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Shootin' the Breeze / Re: What hobbies do you have?
« on: November 17, 2015, 06:42:50 PM »
martial arts! I used to do Kenpo several years ago but it got too expensive. I am happy that my college is now offering FREE kenpo karate lesson in the gym to all faculty and students. I am so pysched about this!

I also like Zumba!

Some what a friend of my family has gotten me into doing archery, it is more fun than I anticipated.


watching Korean dramas

keeping a journal

walking around in nature.

News & Not News / Re: Paris Attack
« on: November 17, 2015, 06:33:43 PM »
My God, these terrorists have become so much more bold and violent. I was on vacation with a friend in Florida when this all went down and I was sick when I heard this because my dad is in France right now just out side of Paris.This freaked me out because all that happened and my heart goes out to every one who lost there loved ones and because I have a loved one who very close to the situation right now. 

Anime Asylum / Re: Berserk Saga Project News
« on: November 17, 2015, 06:09:42 PM »
The last movie was released in theaters over 2 years ago. I think we'd have heard something by now. The news about Keji Saito's comments holds little water and wouldn't even bear fruit for a couple years.

I think this is dead (and good riddance).

I had a lot of excitement for this project when I first heard about it but after seeing the first movie I was basically done with it. I was orgasmic over the thought of seeing this done in the right manga canonical order where Guts is first shown with the female apostle and he blows her head off and him being shown to be kinda of ruthless and heartless and...well a dick to everyone, only to lead up to that last moment before we go to flash back of Guts pained filled face, letting us know that he was not as savage and heartless and very human and hurting. The whole "prologue" of the manga before the switch to his childhood and meeting with the Falcons is so titillating and full of build up for the golden age arc that i am absolutely baffled that they did not start with the manga's "beginning" of Berserk's story rather than just jump into the Golden age arc. They even manged to repeat the same mistake that is my biggest gripe with the anime series is. The removal of Guts and Femto's meeting and Guts savage reaction to him, before the reveal of Griffith when Guts first sees his face when he first removes his helmet. Miura called a lot of attention to Femto's falcon shaped head and then again when we are in the beginning of the golden age arc to Griffith's falcon shaped helmet and you the reader are like--oh snap! that's the monster Guts had such a violent reaction to! And then Griffith just removes his helmet and you are expecting this horrific person and he's almost angelic in appearance. That seen in the manga had so much impact for me when I read the manga version, that I instantly resented that the anime series had left out. I resented it even more that this anime project took out such a powerful visual cue that Miura put in there which emptied the significance of Griffith's face being revealed. Now the scene was just an ordinary introduction scene of some bishshonen looking guy.

I know this movie could not have been a panel by panel adaption of the anime, but if it was attempting to be more manga faithful why start with the golden age arc? Hell they could have skipped the golden age all together since there was a well known anime version of it and picked up where it had left off, and just added necassary flash back scenes of Guts relationship to the falcons and Grifiith and Casca were as the story unfolded.

I'm both glad and a little disappointed that this is project is probably dead. Disappointed that it was such a missed opportunity to make this great,
and holding out a little naive hope that maybe other arcs of the story would be handled more respectfully and faithful to the source material.  I really wanted to see the black swordsmen arc and Guts battle with Roshine animated, that was my favorite.  :ubik: But also glad that if they can't do it justice they are not going to sully the rest of the story. 

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 341
« on: November 02, 2015, 08:57:59 PM »
I have no doubt in my mind that the Moon Light boy is connected to Griffith and not the elf king even if I sort of wish there was no connection Griffith and the Boy and he was indeed an avatar or some how in cahoots with the elf king. I just don't trust the boy. He may have his own personality and not have an evil aura about him but the fact that he is related to Griffith makes me worried. If The Moon Light boy can have enough consciousnesses to influence Griffith to save Casca when Griffith had no intention of doing so, whose to say that can be a two way street? When the moon light boy is out in corporal form is "in control" does that mean Griffith is along for the ride as a passive observer and can see everything the boy experiences? And maybe even more sinister, can Griffith temporally compel the moonlight boy to act against his wishes to his own ends like the demon child did when he made Griffith save Casca in volume 22? That could give Griffith an opportunity to manipulate both Guts, and especially Casca's emotions to his end. 

Can the boy fundamentally soften Griffith and his evil, even stifle it as the boy might be doing when he's out in the moonlight? Is the boy a weakness, or potentially a redeemer? ... That's right, this has all been building to another Griffith "Griffith Redemption" theory!

I really hope not. Griffith made his choices and did the unthinkable, I don't think he should get some kind of redemption even if the boy manages to make him feel regret for what he did (if that were even possible) or for Guts, Casca and company to even toy with the idea of him being redeemed.   

I love the expressions of Azan and farnese. Adorable!  :ubik: I also love the stink eye Sonia is giving Charlotte as she is passing by Griffith getting fawned over by her.

Speculation Nation / Re: Will We See Skellig in 2015?
« on: October 15, 2015, 06:59:16 PM »
I am thinking that we will see skelling in January 2016. I would not be surprised if when we switch back to Guts and company that we will have maybe another episode of them on the boat. I also think that Rickert's side of the story is hitting more and more steam and that we have maybe 2 or 3 episodes left with him and Silat before Miura switches perspectives. And honestly I'm not bothered by that, I have been enjoying seeing Rickert, Luka, Silat and the Bakiraka as well as other old faces in new exciting situations, that I am almost hoping it lasts a little while longer. In just a few episodes after being absent for the story for so long Rickert is in the heart of the conflict with Griffith and the Neo Falcons.  :rickert:

I am also curious on how soon after Guts and company lands on Skelling how long it will be before he is standing before the elf King.  :isidro: I know there will be some exploring of Skelling and its occupants but and the decor of the place but i wonder how it will be addressed...

I don't actually see even Casca talking about what happened in their past except to reveal the basic premise of Guts and herback ground. The rape and trauma she endured seems like something she would never talk about, unless some how the the group come to witness that aspect of her ore deal while she is being cured by the Elf King.

 But, all that I always thought it natural that more information about Guts and Casca's past would be revealed when they got to elf-helm. How much of their past and their roles in the Falcons army they decide to reveal to them remains to be seen. Considering what Griffith did to them I wonder if both Guts and Casca would be a little ashamed/disgusted that they had any part in Griffith's band. Maybe more with's not like Guts and her were just soldiers they were commanding officers with high rank, and I wonder if that is something they would not be too forth coming about unless they had to reveal that about them selves.

Character Cove / Re: Casca's love for Guts
« on: September 18, 2015, 08:57:51 PM »
There are several scenes where Casca shows her love for Guts. I think she's quite daring about it. Even more direct than Guts.

I agree with this, Casca was pretty daring about how she loves Guts. I think it is worthy of note that when Guts returns to the falcons after being gone for a a year Casca is the one that first initiates things between them. After Guts pulls her back to safety when she tried to commit suicide she makes the move to put her hand on his and lean into his body, telling him how foolish she thinks he is for always getting hurt on her behalf. This is pretty big as far as I'm concerned and it is important that it was Casca who did this soft tender action first. Guts knew he had feelings for Casca but knew she loved Griffith, he would never have done something like this first to Casca. I mean yeah he picked her up and carried her princess style after the battle of doldrey, but that still come off a relatively platonic compared to what Casca did. It is not until she makes this first physical action and her words that Guts even thinks to act on his own feelings. Go look at those panels again and see just how surprised he is by what Casca does. It is also worthy of note that (in the manga at least) Casca tries to kiss Guts first (and kisses his nose by accident in the process  :casca:)

I love the anime version of them mutually kissing at the same time after looking into each others eyes, but Casca's going in for the kiss on the lips first rather surprised me the was a very sweet and tentative action on her part. And Guts looks so touched by her efforts, like he can barely believe what was going on. They both fumble around before they get it right. I know this seems like small details but since it is the build up to what comes after (their full on love scene) I think it is a very important detail for the depth of Casca's feelings that she would act on them first, especially considering their history together. It shows a tentative resolution that she would do that at all, and something I feel many fans have either over looked or forgotten over the years that Casca displayed a depth of  fervent emotion toward Guts as he has toward her all these years in spite of her condition. I have seen people outside of Skullnet. accuse Casca of not being as devoted to Guts as he is to her and that she is torn between him and Griffith. But I think this small scene shows the purity Casca's feeling for Guts. And if she had not "made the first move" I guarantee that Guts would not have ever initiated anything on his own. He completely saw Casca as being devoted to Griffith and would not have intruded on that. I think when you consider all of this that says alot about Casca's feeling for case any one had any doubts... :slan:

in this hypothetical situation of Griffith bouncing back in any way, do you think fairy dust could have done him any good on injuries as severe as the ones Griffith sustained from his torture? We have seen the Puck's magic work wonders on Guts injuries from time to time.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 339
« on: September 01, 2015, 12:21:53 AM »
wow, in just a few episodes Rickert has bounced himself right into the thick of things, when I had thought he would stay in the background. I really appreciate the conviction Miura has given Rickert to honor his fallen comrades and call Giffith out on what he did. (Did Griffith actually genuinely think that Rickert would have accepted his offer?! The fact that he seemed just a touch saddened/affected by his rejection is the most interesting thing of all.) I never thought that Rickert would just say "what the helll...I guess I'll join your new band of the hawk..." but there was always the fear that he might. I love the quite integrity Miura has given Rickert. I am glad  he is going to  with Silat, I have become such a fan of Silat over the years and his performance in his episode wowed me.  I cannot wait to see how Rickert and Silat are going to mesh together.

Rakshas has not been my favorite apostle, since I thought the other Neo Falcons have been a lot more interesting. Basically i have found him weird in a mildly off putting kind of way but my opinion has definitely changed  over the course of this episode. Oh my goodness, I have imagined what he must look like under his mask but to be basically faceless took me by pleasant surprise. I had the impression that he was perhaps born disfigured or something or had at least suffered some kind of facial injury that held over after he became an apostle. I can't wait to see what he comes up with for a new mask.

I guess I could not have picked a better time to get into Berserk, since a lot of story-lines that have been building for years seems like they are  at the point of being revealed. I may be proven wrong in the next episode, but I am in the camp that believes that Griffith did not order this attack on Rickert and that Rakshas is acting on his own.

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: SK Net Pets
« on: July 21, 2015, 12:46:09 AM »
I have a six year old pit bull. He is a rescue dog and he is just sooo cute and lovable. He is such gentle dog with a sweet disposition, which is absolutely surprising to me because you always here stories about how vicious and dangerous pit-bulls are. But he is very chill and just wants to be around people. But mostly he just lays around the house, particularly on his little couch:

my father call him the "couch critter"

He can occasionally be an acrobat in spite of being a lazy dog. two days ago he manged to jump the fence. I've never seen anything like it. He got a running start and manged through momentum alone to run half up the fence (the fence is not short) then twisted his body and used a thick branch as a spring board to vault him self over the fence into my neighbors yard. he then proceeded to jump in my neighbor's pool. It was a show of athleticism I have never seen him display before. It was also surprising that he jumped in my neighbors pool because generally he hates to be wet. he is even too big of a baby to go for a walk in the rain because he hates it so much.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 338
« on: July 20, 2015, 11:36:18 PM »
this is very good news I am so psyched we are getting an episodes and that we are going to get monthly releases for a while. I have never been around as a fan when they had monthly releases. It is one of the reasons that I was deliberately taking it slow and trying to savor the series so I would not have go to wait too long in between releases. But this news has me walking on air!  :ubik:

I for one hope 338 will still have us stay in falconia and we can see the immediate after effects of Rickert's  :rickert: Richert was one of my favorites from the old band of the falcon days and it has been so exciting to see members from that era, like Raban and Minister Foss, as well as Luca and her followers. I want to spend at least just one more episode with them before getting back to Guts and company.   :magni:  :slan:

My feelings is that we are going to have at least one more Falconia story. I would like the seeds for some kind of rebellion to at least be planted among Rickert and Luca's group before we switch over to Guts and everyone.

Character Cove / Re: Berserk Dads
« on: July 06, 2015, 09:16:54 PM »
Dotard Daddy (from flashback with Chich) A nobleman with some pretty questionable ethics who dotes excessively on his son. The boy seems to be quite a brute, but not in daddy's eyes.

I have not read this story in a while, but now I am thinking that I should go re-read it. From what I recall Dotard came across as mentally challenged, and was only such a brute because of being over indulged and spoiled. He was waaaaay more child like than would be appropriate (in spite of his indulgent upbringing) for his age. I do not know if he his father's doting was due to him being "special" or if Dotard's father was just one of those "holy fuck yeah! I finally have a son!" nobles who was just so grateful to have a son he pampered him to the point that it stunted his his mental and emotional growth. Dotard's dad even comes across as creepily fatherly toward Guts, like seeing that his wounds on his back got treated. I know he just wanted him hale so that he could be a living action figure for his son but he got more up close and personal toward Guts than was needed really.

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Vampire Hunter D 3??
« on: July 06, 2015, 08:07:54 PM »
I'm sad that this is going to be 3D I really dislike the look of most 3D shows, and I was very taken with the animation of both the first and second movies. So thats the only damper on this wonderful news as far as I'm concerned. To be honest it is about time that Vampire Hunter D got it's own damn series. The first movie I saw of the D series was Blood Lust and i liked it so much, I was not even aware that the there was an older version. I watched that one as well and I liked it, even though the animation was much older. I started to read the books and i really liked them, but I was surprised how different the the books are to their anime movie counter-parts. I wonder if this series will stay more true to the novels than the movies did.

Character Cove / Re: Love in Berserk (Guts and Casca and others)
« on: June 26, 2015, 09:57:41 PM »
I am shifting gears just a tad here, I made this thread to talk about the love relationships through out the story and Casca and Guts love is a very large focus of story and I have been thinks about this lately, but do you think Guts and Casca need to end up with each other and live happily ever after in order for you to be satisfied with their love story? Would it ruin it for you if they did not end up walking into the sunset together at the end of the story? Personally i really want them to have some kind of future together post Griffith killing (if they both survive) but i also wondered if they would end up like Flora and Skull Knight. (well not exactly, since it's not explicitly stated they had a relationship for each other) Guts has Skull Knights armor and, who knows if he will end up like him due to the armor (or in a similar situation) that might prevent him from having a complete happily ever after relationship with Casca. Sometimes I wonder if the story will end with Casca and relationship being in situation where they love each other but do not necessarily get to be together as a couple due to circumstances in the story. Would that ruin it for any one? I would be "O.K." with this scenario only if they still had open affection and love for each other in spite of them not being able together? Sometimes love stories like that can be very powerful.

Character Cove / Re: POLL: Vote for Your 2 Favorite Characters
« on: June 26, 2015, 09:37:54 PM »
is it even fair that Guts is up on the poll? He is winning by a land slide  :slan:  :ubik:

I'm not against it, but what would he be emoting? He's generally pretty stoic.

I know right? Not even when Guts smacked him in the nose with all his strength with his elbow did Pippin react to it. That had to have hurt like hell!

But if you want an idea of pippin emoticon where he is actually emoting I think the scene where he first sense midland's army about to attack the hawks in the field after Griffith's capture, he actually opens his eyes (if memory serves) and yells out about the danger. i think that is the closest Pippin comes to showing any emotion.  :guts:


Character Cove / Re: Berserk Dads
« on: June 19, 2015, 09:53:45 PM »
With Father's Day approaching, I thought I'd take the opportunity to mention the dads of Berserk. Once I started listing them all I was surprised by how many Berserk Dads there are.

you beat me to the punch! I was thinking about doing this very topic!

Traveling priest Collette's father Seems like a decent and well-intentioned guy. I have doubts about his judgement, though. He insists on giving a shady looking stranger who claims he's being pursued by legions of evil spirits a ride in his wagon with his young daughter.

I thought that was a tad odd as well considering how Guts comes across in this arc of the story, even in this small exchange Guts does not seem approachable. But I think this willingness to extend a kind gesture is what sets him apart from other fathers in Berserk. Like Jill's father who is violent and abusive. Jill displays a more guarded demeanor while Collette is more open and naive.

The Count Sadistic, people-eating slug apostle though he may be, you certainly can't say he doesn't care about his child, Theresia. Faced with death and being dragged into hell, the Count is clearly terrified for himself, but his love for his daughter is stronger and he chooses not to sacrifice her to save himself.

This surprised me greatly when I first read this. Here is this demonic filthy creature who in all other aspects has lost all his humanity except in the pureness of his love for Theresia. I really felt sorry for him when he was given the choice to sacrifice his daughter and save himself from being dragged into hell (which is is clearly scared out his mind to go) and condemning his daughter to the same fate. I also wonder if Miura is foreshadowing here. Griffith shares the same physical body with Guts and Casca's child, will Guts be presented with a similar situation as the count when the time comes?

Gambino The leader of a mercenary band and Guts' father figure. Gambino's not all black, but I'd say a pretty dark shade of grey. He's good at being a mercenary, but definitely not at being an adopted father to Guts, not that he asked to be.

boy oh boy I can go on for ages about Gambino. and I love JMP's analysis of him selling Guts after he offered his pay to Gambino. He was certainly sending Guts mixed and very confusing messages through his childhood. First he slashes his nose and then gives him ointment for his wound. He gives him helpful tips on how to survive on the battle field and seems to care about him not getting cut down. Guts wanted his approval so much and it is heart wrenching when he reveals that he sold him to Donovan.

The King of Midland He seems pretty first. He's a very progressive ruler who values results over status. I never had cause to think he harbored perverted desires for his daughter, Princess Charlotte, until Griffith opened that can of worms and the King attempted to rape her while she was asleep. I'm not saying that Griffith bringing it up caused this. The King must have had those desires already in order for him to be capable of doing that.

this came out of left field for me. It totally surprised me that he secretly lusted after his own daughter. it was like something out of a Greek tragedy. He did not seem to be consciencely aware of these things until Griffith brought it up to him. I even managed to feel sorry for him when Charlotte treated him with contempt and disgust.

Julius The King of Midland's younger brother, and second in line to the throne. He wants his son, Adonis, to be ready to take his position as a noble and leader of the White Dragon Knights when his time comes. However, Julius is overly rough and harsh with Adonis and it seems like his methods create more harm than they do progress

Was this his typical treatment of him or just that isolated incident where he cuts him while sword playing when he is pissed that Griffith survived? According to the manservant Adonis always wanted his approval, but was he always harsh and abusive toward him or was he just cold and distant father for the most part?

Guts Father of the moonlight boy. This father and son got off to a pretty awful start, to say the least. The child has shown interest in his father as well as a desire to protect him, although Guts doesn't know that the being that has manifested to help him when he's been in dire straights is his child. I'm hoping that some day this father and son can come to share a good relationship.

for what its worth I really have trouble believing that Guts will ever try to harm his child even to kill Griffith. It would make him too much like Griffith if he did who sacrificed the original hawks to satisfy his own needs.

Manga Mausoleum / Re: First read through
« on: June 16, 2015, 08:25:01 PM »
You really shouldn't be paying attention to what these "fans" are saying. It always comes down to the same thing: complaining about Berserk's irregular publication.

I actually do not mind in the least that he is taking his time with the next crop of episodes. Where we left off it looked like we were going to transition to Guts and company again and that means we could possibly be getting to elf helm. That is bound to be some pretty intense stuff going down when we get to these episodes, so I think that it is a good sign that he is taking a long time to get these out. Can you imagine what he must be doing just plotting and figuring out how to pull off the events that are bound to go down in elf helm? Not even considering having to draw all of that? If it take another full year or more to get the elf helm episodes than I am not going to complain because of all the work he must be trying to put in to them. Frankly I would be more concerned if he was just banging them out at a rapid pace. Reaching elfhelm and addressing Guts issues with the armor and Casca's "healing" is alot to tackle.

:ganishka: Well, I don't know about that... Though I can do a mean karaoke for Penpals' Tell Me Why. The mark of a true veteran. :slan:

proof or I call BS!  :iva:

You're a role model to all new readers! I wish I had had your self-control back when I'd first started. While I was at the mercy of Dark Horse's release schedule at the time, I always read through my new volumes too quickly. In fact, I remember attempting to read the first 3 volumes of Berserk while in the back of my parents' car on the way home from a day trip. Between some of the content and my propensity for motion sickness, I think I should have waited till I got home. :iva:

I totally agree, and since I've read Berserk for the first time, I take extra care to enjoy details nowadays. I don't remember my second reread of the series specifically, but I've often been delighted to find that I'd overlooked a small background detail (a character's expression, Puck doing something silly), so it feels like discovering something new every time you read. :serpico: Not necessarily a feature unique to Berserk, but something that makes it very special.

I don't know about being a role model new reader I just do not like rushing. I have been in the past and like you said you always miss out on details. A story like Berserk almost demands reflection on the readers part. Actually that can be said of alot of works. But with something like Berserk there is a wealth of subtlety to like everything (even the still expressions of characters in the back ground who are not necessarily actively involved in a given scene but their reactions say alot about the situation), you are bound to miss out on some of the nuances. I know I am somtimes at a loss of what the subtext of a certain scene or throw away reaction some characters has means. I come on here sometimes and i read people's take on things I totally missed out on. That is one reason I am trying to take my time on reading this.

Aren't we all technically on our first read through? :troll:

I mean that people have read up to the most current episode available and then went back to re-read the series again up to the point they left off. :void:

Manga Mausoleum / First read through
« on: June 12, 2015, 09:00:05 PM »
Hello everyone!  :serpico: It's been a while since I have posted on here.

How many of you are on your first read through of the manga? I know this place is full of berserk manga veterans who are probably on their sixth or seventh read through of the manga and can probably recite select dialogue of their favorite scenes in the manga from memory at this point, but I am actually still reading Berserk through for the first time.

I am purposely taking my time with reading Berserk, which I started doing a little over a year ago, because I know some people complain about waiting for episodes. One thing I have seen crop up from other fans is the pacing of the series. I do not know if it is because I have not had to wait long spans in between episodes but I have thought that the pacing of this series very good even during the more sedate moments in story. I have yet to really feel like anything is dragging. I was even somewhat dreading Guts and company getting on the boat because of how many volume it encompasses (and because I am jot a fan of sea centered story-lines) and were they still are right now, but as I am in that section now (and inching closer and closer to the where the story is currently) I have found the boat trip to not be as tedious.

I do however sometimes find myself back tracking to certain parts in the previous volumes just re=read them. Guts battle with Rosine is one of my favorite. But I am almost there. I might tap the breaks a bit again because I am still enjoying my first read through and not want it to be "over" just yet. I like the fresh feeling you get when you experience something for the first time.Was reading the manga a second different for any one?

Speculation Nation / Problems for Farnese in Elfhelm?
« on: April 28, 2015, 10:32:52 PM »
This is somewhat inspired by the thread about Flora's reputation in Elfhelm and how the magic users will reacted to her staying in the human world. I was wondering Farnese has come a long way from her days of being the Figure Head of the Holy Iron Chain Knights and has abandoned her zealous pursuit of heretics. But, how notorious was the exploits of the HICKS and the persecution and condemnation of heretics and witches? Magic users probably retreated to escape that kind of treatment when the holy sea became prominent. So I am wondering would the magic users be aware that Farnese was the figure head of that organization and be hostile toward her? I do not know how wide spread her passion for finding and burning witch's were beyond the immediate members of the HICKS were but if her zealous tendencies made it further than that is it unreasonable that the magic users on elf helm had heard of her?  What would this mean to her acceptance among them?

Character Cove / Re: Love in Berserk (Guts and Casca and others)
« on: April 28, 2015, 10:16:53 PM »
I think it would, yes. Even recently, Guts has remembered her fondly as that warrior and leader. That's who she was and that's who he wants back.

hm, I am surprised to hear you say that it would affect his attraction to her if she feels she cannot be what she was before. I sure hope that Miura allows Casca go back to the kick ass amazon woman she used to be. Not just Guts, but as a fan that is what I am hoping we will get back. But this makes me question something. It is completely obvious that Guts deeply loves Casca, but do you think that Guts has a slightly idealized impression of Casca? Like maybe in his admiration for her warrior skills he is overlooking some other aspects to Casca that he has not noticed. Guts hold Casca's leadership skills and warrior prowess up high but if given the chance Casca would be just as happy as a normal woman. And it is the fact that Casca during the Band of the Hawk days is not like any other woman that draws Guts to her. Casca picked up the way of a warrior to be useful to Griffith not because she herself desired to be warrior. She worked hard on being a warrior to be useful to Griffith and she took on Leadership roles in order to both further Griffith's dream and then later to keep what he has worked for intact (the Hawks) when he was captured by the king of midland. None of this seemed like she was doing for herself but only for Griffith, and when she got involved with Guts it seemed like she would continue to be warrior and fight along side him more because that is the path Guts chose for himself. I never got the impression that Casca was a warrior or a leader because she particularly wanted to be. And I wonder if Guts is aware of that? I just wonder if Guts is somewhat blinded by the glamor of her former self is holding her up on a unrealistic pedestal, especially when Casca feels that the person she was in the band of the Hawk days was made possible by Griffith.   

Manga Mausoleum / Re: Is there a color'd way to read the books
« on: April 28, 2015, 08:58:37 PM »
I remember when I first started reading manga [Akira was my first, Gunnm shortly afterward], the strict black+white nature of the medium bothered me. I had come directly from American comics, where color is a matter of course. But these days, after reading Berserk for over a decade, I don't think I'd prefer it even if it were an option. It's a very pure medium. Also, sort of like reading a book and imagining the world between the descriptions, or the pixelated graphics in older games, the lack of explicit information helps you form the remaining part of the world in your head. That extra legwork on the readers' part invites immersion.

**raises hand** major DC comic book gal over here! I understand your feelings on the difference between the American graphic novel and the Japanese kind. I too was a little put out at first by the art style and lack of color in them. But even though I enjoy the American graphic novels there is something I sort of dislike about the modern day versions of it. I can't put my finger on it but there is something off putting about it that makes me like earlier art work from the 90's and before that. But I am something of a stickler to how my art looks and if they screw it up, it bothers me. I am the same with animation as well. I feel that it is part of the enjoyment to see animation come to life and make me believe in the world. I was very turned off initially by Bruce Timm's super stylized character designs of the animated batman series from the 90's in season four. I hated the simplified character designs. I can go on and on about this topic of art work and animation but mostly I have a deep appreciation for the nitty gritty hand drawn art in manga vs. American colorized graphic novel. You are right it is a very pure form and I like that about Berserk and the detail he puts into it. That is why I am not quite so bothered by the amount of time he puts into his art. I notice a lot of fans get annoyed by the amount of time he takes to get episodes out. (It is my understanding he does a lot of the art work himself rather than delegating it to his assistants)

It's not like Miura "colorizes" the pictures. The color pages are painted, their creation follows a different process.

So Miura himself does not do the coloring of his pictures? I was unaware of that. Does Miura have control on what pictures gets colored or does someone else decide that?

I get why he didn't like it, but i thought he got over it in the Golden Age Saga, so why was he like that in the Black Swordsman Saga as well?

I am going to have to re-read the Black Swordsman arc, because I do not really recall him acting this way to much during that time. To me Guts just seemed over-all anti-social and stuck on "asshole" mode in a general sense through out the time in the manga...

I loved everything about the Golden Age Arc. The original hawks, the down to earth atmosphere before the worlds merge...but  even I would not say it went down hill. The other arcs in the story are all unique and I love how they build on each other. I am most excited to see more of Falconia, I actually hope we get a couple more episodes of Rickert and the old midland courtiers and what they are doing before we get back to Guts and company.

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I love how succinct you are lol  :ubik:

I sometimes wish that they were more colorized pictures in the manga. When ever Miura bothers to color them it is simply gorgeous, and it is done is a way that does not sacrifice the rich detail  of the artwork. One thing that I constantly salivate over his  the realistic shadowing and attention he puts into the smallest details in his work that other mangakas might fudge or stylized to get the general idea of the detail across. Even while looking at Japanese raw panels of Berserk I find myself just getting lost in the pictures. Other mangakas when they do bother to color sometimes make the character designs look too different from their black and white designs and I find that jarring. Miura keeps it consistent. And I like the color pallet he chooses when he does color it, I especially like when he uses muted (almost washed out) color. To me for the tone of the story it seems to fit. When fans decide to color the black and white pictures sometimes they go for these flamboyant bright colors and it looks so at odds with the art style. Some do this. not all.

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