it's unconfirmed). Then all of a sudden, the rain comes. Schierke is amazed by that magical power, by the speed at which the weather was controlled. Farnese is curious, so Schierke explains to her that to change nature like that, you normally need a lengthy ceremony.

Of course, this was the work of the "guru" in question. He arrives, appraises the situation and concludes there's no problem. He calls each of the witches by their names, but I don't trust the text enough to write them at this point, so I'll just say that the girl is called something like "Kuka". He praises the three for their scouting, the job they were sent to do, but says he'll need to reprimand Molda later on for her actions.

I really liked this guy and his entrance and the fact that Schierke says that controlling the weather is not an easy feat to do makes his powers seem all the more impressive. Not sure yet how I feel about the other three witches but I am glad they were not hostile or prejudice toward Schierke like some people on here had feared. They seemed to take her in stride for the most part. I can't wait to know more about them. Based off of the way the other witches exasperation toward Morda it seem she is kind of annoying to them. I am interested in knowing more about the guru apprentice relationship in the context of magic user culture.

The guy explains that he came too late to welcome them (calling them his guests) and apologizes for the trouble they were caused by his delay.

Schierke asks if he knew they'd come here, and he replies that yes, the King of Elves had predicted it. Schierke thinks to herself "then... like I thought the boy is...". The guy gives more details: "The King predicted that a small whirlwind blown from this island would come back as a giant storm, wrapping numerous fates within it." They're all thinking... "Ahh... the small whirlwind..."

I was happy beyond measure that guts and companies arrival was foretold and that the magic users were expecting them and that the elf king predicted their arrival. This for me laid a lot of the fears I had to rest because I was afraid that there would be conflict of getting accepted on the island and getting to the elf king to help them. But being described (at least in this translation) as the guests and that the guru came there specifically to fetch them makes me really happy about this rolling along.  :ubik: It will be interested in hearing the truth about the moonlight boy being revealed to everyone (and dispelling Schierke's misconceptions) and hopefully getting more insight about him.

I'm really also really glad that Puck has been given a some significance for having a hand in everything (much to Ivalera's chagrin)  :ganishka:

He then exchanges a silent stare with Guts, because that's what cool guys do when they meet. As he leads them, he tells them to rest well from their journey and that he'll tell the elf king about them.

I really like this look the guru gave Guts, but I was not too sure that Guts had looked back at him. either way I loved that this was the first time the guru bothered to open his eyes.

Schierke explains that they're together because of some mysterious karma, and that the goal of their journey... Then Kuka says "is to bring her sanity back?" but Schierke continues "is to find a peaceful land for the cursed woman". Kuka says that now that she thinks of it, she's heard that the King of the Flower Storm can get deep inside somebody's mind using a "gallery/corridor of dreams", and so that it might be possible to cure Casca. Schierke says "really?!" and Guts smiles. Which in turn makes Farnese look worried/troubled.

The witches comment that they're really great, having crossed the ocean during such a world-shaking time only to get such a small wish.

I loved hearing about how the elf king might be able to cure Casca because up until now it has been really just speculation on how he might do it, and I am glad that it is something he can do by delving into her mind/soul. This has concerned me for a while because I imagined it as being a somewhat violent or intrusive process that would rip a person's mind to sanity by force and be a traumatic even violating experience for the person involved. But this "gallery/corridor of dreams" process seems altogether more...gentle? It seems like a more peaceful and calm way than what I imagined because I assumed her restoration would involve a hellish bombardment of the rape flooding her mind and forcing her to face it against her will. But something I am hoping for when/if this how it will go down that we get to see some more intimate insight into Casca the person, since she has been absent for so long. I'm really hungry for some Casca focus. I also hope this method involves her consent to come back rather it being forced on her.

On side not I wonder if Casca might sense what is about to happen to her and become afraid instinctively of the elf king, since he will be drawing her out of the solace of her current state. Casca has been shown to react fearfully whenever some external stimulate remind her of her ore deal and she has flash backs of it?

I noticed that Farnese was a little worried of Casca coming back, I hope there isn't too much drama over this. It is honestly my not favorite plot development.  :farnese:

They also tell Schierke that since she's a witch, she must have noticed that great change. The "guru" comments and says they call it the "Great Astral World Something". Again, we'll know once we have the Japanese version. He then goes on to say it's what the one called the Falcon of Light provoked by attacking the Forests of Spiritual Trees all over the world. Everyone in the group is flabbergasted to hear that (and you should be as well). "Falcon of Light?! Forests of Spiritual Trees? What are you talking about?"

holy crap...I can't wait to hear more on this!

They wonder what the witches are doing and are told that they're practicing to probe the Od by grooming tree sprouts. Schierke says she's familiar with it. She used to do it often, although she had no friends. Kuka says she'll introduce them later.

I thought this was sweet. I love the prospect of Schierke having people to relate to and having friends. I also wonder how they will be with someone like Farnese who is late to the magic user game age wise.

Molda disagrees, calling it a boring village. She says that even if they practice their skills ardently, in the end they'll still be confined to the island. She thinks they're "rotting" in there. Kuka takes issue with that, saying researching nature is the true duty of a witch. Molda doesn't care and wants to know about the outside world. They bicker.

I'm not sure how I feel about this character yet, but it is obvious that she is probably going to go with Guts and company when they eventually leave. I just don't know if I care for her personality yet. Somehow I don't trust her not to be some what troublesome.

Side not, but i am not liking how pale Casca is looking in these panels. She is as pale as everyone else right now, and her skin tone was such a unique physical characteristic of hers.

Anime Asylum / Re: New Berserk Anime for 2016
« on: June 13, 2016, 10:30:14 PM »
I'm even more "meh" about this than I was before. The 2D animation (is this even genuine 2D animation)looks like that type of animation they used for the new Fujiko Mine anime they had not to long ago with all the cruddy streaky  lined "shadowing," but some how cheaper and much more poor quality. Some of the animation is so simple looking it looks like a elementary school kid drew it. I mean come on now!

Also the Black swordsman arc and Lost children arc are my favorites and I am pissed that it appears that it will probably be skipped or abridged so completely that it will have no meaning. I also really like the Conviction arc but it looks like they are might be messing that up as well. Damn, I am so frustrated. The scene with Farnese and Guts better not be messed up.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 343
« on: June 13, 2016, 09:35:35 PM »
what happy news to come back to. I can't wait for June 24th! I was thinking the next episode would be some time in July or August, but I'm pleased that it's this month and that it will be resuming a monthly release!  :ubik:

Anime Asylum / Re: New Berserk Anime for 2016
« on: January 09, 2016, 03:54:58 PM »
I wish I could get excited about this new berserk anime but I can not get my self too. I was so disappointed with the movies and that it destroyed my faith that a decent berserk anime adaption can be be made. I know I should give this a chance but I'm very skeptical at this point. Berserk is such a well thought out and and tightly plotted story with every detail to the story and characterazation woven just perfectly. Nothing is arbitrary in berserk and in these adaption s even the smallest miniscule change has the potential to unravel important plot points and characterazation which really screws up the the whole thing. And then it falls flat or ruins it completely. Berserk is not one of those mangas that you can change things around for what ever reason.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 342
« on: December 03, 2015, 06:12:27 PM »
I am most concerned with how much time will pass between getting to the deeper into elfhelm and how much time will pass, and how will that affect Roderick being able to get back to his crew. I guess Roderick has to make a choice whether to be on his way or stick around for only a bit to see everyone settled or stay with the group permanently. Or if when he enters elfhelm with the others he is only there for a few hours and he goes back to the shore to find it's been months and his crew figured he was dead and left without him, taking the decision out of his hands.  :isidro:

Also, about Farnese's comment about possibly dropping off Casca and then leaving the island, I thought that everyone (including Farnese) was aware that Guts was hoping to get the elf king to help Casca's condition? That the objective had shifted slightly from just finding a safe haven for Casca and that the possibility of her mind being healed was on the table. That is why, in addition to it being troubling that she wants her chance at Guts that she was in addition unaware of the healing angle of the trip. Maybe I am remembering wrong but I thought Guts had this discussion with more than just Schierke present...

Character Cove / Re: Casca's love for Guts
« on: December 03, 2015, 06:04:17 PM »
Speaking of the events that transpired between Guts and Casca during Volume 23, I really hope Miura doesn't gloss over the significance of Guts' sexual assault on Casca and the impact it should have on his and her relationship if/when Casca is eventually cured (especially if Casca retains her memories of her time when she was nonlucid). Like I can't imagine a restored Casca wanting to immediately resume a romantic relationship with Guts without first processing/working through the many complicated feelings/emotions both would have in regards to that incident.

I actually hope that is exactly what is going to happen that the events in volume 23 will be glossed over. The last thing I want to see is Casca continuing to hold this incident  against Guts. Yes, it was significant and I do not think that it's severity should be dismissed because it had held real consequences, but at the same time if this incident becomes an issue at all I would hope it would be to at least start a dialogue between Guts and Casca (or Casca, Guts and the elf King) about Guts own mental trauma due to the eclipse. I will be disappointed if Casca merely continues to grudge Guts and give dirty looks and verbally rebuke him. Maybe Casca will not be able to resume a physical relationship with Guts right away but I do not think it should mean she should continue to hate him like she has in her damaged regressed state where she is unable to evaluate the events that led up to it. I mean if she remembers that incident why would she not remember all the other things Guts has done to protect her at the expense of his own body and well being?

The parallel is there, but I'd be hard-pressed to say whether it's intentional or just a coincidence. The two underlying situations are pretty different.

Yeah you are right, it is probably not Miura's intention to make a clear mirror parallel  between these two events I just thought the ferocity of both Casca and Farnese in these situations seemed similar because they both could not understand why the person they where yelling at acted the way they did and was easily forgiven for that. I was also trying to say that I strongly feel that if Farnese had been aware of what had transpired between Guts and Casca in volume 23 or the events of the eclipse that made her the way she is now, that Farnese would not have gone off on her in a bath like she did. If she knew why Casca acts coldly toward Guts or that she mentally regressed due to rape she might have more been more understanding of why Casca does not seem to understand the lengths Guts goes to for her sake and probably would not have lashed out at her.

Manga Mausoleum / Re: Little Things You Love About Berserk
« on: December 03, 2015, 05:33:54 PM »
I personally like how, whenever we see Guts traveling with his companions, he (generally speaking) walks behind them. I'm not sure I can put my finger on why I like seeing this.

that's just how Guts rolls, he is a very different man from Griffith and is down to earth and has never wanted or needed people around him to follow him or have authority over them. Guts is also first and foremost a protector. I think it makes perfect sense that he would take up a position that would put him in a situation to "watch" the others back.

One detail I really enjoyed to see was how Guts' behaviour changed after he and Casca started their romance. He looks happier in a general way and much more foolish than before, which is not really his type, his heart softened. On Griffith's rescue he keeps being sarcastic with her even in such important and dangerous situation. For example, when he offers his hand being sarcastic, but she refuses right away and he makes a grumpy face like "ah, whatever", and then she holds Guts cape, making him smile. Beautiful moment.

I noticed that too, that Guts started to act slightly more light hearted after he hooked up with Casca, and I really liked the scene where Casca grabs his cape after she rebukes him for getting silly in a serious situation (if I recall correctly) because she was afraid she hurt his feelings. And the sweet slightly surprised look Guts gives her when he notices her tugging on his cape like a little girl. You do not see this very often the manga and you get a glimpse of this again in the most recent episode of manga when Guts and company finally land on elfhelm. Hoepfully events will turn out where Guts will act a bit more relaxed and happy in up coming episodes.

True, and while the Band of the Hawk were centered around Griffith, Guts' party is centered around him, making them the closest friends he'd ever had.

I'm going to disagree with this just slightly, Guts formed meaningful relationship and friendships in the Hawks beyond just that of Casca and Griffith, he was just still suffering from his trauma from his childhood at Gambino's hands. Guts realizes that his place was with the hawks all along right before the eclipse happened and had made the decision to stay with them before everything happened. With Guts new group he has just learned from his past not to let prospect of forming good friends pass him by due to the events of his past. That is why he is more open and accepting of his new group. I don;t think it means he views them as more important that the ones he formed while in the Hawks.

You could, however, say none of his friends now would do that, but it's not so simple. Isidro already tried to take advantage over him 2 or 3 times, Serpico only stays for Farnese, Farnese doesn't quite like Casca (does in some way, but shows envy). Besides Casca in her normal state, Schierke is his best friend. Her maturity at a low age gives her some great attitudes and there's no reason for her to dislike Guts, he's the one who understands her pain

Isidro's action happened early on that is hardly the way things are between Guts and him now. There is mutual respect and liking for each other. Serpico is primarily there for Farnese but it would be true to say there is no respect between him and Guts. They are more than just allies at this point. It goes without saying that Guts and Schierke are very close and is in fact closer to her out of everyone. And I disagree with you that Farnese "doesn't quite like Casca" as you put it. Being envious of Casca's  monopoly on Guts' affections does not mean anything. Farnese has grown as a person I do not think she would be that petty to actually dislike someone she has cared for for months by actively disliking her.

Character Cove / Re: Each Character in one word
« on: December 02, 2015, 08:00:41 PM »
Guts: human...Guts is hand down the most human and empathy inducing character I have ever seen. Guts as a character has seriously made other characters I have liked seem shallow next to him. And Batman is my favorite fictional character ever, and even he is falling short next to Guts at this point. Bravo Miura!

Griffith: calculating...watching him in action maneuver his way through all the political intrigue courtly back stabbing was a treat. I loved that he was just a peasant and put those nobles in their place. He just did not care! Anyone who got in his way they were gone! Even the freaking queen of the realm. I loved how smooth and charming he was back then.

Isidro: driven. I love how driven and motivated he is in spite of hindrances. I can't wait what growth he has when he gets to elfhelm.

Schierke: intelligent. I really like how intelligent she is at such an early age, She is perfect intellectual partner to Guts.

Farnese: evolved. I am very impressed with the evolution of Farnese's character, she has had the most character development and change out of any one in this manga. I hope that he romantic feelings for Guts does not hurt that incredible character growth

Serpico: co-dependent.  I like Serpico, but he needs to find some use out side of serving Farnese. It like he is suffering from Stockholm syndrome or something...please let him get past that on elfhelm.

Magnifico: deluded nuff said...

Roderick: handsome  :farnese: come on now, I can't be the only one who appreciates this swashbuckling roguish stud muffin! He only suffers in comparison to Guts because Guts is walking testosterone. Otherwise Farnese would have gotten it on with him by now and you all know it!

Judeau: giving... how many people would have been as giving and supportive of Casca and Guts relationship if you had feelings for that person.

Pippin: stoic...he said very little but he had so much going on inside his head.

Corkus: unappreciated...Corkus comes off like an ass but lets be honest, he was an unappreciated gem during the Golden Age arc. I honestly enjoyed his character

Rickert: Badass! anyone who can pimp slap the supreme ruler of everything in defense of his fallen comrades is very much a badass.

I left Casca off of this because I can't think of anything, and I don't want to fall back on things like "broken" "tragic" or "undecided" what not because I feel they describe her current state which is not the true Casca. Maybe after she is restored and she has personality different from the golden age self    I'll have something to say...

Character Cove / Re: Puck appreciation thread
« on: December 02, 2015, 07:26:43 PM »
The lighter moments in Berserk certainly do not get a lot of exposure since the casual fan seems to think Berserk is all blood baths and virgins getting raped. This is why I appreciate Puck, on the serious side he was Guts first companion and kept some of his humanity alive. It's for this reason why I don't get how some people really dislike Puck.

 Like that guy who does the Berserk abridged series, he even called Puck the Jar jar of Berserk at one point.  :rickert: No matter how annoying one might find Puck's antics I think he has way more value across the board than to be thrown in the same category as Jar Jar.  :magni:

Character Cove / Re: Casca's love for Guts
« on: November 26, 2015, 12:32:52 AM »

In episode 288, Farnese questions Casca on why she is the way she is, despite Guts always endangering himself for her. I feel the exact same way as Farnese during the discourse.

This scene with Farnese lashing out at Casca reminds me strongly of Casca lashing out at Guts and her frustration of why Griffith favors him so much, back in the cave. Casca could not wrap her head around someone she viewed as a loose cannon and self centered could be held in such high regard by Griffith. Farnese here can't understand why with the kooky way Casca acts in her current state and how she gives Guts dirty looks all the time, what sway she has over Guts. Farnese views Casca as a lost cause and can't figure out why Guts is holding on to her so badly. Casca could not understand Guts sway over Griffith. I wonder if Miura was making a parallel between these two scenes? Farnese and Casca have so much in common it's amazing.

In episode 288, Farnese questions Casca on why she is the way she is, despite Guts always endangering himself for her. I feel the exact same way as Farnese during the discourse.

I'm surprised you feel that same as Farnese during this discourse, if I am understanding what you mean here, and that bis you don't get why Casca does not care for Guts. Unlike Farnese who has limited knowledge on what transpired during the eclipse to make Casca crazy and Guts brutality toward Casca in volume 23 which made her disdain him, we know these things transpired to make Casca the way she is right now. If Farnese knew these things she would not have been lashing out on Casca's behavior. Just like if Casca knew about Guts past she would have had more empathy for Guts behavior before even the cave scene during the golden age arc.

But to be on tract with the threads topic I am most interested in knowing how Casca is going to show her love for Guts once she is restored. His body has gotten a beaten and deteriorated since she last saw him. I am anxious to see how a restored Casca will tame Guts inner beast, or if she will get a chance to do so.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 342
« on: November 26, 2015, 12:19:42 AM »

Oh my look at how the number of people accompanying Guts has grown between these two pictures. And it's most likely just going to grow some more after meeting more friends in Elfhelm.

I cannot say that I am in the same boat as all the other fans who have been reading berserk for like twenty years now. I only got into Berserk two years ago and am still on my first pass with the reading. I have not had an opportunity to re-read it several times like other people have so I find it amazing what you long time fans must be feeling that Guts and company have finally arrived on Skellig's shores. Just the same though, I found my breathe being taken away when i saw that they have finally stepped foot on Skellig. The journey has taken up so much of the manga that Its almost surreal that they are where Guts has set out to find.

Seeing Guts relieved some what exhausted smiles in this issue was bitter sweet. Guts as a character does not have many instances where he gets to wear such peaceful/relieved smiles on his face...but it also makes me a tad worried as well. He is obviously anticipating Casca's return, and I do so hope the big guy gets what he wants from this trip and he these brief signs of relief can be more frequent and he can be a little happier soon.

- Time flowing differently on the island makes sense in a lot of ways. It provides an incentive for the group to not stay too long. They'll either have to stay forever or leave after a relatively short while. That also means anyone staying behind could be lost forever... Besides that, it provides the perfect opportunity for a time skip. Whether the world ages faster or they do, something is definitely looming on the horizon in that regard.

this tid bit surprised me actually. It sort of puts an urgency to their stay  on Elfhelm that if they linger to long and they can be in a predicament with Griffith, and they might have to rush. I sort of envisioned them staying on elfhelm and training and getting news skills for at least a year or two, but it seems that staying too long might not be to their benefit. Maybe forcing them to leave before a certain someone is ready to?

- Farnese seems to believe Guts wants to drop Casca off and take his leave. No doubt she sees that as her chance to have him for herself. Drama incoming.

I wouldn't say plotting, but viewing it as an opportunity? I don't see why not, given the latest developments in that regard (her and Guts and Casca on the ship). She almost asks Guts about it directly, too.

Ugh! This stood out to me as well and honestly I'm not liking the implications here at all. I don't want to see Farnese get hurt in all of this. She has come such a long way that this delusion might hurt her growth. Not to mention I don't want conflict between Casca and Farnese. They have developed a rapport and I would hate to see that unraveled by drama over Guts.

Character Cove / Re: Puck appreciation thread
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As Puck is my favorite character, I'll dedicate my first (well, second) post to him. This moment almost killed me,

And that would be the true reason the story's called Berserk :puck:

My absolute favorite scene:

That scene killed me with laughter haha.

Oh my God! I love both these scenes! These scenes had me laughing out loud and I do not do that very often in manga. It's funny how a series like Berserk can sneak little touches of humor like this. This is the best use of comic relief and it is used very effectively here. I love the scene where Puck makes Guts say please...and milks it for all it's worth. Even though Guts has it rough much of the time I some how glow when ever I see Puck get the better of Guts and rub what ever advantage he has over him in his face! LOL! Puck is the best in this series! How can anyone not like him!

I can't wait to see more his growth now that they finally on elfhelm.

Manga Mausoleum / Re: Guess the Vol 38 cover game
« on: November 25, 2015, 10:34:14 PM »
I'm hoping that it will be a fully colored shot of Falconia with Griffith and Rickert on the front. That would make me smile ear to ear!

Shootin' the Breeze / Amicable break-ups
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My boyfriend of two years and I recently decided to break up with each other and go our separate ways. It was mutual break up and we both decided that we wanted to do other things with our lives and not necessarily with each other. This break up went way much smoothly than I expected it to. We had a long talk and we both realized some where along the line that our relationship had evolved from romance to just being friends and that it was time to see break it off. We did not yell or have any unpleasantness, actually it was a good long refreshing conversation that had us both laughing and even reminiscing on the fun we had had together and feeling actually good afterwards. We got everything we felt out in the open and we both agree that we still like each other and that we both still think very highly and still want to be friends with each other.

We have never had problems with each other and there was never animosity. Some people are shocked we decided to break up. But we both decided that our relationship had run it's course and it was time to move on. We also agreed that is is a final "break up" and that neither of us would be entertaining thoughts of "getting back together" at some point. I have had very little  bitter or ugly break ups with former boyfriends, but even in those case a break is usually some what unpleasant. This was surprisingly not. Has any one else experienced an amicable break up like this before? It seems like a lot of people have nothing but horror stories to tell about breaking up with their significant other.

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