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Speculation Nation / Re: Is the Brand of Sacrifice useless now?
« on: April 27, 2015, 05:47:18 PM »
I'm curious to know how the brand is going to work once on elfhelm. Now that the worlds are merged is it really the going to be the place where evil can't touch them? Some how I do not see Guts casting off Flora's necklace given to Casca for protection stopping Schierke from doing her protection symbols over his brand.

Now that the physical and astral worlds have been merged, does that render the Brand of Sacrifice useless?

it hurts the brander like hell still when evil creatures are in proximity still, so I would say the brand still has it's problems for the branded.

Creation Station / Re: Grail's amazing artwork for Patreon donors
« on: April 27, 2015, 02:39:48 PM »
Grail put a lot of time and hard work into this piece for me and I'm very pleased to finally be able to unveil it here for everyone!

the coloring here is gorgeous. I really admire when an artist is able to draw profiles really well. I am not quite in a place where I can draw people from the side without them looking stupid. But I am working on it. At some point I would love to be able to draw Berserk fan art but the drawing are so detailed and I am crazy OCD about getting every line perfect that I defeat myself LOL!

I also really love the coloring. I only color with color pencil.  :farnese: I love the shadowing you put in the coloring. That can be very hard to do convincingly with just color pencil.

Character Cove / Re: Love in Berserk (Guts and Casca and others)
« on: April 06, 2015, 04:05:57 PM »
Ok ok, I hate to be the guy who spoils peoples fun, but the Guts+Casca relationship is most likely definitely NOT going to happen :rickert:. I know that people want love to triumph and that once she gets her memories back, somehow, things will find a way to get back to the way they were. But guess what, Miura already metaphorically in the story talked about the impossibility of things going back to the way they were. Volume 33 people, the beginning of volume 33 involves the cold hard and most likely truth that Guts realized himself. How Casca and him have changed and gone through so much that things simply just don't come back to the way they were. He uses the metaphor of his arm never coming back and the failure of him being unable to catch her when she fell off the boat.

Where did you get this impression? Are you reading the official translations by Dark Horse or the scanlations online for this scene? Because I did not get this impression at all when I read this in the manga that Guts was losing hope in getting Casca back. he is very sad and weary, but he was not outright saying that Casca will never come back. Though to follow this line of thinking, I think Guts has considered that Casca may come back but will not be exactly the same as before because of what has transpired.

Sometimes you just can not mend and bring back the past. For good reason too because Guts is a much better person now than he was before. Before he was a broken and an unresolved mess. His life has become much more clearer since then.

A much better now than...when exactly? Before the eclipse I would say he was immensely better than right now when he had finally hooked up with Casca, realized what he was searching for, was right in front of him in hawks (his little moment of revelation that he would stay with the hawks, unbeknownst to Casca, instead of gallivanting in the woods some where), and have place were he belongs and a woman who he loved and loved him back. After the eclipse he is a wreck, and yes he finds some stability and comfort in his new family he has acquired, but that is just Guts acquiring something he already figured out he needed when he realized what he wanted was right in front of him (the hawks family). He still wants Casca by his side, healthy and whole, that is what will truly make him "better off" in the long run....

Think of Guts and Casca as a previous love relationship that some of you might have had. You loved and adored the ex-girlfriend, probably still do. But you are unable to get back together because both of you changed so drastically between the years that you no longer feel compatible. You may want to get back together and you do love that person, but the bond is gone. That is the reason why most relationships with people who try to get back together ultimately fail, which exactly what is happening to Guts and Casca. I'm sorry guys, but Guts and Casca is not happening and I think Miura himself thinks that when he wrote that scene in volume 33.

Maybe it will. Casca is literally frozen in time and I have wondered how well she and Guts will connect after she is restored, Guts has changed immensely while Casca has not. Guts is very different person currently than he was when she had her last conversation with him before the eclipse got started, he's more stoic and calmer than he was when she last had interaction with him, he does not even look the same, he's more scarred, he has lost and eye and a arm and his hair is turning white among other things, it's something that has plagued me for a while now...but I don't know I would personally feel like Miura would be flipping me off and saying "screw you" to me if he is just building up to Casca and Guts never resolving their issue and nothing but alienation and bitterness dictate their relationship after she is restored. This is something that has concerned me and I really hope you are wrong, but I don't think (and really hope) that Miura does not pull this kind of stunt on us. That would be poor story telling, not what you described, and Miura is not a poor story teller.

He loves his new family and would never intentionally cause harm to them (unless the berserker armor gets the better of him). The only reason Guts doesn't seem to pay enough attention to Farnese's feelings at the moment is because the nightmare that is the eclipse still haunts him. He is still stuck in the past with the eclipse and Casca. I do believe that once Casca gets her memory back, that will be the closure that Guts needs in order to move on in his life. That is when the Guts + Farnese possibility will become a reality.

So here what is the motivation of everything you have just posted above, you want things to go south for Guts and Casca so that Farnese and Guts might have a shot? You are not the only one, poking around other berserk fan communities I have seen some fans that have gotten sick of Casca as a character and just want Guts to drop her entirely because she is not worth it, or what ever, and have him turn his attention toward Farnese? Guts does not open up easily and he has opened up a lot to Casca while in the Hawks, he is encouraging of Farnese and cares about her, he would not have made a fuss over her being left behind if he didn't, but I don't think that means he loves her. I am not saying that if things are completely severed from Casca he would never consider Farnese, there was definitely tension between them when he was first captured (mostly one sided, but I think he acknowledged that she was attractive) but I do not see him entertaining the thought while Casca is still around. Maybe if things do go south for Casca and him, and Farnese starts showing some incrediable leadership qualities...who knows maybe. It was partially admiration for Casca's prowess as a fighter and leader that ensnared Guts.

Another plot point I'd like to bring up on the possibility of the Guts + Farnese relationship is the idea that Farnese might eventually become the one that helps Guts control the berserker armor. Some of you had already mentioned the possibility that Farnese with her new ethereal body might become crucial in bringing back Guts from the darkness in later chapters. So just imagine how romantic and awesome it would be to have Farnese on Guts' back during a big battle, helping him. Two lovers fighting side by side in a crucial war. Now THAT'S bad-ass romance :slan: Casca would not be able to help Guts in pivotal dark moments like that and her fighting skills are not even close to that of Guts', so watching his back is technically impossible. Her fighting skills are more fit for someone like...Serpico! Fuck YEAH! Come on Miura, Serpico + Casca, make it happen! (fanboy in me is off the scales)

I really, really hope Miura integrates Casca into the plot more by having her learn more skills and fighting techniques I would be bothered if all Casca does is sit on the sidelines watching everyone else do things.

Casca is a complex character with some fragility and all that, but at her core she was a warrior and a leader, and this is key to Guts' attraction to her

Here is a question, what if Casca feels she can't be these things any more? Would that affect Guts attraction to her? Casca placed a lot of credit for her pride and success as a warrior at Griffith's feet, that she was able to do these things because of Griffith. I notice that Casca gives Griffith total credit for who she was able to become. I wonder how this will affect her confidence of picking up her ways of a warrior and leader after being restored if she put that much credit with Griffith on being able to do those things. I do not think Casca gives her self enough credit for the things she has accomplished due to her own merit and I wonder how that will play out.  I know this seems a bit off topic but since these qualities she used to have was essential to Guts's attraction to her, and his admiration for her strength, would happen if she feels without Griffith she can't be these things. And how would Guts react to that?
Good points! I don't think Judeau was really being honest with himself in thinking that Guts and Casca getting together was "all good" with him. When they actually get together, as we were talking about before, he doesn't look too happy. He has been trying to engineer their union while stuffing down his own feelings for Casca all the while. Not sure that's healthy! If he hadn't been killed first he might have ended up going postal at some point.  :puck: I'm totally joking, by the way. Hmm, honestly if he hadn't been killed I think Judeau really just wanted Guts to take Casca away. He does demand that Guts take Casca with him when they're talking after Griffith's rescue. This as well, appears to have been motivated by a desire for Casca's good. I think Judeau knows that if Casca stayed behind and Guts left then she would be sacrificing her own life and happiness to care for the invalid Griffith and I don't think Judeau wants to see that happen to her. There he goes being self sacrificing again! Judeau was willing to be the one to bear the responsibility of caring for Griffith in the future. Beyond all that, though, Judeau might also want Casca to leave because he's sick of living in a situation where the woman he loves is so near to him, but is unattainable as far as the romantic relationship he desires. It's all interesting to ponder anyway. I love how Miura makes his characters so human and complex! Just awesome!  :guts:

I had forgotten that. I never considered that Judo might have also wanted Casca and Guts out of his sight because he did not want to continue seeing them being lovey dovey with each other. Right before this scene Judo witnesses Casca hug Guts gratefully when she found out he was not hurt, and then Casca cuss Guts out in the wagon on his behavior while sewing up his wounds.

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Adventures in YouTube
« on: February 23, 2015, 12:50:47 PM »
Afroman smacks female fan on stage -

wow, what a completely over the top response. Reading the comments below is even worse. Why are people so hateful?

Podcast / Re: FloraCast Episode 2: Women's Berserk discussion
« on: February 17, 2015, 07:36:07 PM »
I might be stating the obvious, in which case please ignore me, but I believe the implied stigma here is that Casca can be seen as being too dependent on others for her own happiness.

I think my post is self-explanatory. As a role model for women, or someone the female reader can identify with, she could be seen as lacking independence/ambition for herself.

fair enough. I just think her personal situation justifies how she is as a person.  Though I do not disagree with you. I want to see Casca have her own growth and revelations as a character separate from Guts. She has a lot of potential for growth and I will be disappointed if I do not see that. that has been my biggest issue with her being insane. At any rate I do not want you to think I was attacking you puella.  :sad:

Character Cove / Re: Love in Berserk (Guts and Casca and others)
« on: February 17, 2015, 07:20:10 PM »
And what about the Charlotte/Griffith couple?  :ganishka: There is definitely love involved, even if only one-sided.

I completely forgot about the Griffith and Charlotte thing. Charlotte is definitely in love with Griffith that is obvious but I am starting to wonder how she would react to Griffith if she found out about his true reasons for coming back healthy and whole again. Would she fear him and look at him differently maybe even be little repulsed? I noticed she does not question in the least his sudden transformation from a pitiful invalid to the glory he used to be. Actually taking his sorry state after his year in the torture chamber into account I am impressed by Charlotte being willing to still be with him even in that state. It shows her feelings for him were not shallow at all.

And then there is Griffith feelings for Charlotte. This has always been an enigma to me because I cannot tell if he has any affection toward her or if she is just a tool to him. He had Zodd go get her and has her by his side now when it was not really necessary. Was it just to spite her father for torturing him for a year?

The relationship between Jerome and Luca doesn't seem very serious. They both look pretty mature, knowing full well what kind of crapsack world they live in. Jerome seems to genuinely have feelings and esteem for her, wanting to keep her with him, but not really to love her. He likes having her by his side and wants to take her with him, but I don't think it's really more than that. Luca does not take his promises too seriously, being most likely used to this kind of talk. She thinks he's a good man, but not really much more to me. It looks like a very mature relationship to me, with the two of them not getting too carried away by feelings.

In that regard, it'll be interesting to see if Jerome makes an appearance or is at least mentioned in the future

You mean Jerome wasn't with Luca at Falconia?  I haven't read this episode yet. I was hoping.

Maybe. Who knows? We know he was there, but she doesn't mention him to Guts during her flashback.

It seems like it would be in character for him to do something like that. Also I don't think Casca not mentioning him does not mean he did not. Some of her back story of how she became a soldier had to of been abridged

Judeau never really had a chance to be with Casca. At first she was way too infatuated with Griffith to be with someone else. When she began to outgrow it, she was attracted to Guts. Judeau probably also had some self deprecation issues, thinking (maybe rightfully) that he was not the man she needed. Casca being the most badass woman he met, as far as we know, his feelings for her make sense.

I disagree that Judeau had self deprecation issues, he was just a realist and knew his limitations. I think Casca cared for Judeau deeply as a friend, he definitely more than just a fellow comrade in arms to her. I just wonder if Casca, in Judeau's last moments figured out that he loved her, or if she did not if she ever will upon reflection of his last moments when she is restored. Also I noticed that Casca seemed extremely affected when Judeau finally died in her arms. I have seem some fans speculate that this is when she started to lose it (I do not fully agree with this but it is food for thought). Also, I do have one instance that perplexed me about Judeau. It seemed like, when Guts showed up after a year being gone, that he was trying to get Guts to hook up with Casca, then the next day when they go off get Griffith, there is a panel where Judeau notices Casca and Guts smiling at each other and for some reason he does not look pleased about that. Wasn't that what he was going for?

But to come back to Farnese, I think you got it backwards about why she loves Guts. Schierke also has a crush on him, but she knows she's too young and she knows he deeply loves Casca. So she found solace in the fact they have a unique bond, something no one else shares with him. That's a coping mechanism for the fact her love was unrequited, not something that explains why she doesn't "pine" for him like Farnese does. She did have feelings (and might still do), but she just realized it wasn't going to happen. Farnese hasn't come to that realization yet, or at least hasn't accepted it.

It's true that she doesn't have a special thing to share with him that could ease things, and that might not be enough anyway. She and Schierke are very different people. She's a grown woman for one, but more importantly Guts was pivotal in bringing about a lot of changes in her. He was the one who turned her life around, changed her entire belief system, changed who she is pretty much, making her a better person in the process. He's half father-figure, half idolized ideal man (not unlike what Griffith was to Casca in her youth). So with that in mind, her feelings for him have always felt natural to me. But I also think she'll be able to see that as important as he is to her, he might not be meant to be her lover

Farnese's infatuation with Guts reminds me strongly of Casca's feelings for Griffith

I have seen this come up quite a number of times in fandom about there being a similarity between Farnese's feeling for Guts and Casca's feelings for Griffith. Why do you think Miura might be writing it that way? And where do you suppose he is going to take it? I wonder if Miura intends to have Casca intimately understand how Guts felt when he was brought into the Falcons by having her be in a similar situation as him. Casca will be coming into a new situation essentially as an outsider into Guts new assembled band, like Guts was when he was brought (against his will) into the has been alluded to that Casca might be being "brought back" against her will as well. I do not see Farnese being hostile toward Casca, like Casca was with Guts when he came into the band, but Farnese is in a similar situation that Casca was when Guts came along.

As far as Guts and Casca are concerned my biggest worry is how she will feel about being brought back and how their relationship will be after that fact. I think I have had blinds on when it comes to this, because for the longest time I have seen Guts actions as him "rescuing" her from her situation. I never considered that Casca may not want to come back or be thankful for it. I did not really consider Skull Knights warning to be related to her feelings on the subject. I guess I just can't imagine Casca being stuck in a infantile state by choice. I really hope that is not the case, I would be disappointed if she does not want to come back and help Guts out... but I guess it has to be considered that Casca went insane for a reason. I just hope Miura throws us Casca+Guts fans a bone and resolves it in a way good way. After all this I want to see some pay off.

One love relationship that was one sided that I failed to address was one sided love of Casca for Griffith. She truly loved him and she was fiercely protective (and territorial)  of him. I do not think those emotions were fake at all as much as some fans might try to down play it. Casca loved Griffith. She worshiped him and held up as the perfect man. She even shared a private emotionally vulnerable moment with him when she came upon him in the lake after his night with Gennon.  And before Guts came Griffith seemed to trust her with dark things like that. I do not think Griffith would have told her about his night with Gennon if she had not stumbled across him on the balcony or the lake but I do not think he would have allowed himself to get that emotional in front of any one other than Casca. That was genuine. Also even after Casca and Guts got closer to each other after they fell off the cliff together, Casca was still very much affected when she thought Griffith had been poisoned. Look at how she runs into his arms after he walk in with Guts. I think Casca really loved Griffith. Before the eclipse I think it can be broken down that Casca loved Griffith, but was in love with Guts. Which makes me wonder how things are going to play out when she is forced to return. I do not believe she will go running to his side  or what ever but I wonder how it will affect her willingness to confront him. 

Podcast / Re: FloraCast Episode 2: Women's Berserk discussion
« on: February 17, 2015, 05:57:37 PM »
I'd like to propose you to focus on the characters' mentality. This is one of women's specialty, isn't it?
I mean pychologically and from a woman's perspective. For example, Casca is considered to be a perfect woman to men. But for women, she might not be as ideal because she's just so devoted. Rather, an independent woman like Luca might be more appreciated. These kinds of things.

In another thread on the Floracast you said the same thing about Casca:

Also, as a woman, I've always thought that Casca is not ideal because she's too devoted

Could I ask you to explain what you mean by this? Why is Casca not ideal because she is "too devoted" and why is that a negative trait? I am not saying that being devoted is bad but based on what you have said here you seem to be implying that it is not good. Like it would appeal to men but not women.

Casca seems to get a lot of scrutiny from fans for some how falling short of what "an empowered warrior woman" should be like. I guess some people have an issue that she does not have her own ambitions and has settled to either be Griffith's sword if she cannot be his woman or just be Guts woman. And even though I can see where some people can be turned off by that, particularly female fans, I do not see how Casca's biggest aspiration is to be loved by someone makes her an unappealing character to female fans. Casca is a mixture of fragility and strength, that is what makes her interesting to me. True I would love for her to have aspirations beyond just being someone's woman, but being particularly devoted to either Guts and Griffith does not make her less of a cool female character. This is where I kind of get off the feminist bus, because I notice some fans (and some feminist media analysts) tend to discredit female characters (even if they have independent traits) if they do not aspire to acquire some position of power or materialistic goal, and settle for being in love with someone. I've seem female fans on tumblr write Casca off for this. I am not necessarily saying you are puella (I don't mean to gang up on you  :sad:) but I guess could you explain what you mean?

And sorry for going off topic here.  :farnese:

I think to contribute to this thread I think Miura does a good job at swaying his readers to feel a certain way toward his characters. For example, with the exception of flora, Schierke and Luca, I disliked most of the major female characters in Berserk at first. I disliked Casca for many reasons that I will not into right now but mostly how she acted toward Guts in the beginning, and I thought charlotte was annoying, and Farnese I thought was just a pretentions hateful character. But I have eventually come to really like all of them. Miura does a good job of, even if the characters are not immediately likable (or completely unlikable) he gives them such genuine characteristics and motivations for their actions you can't help but appreciate them for what they are. He does this very well even with his female characters.

Podcast / Re: The FloraCast: Women's Berserk discussion
« on: February 17, 2015, 05:03:23 PM »
wow. let me just say that I very pleasantly surprised by having a podcast about Berserk characters that are from the point of view of the female fans analyzing the role of the female characters in it.  I think that it was a really nice thing for the administrators to allow considering how Berserk is primarily aimed at men, but certainly has it percentage of female fans as well. There have been times where I have been in a primarily male populated forum and have been ganged up on by the members for expressing my opinion.  :schierke: In a lot of places were there is an option to show whether you are male or female I leave it blank so I don't get crap for being a chick. Some predominately male targeted franchises have very territorial fans in them I am sorry to say.  :judo:  So I really appreciate the administrators doing this and  giving a platform for Berserk to be analyzed through a feminine lens. You have no idea how much, as a female fan, I appreciate that. I can't wait to see more of these podcasts.  :ubik:

I have not had a chance to listen to this all the way through, but I actually downloaded this onto my computer and hope have a chance to listen to it all the way through later. It seems this podcast talks about Casca a lot. I am glad. Since she has been regressed, I feel that she has been put off to the, both in the story and by fans on occasion. I think Litheral, Grail, and Gummyskull have made some really good points and observations so far, from what I have heard of this podcast.

Casca's got a lot to work through and a lot she could potentially misplace blame for

Misplace blame? Are you saying she might blame herself or place blame on Guts for some reason?

Character Cove / Love in Berserk (Guts and Casca and others)
« on: February 14, 2015, 04:30:16 PM »
Since today is Valentines Day I thought it might be interesting to discuss the love relationships in Berserk and delve into them a little bit. The most prominent one of course being Guts and Casca but they're also other relationships that have cropped up in Berserk as well.

You have luca and Jerome who, after Guts and Casca probably have the most genuine affection and consensual sex of all the Berserk characters. Jerome seems to look upon Luca with genuine affection and wants her by his side. He does not seem to look down on her for her "profession" and seems to value her quite a bit.

There is the recent development of Rickert and his attachment to Erica. I can not say much on this yet because I have read the issue were he comes back in full, but he seems to care for her very much beyond just her safety.

And then there was the unrequited love that Judeau had for Casca during the Golden Age arc. I always found his feelings for her interesting. He was so devoted to her but never made a move to express them to her...until it was too late. Which is one the more tragic aspects of his character. But what exactly was it that he loved about Casca so much? Was it just because she was the only female among them? I have a feeling Judeau took it upon himself a lot when Casca first joined the Falcons to help her out a lot. It is sad that his affection for Casca were just one sided.

Actually there are a lot of one sided feelings for one person in Berserk. Farnese and her feelings for Guts are quite one sided, and she agreed to marry Roderick to help Guts and his situation. However there have been some pretty genuine moments that have been shared between Roderick and Farnese, and I am wondering if Farnese will eventually fall for him and abandon her affection for Guts once Casca comes back. Or if she will continue to pine for Guts. There are also places where I have seen in the fandom that would like Guts give Farnese a chance. I wonder what Miura has planned for all this, will he dodge this all together and just have Farnese and Roderick become more serious? Farnese seems to pine for Guts in part it seems because she does not have something special to have with him like Schierke has with Guts. 

Then there is Schierke and the little crush she has on Guts. She is young and is content with what she already shares with him. I have heard fans speculate that Isidro and Schierke have some affection for one another, and fans expect that they will eventually come together. Or at least I have seen fans say that they hope they would.

And of course there is Guts and Casca. a lot of Berserk shows Guts undying love and devotion for Casca even though she is in a state where she cannot return it to him. It was beautiful thing to see Guts and Casca's affection grow for each other in the Golden age Arc. What I miss most about their relationship is how much respect and admiration Guts had for Casca's strength and prowess as a leader and warrior. Right when the eclipse happened before the God Hand show up, there is a moment where Guts just stops to admire how incredible Casca is in the face of the unknown terrain they are in and keeps the Falcons from panicking. And it was beautiful seeing Casca go from someone who mistrusted Guts to falling in love with him. A lot of fans seem to misunderstand her actions in pushing Guts away to take care of Griffith, but she was just as much looking out for his interests as she was Griffith's. She was taking into consideration Guts's desire of not stay with the hawks and be on his own, and I have no doubt she felt that if he stayed it would be going against what he told her what he wanted to do. She was trying to protect that. I also enjoyed the playful banter between them. It is funny how their interactions do not completely change after they come to an understanding after the cave incident. Before Guts would annoy Casca by being reckless and she would chew him out for it...that does not actually change between them even after they come to an understanding and even hook up with each other a year after he comes back to the Falcons. I thought that aspect of their relationship was interesting that Miura did that. It proves (to me any way) that Casca is the perfect person for Guts because she is willing to call him out on things and make him stop and think...who else can really do that?

We are at a point where we are about to have Casca's insanity addressed and I wonder just what is in store for these two. Are we ever going to see the dynamics between them return to what is was right when they hooked up or is it going to be more conflict between them? I hope the issue between them can be resolved on elfhelm and that Casca will understand why Guts wants her healthy and whole again and by his side and not get angry at him for "restoring her". This has concerned me the most about the present state of their relationship.I miss the admiration Guts had for Casca, and I wonder if he will ever get the chance to feel that admiration for her strengths again. She is disempowered right now, and I not think she is going to be super charged like she was right before the ecplise (not right away). I have actually never been more emotionally invested in a couple than I have Guts and Casca.

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Your most hated words
« on: February 14, 2015, 03:26:25 PM »
I really dislike hearing women saying "Mah, Baby Father, " In a really ghetto, ignorant, way to refer to a man who is no longer in their lives who happened to father their child. This is just stupid and it makes me gnash my teeth when I hear it.  I know you might have some disdain for the man who fathered your child and you want in some way to distance him from the role he once played in your life, but it is just dumb the way some women say it. This gets particularly confusing when you have a woman using the term "Mah, baby father," to describe more than one male who have fathered more than one of her children.

I also do not like "ratchet" as in "that was so ratchet man!" I had a girl in one of my classes who used the term constantly to describe everything she thought was cool or dumb. And she would say it in this high pitched voice to put emphasis on how "ratchet" something was. I really wanted to strangle her.

I also can't stand "Booyakasha!" A lot of young boys between the ages of 6-11 belt this phrase out constantly where I live. I was in line at the store with three nine year old boys behind me and they kept saying. I wanted to turn around and punch one of them in the face.

And yeah, a pet peeve of mine is people who use internet acronyms in everyday conversations. My particular hot button one is when someone says something like "I was so OMG when I saw that, seriously LOL" or just lulz... :mozgus:

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Adventures in YouTube
« on: February 14, 2015, 02:48:04 PM »

Roger Miller "Oo De Lally" - Robin hood & Little John :) song in an android commercial. Has any one seen this on TV? I have always really enjoyed Roger Miller and I loved the Oo De Lally song as a kid from the Robin Hood movie. To me that was one of the best parts. I like this commercial not so much for the android product but all the animals. I like commercials/TV shows with animals in it.

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Introduction
« on: February 14, 2015, 02:35:55 PM »
Lots of people making introductions! Welcome everybody!

thank you. I am very happy to be here.  :ubik:

Character Cove / Re: Puck appreciation thread
« on: February 13, 2015, 11:00:23 PM »
I personally adore Puck. I can't wait to see how he evolves when they get to elfhelm and he is among his old friends again. I have heard people in the fan community say they dislike Puck, and even though he has become far more comedic but I have not been overly bothered by it. However I do hope that he becomes a bit more like he was at the beginning of the story in elfhelm. Not that big on Ivalera though....I do not know there is a snottiness to her I just do  not like at times.  :puck:

Anime Asylum / Re: Berserk Movie 1 Abridged
« on: February 12, 2015, 07:57:17 PM »
I actually rather liked the original Berserk Abridged. I thought it was amusing that he constantly poked fun at the comic book geek community. I loved his voice work for characters such as Minister Foss, and "Phil" (if any one remembers that  :ganishka:) and him voicing Casca and other female characters. I noticed that he got an actual girl to voice Casca this time. Not sure how I feel about that, but she does sound a bit like Casca's dubbed voice. Actually I think HBI2K is only voicing Guts and Griffith this time around.

One thing I am wondering about this version of Berserk abridged is what he is going to do for the eclipse. He found a way around it in the original Berserk abridge series which I was actually pleasantly surprised at. Reading his comments on the subject it seems he is not going to avoid the repercussions of the eclipse like he did the  first time around.

And yeah...the  Donovan rape joke made me cringe...not too cool on his part...also a bit on the racist side as well. And his "she is definitely going to...get it!" has me slightly worried on how he is going to handle that part...

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Introduction
« on: February 12, 2015, 07:22:52 PM »
Hello I am Vixen Comics. Thank you for having me.  :guts:

I love that you guys made a Rickert Slap emoticon  :rickert: **grin**

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