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Current Episodes / Re: Episode 354
« on: March 17, 2018, 03:08:53 PM »
Some time should already have passed. They've only been on Skellig for a day, but that could be weeks, or months in the outside world. I agree that seeing the coronation next makes the most sense, but it could also water down the effect of a dramatic passage of time if Miura chooses to lift the veil a bit early. Furthermore, there has to be something more than the coronation and a declaration from Griffith. It wouldn't be Miura's style to switch perspectives just for that formality, I don't think.

It might make sense for the coronation to take place several months after the Rickert situation. After all, I would expect it to be a grand event requiring quite a bit of organization and planning, something highly anticipated by the people of Falconia. I also don't think a smaller timeskip before a more dramatic one (let's say 5-10 years) would be terribly detrimental.

The coronation/declaration could simply serve to lay the groundwork for things to come, and then when Guts and co. finally leave Skellig we could be bombarded with the big reveal of the fruits of that declaration. Say for instance that Griffith declares that Falconia will lead the charge for humanity against this cruel new world to take back their their territory from Fantasia, then when Guts and co. return to the mainland we find that not only has Griffith expanded his influence to the rest of Midland, but has built the beginnings of an empire spanning numerous nations under the domain of the Holy See. Returning to Falconia beforehand wouldn't necessarily ruin or water down the effect of a big reveal like that, it would merely serve to lay the foundation for it.

As for returning to Falconia just for the coronation, well I wouldn't expect that either. We could witness Griffith's wedding to Charlotte and explore their relationship a bit more. The Pontiff could finally succumb to old age after crowning Griffith, and this could be an excellent opportunity to follow his spirit to afterlife and finally find out what exactly happens to the spirits Griffith allows to offer parting words to their loved ones (although I believe we already have a pretty good idea). Maybe we could even get an update on what the God Hand are doing now and find out more about what they're planning (Council of God Hand anyone?). And personally, I would love a bit of introspection on Griffith's part now that he has obtained a kingdom of his own, but maybe this should wait until we learn the true nature of the Moonlight Child so as not to spoil any surprises there.

But all of this is heading into heavily speculative territory. We could just as easily never see the wedding or the coronation, as much as that would be a bummer to me. Of course this all depends on just how dramatic the difference in the passage of time between Skellig and the mainland will be, as well as how long Guts and the rest of the company stay on the island.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 354
« on: March 17, 2018, 02:52:45 AM »
If Miura decides to switch I'm sure he'd know how to handle it well

Thatís the thing though. I just donít see any way he could do a location switch right now and make it work. The idea itself is baffling to me. This would be such a terrible time to cut away from the Casca situation. Which is precisely why I canít imagine Miura doing it, because it would just be really awkward.

We donít have to wait until the party leaves Skellig either though. I could see the story cutting back to Falconia in a few episodes after Cascaís initial reactions and interactions with Guts and the rest of the party upon waking up. Then we could witness Griffithís wedding to Charlotte and coronation followed perhaps by a declaration to his new subjects about what his future plans are. That would be the perfect way to end Griffithís story before a timskip IMO. But some form of resolution for the current Casca situation has to come first.

Regardless however, I trust that Miura knows the best direction to take his story in.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 354
« on: March 17, 2018, 12:21:36 AM »
The preview of the next YA issue has a griffith image, I'm curious as to why they chose griffith instead of the usual guts, could we be switching plots next episode or is it just YA gibberish

I highly doubt it. Switching back to Falconia or Rickert right now would be a really bad move. Not only would it disturb the flow of the story, it would rob us of Cascaís initial reaction upon waking up. If Miura were to cut back to Griffith, it had better be a damn good Griffith episode to justify that. Itís funny to joke about, but thereís absolutely no way thatís going to happen.

Speculation Nation / Re: Casca & The Idea of Evil
« on: March 12, 2018, 06:12:03 PM »
Did Skull knight have a wife who betrayed him..maybe she got jealous of how much he loved his kingdom compared to her. I don't know lol.

Well, we know that Gaiseric didnít have any children of his own, so Iím not sure about him having a wife (although this doesnít mean he was never married). But it is said that the Midland Royal Family is related to Gaiseric by blood, so itís possible he had a sibling(s) or cousin(s). Or it could just be hogwash that the Royal Family came up with to give credence to their legitimacy. But then I would find it a strange detail for Miura to mention in the first place if there was no significance to it at all.

Character Cove / Re: What Apostle/Creature did you like the best?
« on: March 12, 2018, 02:43:33 PM »
As for least favorite, I gotta say Wyald. I don't hate anything in Berserk, but I'm close on him. He kind of just felt like a hat on a hat. The '97 anime and film trilogy both cut him and I'd say it really adds to the impact of the Eclipse. In my humble opinion.

The Wyald sequence is great for several reasons.

For one thing, itís the first time Guts manages to defeat an Apostle, which is a significant accomplishment. The sequence contrasts quite a bit with his first encounter with Zodd, where he was shaking in fear and hardly able to do anything against him. We see his training and progress throughout the series as he achieves victory by becoming the 100-Man Slayer and killing Boscone, but Wyald was his final test before the Eclipse. The initial Zodd encounter was about pointing out how ďweakĒ Guts was and served as his motivation to become stronger, while the Wyald encounter was all about showing the fruits of Gutsí labor as he finally stands up to and defeats an inhuman monster. This paved the way for his future as the Black Swordsman.

We also get quite a few really good character moments during the Wyald sequence. Griffith reaching for his sword to fight alongside his soldiers, but being unable to grip it as it falls to the ground. Casca tearfully yelling at Judeau about how Guts always has to stay and fight, and that itís okay for him to retreat when the odds are so heavily stacked against him. Griffith gritting his teeth hard enough to draw blood as his friend is brutalized by Wyald. The wholesome scene in the wagon where Guts helps Griffith put on his armor and tells him itís okay for him to take off his mask when itís just the two of them.

I would also argue that the Wyald sequence doesnít detract from the Eclipse, it reinforces the gravity of the situation. Only recently one Apostle gave them so much trouble, and now they are surrounded by dozens of them (if not more than a hundred). It makes their situation seem all the more bleak and hopeless.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 354
« on: March 03, 2018, 07:14:21 PM »
Yes... Which makes me wonder why you felt the need to reiterate it.

I didn't even really think about it. I just took your point and reiterated it before going into my own thoughts, and didn't really think it would be an issue. I wasn't trying to be rude or anything if that's the impression I gave off. If it is frowned upon, I'll try to refrain from doing so in the future.

You're confusing two different things. It's true Casca's trauma wasn't healed by the ritual and that she'll have to deal with it going forward. I was the first to say it. But that doesn't mean she'll show the same symptoms. Otherwise the Corridor of Dreams would have all been for nothing. The reflexive fear she had of men went along with her insanity. Now that it's cured, there's no reason to assume it will remain. And her "issues with Guts" that you are referring to were a subset of that general fear of men. It wasn't specific to him. She was afraid of him like of every other guy, then he managed to gain her trust, then lost it. I feel like I'm repeating myself here, but if they are to have issues to sort through, I would expect them to be of a higher order.

I always saw the way Casca treats Guts after the choking and assault to be a bit more specific and personal than her usual fear of other men. She seems to hate him more personally because of his previous actions rather than because of her usual phobia. And it also seems to me that her fear of men has become a bit less pronounced over time. She doesn't fear Serpico or Roderick, and doesn't even seem to show any signs of discomfort around other men the party comes into contact with over time. But her fear and hatred of Guts has been a constant, no matter how many times he has put his life on the line to protect her since. In fact, based on her representation of Guts in the Corridor of Dreams, she even seems to recognize him as her protector despite these negative feelings she has for him. So I believe her opinion of Guts goes a bit farther than her usual fear of other men.

Related to this, I'm also having trouble remembering any times she has shown a real fear of men outside of times involving attempted rape or sexual intent besides her initial meeting with Guts after the Eclipse (which could also just be explained by his excited and desperate approach and Casca being more timid shortly after the event), which makes me think it is less a general fear of men and more of sexual situations involving men (I'm uncertain, so please correct me here if I'm mistaken).

As for the purpose of the Corridor of Dreams, I think the purpose of it was just to cure her of insanity so she could actually deal with everything herself, as well as to offer Farnese and Schierke a glimpse into the events that led her to become that way. I think it's a bit debatable whether many of these symptoms can be attributed to the trauma itself or the state of insanity she was in. For example, her phobia of men/sex is something that I don't expect to just disappear after she returns. That was a direct result of her rape at the hands of Femto and how she was affected by it. I think this will still be a heavy issue for her to deal with, but the difference is that she will actually have to deal with it now, and she can work through it from there. Same for any other issues she has to deal with.

And back to the topic of her issues with Guts, I think it will be a bit of the same principle. Obviously she isn't going to hate Guts because he got possessed and strangled her, nor do I think even the assault alone would be enough to destroy their relationship after all they have been through together (although I do expect her to feel very upset and even a bit betrayed if she recalls that event). But as I said in an earlier post, the assault is just one of several things that Casca could likely be upset with him about, including his abandonment of her, disagreements involving their child, and perhaps even taking her to Elfhelm to restore her mental health without her consent (although I would add that I believe Guts was doing what was best for Casca with the latter, I could still see her being upset about it).

And sure, Guts has learned his lesson from a lot of these things and grown from them to become a better person. But he wasn't the only afflicted party. Casca was just as involved in these events as he was, and we haven't gotten to see her opinion of them (at least not while she was sane). And with her finally coming back, we could finally be getting those reactions. Based on your previous posts, I don't believe we are necessarily in disagreement here.

This is sort of what I meant when I said there would still be a rift between them after she was healed. Even if the specific reasons as to why they have grown apart aren't the same, there are still quite a bit of issues they will have to work through.

You're not sure why I'm drawing a distinction between the Beast of Darkness and Guts generally? OK... Well there is more to Guts than just the Beast of Darkness. Miura created that character to show Guts' internal struggle. What the Beast wants isn't what Guts himself really wants. It's just a part of him, not the whole. That's why I distinguish the two.

Of course, I just wasn't sure why you were making the distinction in response to my point in particular when I said in the same sentence that he would be conflicted over the idea. We aren't in disagreement here. Although I would say that it is a bit misleading to say that "what the Beast wants isn't what Guts himself wants." The degree of influence the Beast has over Guts varies at different points of the story, but even when it is at its weakest it is still a visual representation of Guts' own darkest wants and desires. That doesn't mean it represents what Guts most wants, mind you. But that's a bit of a tangent and a whole other can of worms to get into.

This is obviously not the same thing as her not being able to take care of herself because of her madness... That time has come to an end.

Fair enough, but the point of what I was saying was that I expect Guts' struggle between Casca's needs and desires and his own desire for revenge to still be a continued conflict for him going forward. Casca is healed? Maybe she wants to stay on Elfhelm and avoid conflict with the God Hand. Casca decides to pick up her sword again? Then it's to go on another journey that continues keeping Guts away from revenge. The nature of the child is revealed and it is discovered that he can be used as a weapon/exploit to kill Griffith? Then there is friction between the two of them about that. That's kind of the sort of conflict I expect for Guts for the rest of the series. Eventually of course they will have to go to Falconia and Guts will have to confront Griffith, but I don't expect the two sources of his inner conflict (Casca and Griffith) to align themselves and give him a clear goal that satisfies both ends. Not that it couldn't happen somehow, but that just seems a bit too easy for me.

Sure. Most of my interventions are to point out that things are more complicated and nuanced than people think. Everything we've been talking about here is guaranteed to involve complex emotions and circumstances.

I agree. We are definitely heading towards some really great character interactions involving Casca. It's very exciting.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 354
« on: March 03, 2018, 12:47:34 PM »

Sure, although I don't think anyone was saying otherwise (well, except you in the previous episode thread).

I've actually changed my mind on that bit after having separate discussions with you and Walter (not that it was a particularly good idea to begin with). One of the benefits of reading/discussing things on this site, I'm always learning new things about the story and finding new ways to look at past events. So from those discussions I came to the conclusion that there was no need for other characters to become involved In that ordeal, not when it was something personal between Guts and Casca. Not to mention the original scenario I had in mind didn't come to pass (for the good of things), so I don't think there is any need to cling to it desperately.

I disagree. Casca was afraid of Guts (and of all men in general) in her previous state, but that person is gone. In fact it wasn't so much a person as an absence of one. Guts and Casca's relationship is effectively getting a reset here. If there has to be a chill between them, I don't think it will simply be inherited from the time she was insane. I don't think she'll wake up and instinctively be distrustful of Guts. Because even if she keeps her memories from that period or has flashes of them from time to time (I quite like that idea), her personality will make a big difference in how she processes them.

Sure, but I don't think I said anything about her having the same exact feelings. Just that there was a rift and that I didn't expect it to be filled just because she has regained her sanity and memories. She will process and deal with things much differently upon waking up, but that doesn't mean she will be fine with any of the selfish things Guts has done in her absence, nor that she will be completely rational about things. This ritual in the Corridor of Dreams has just been the beginning of Casca's healing process. It didn't heal away her trauma and it won't automatically settle any issues she might have with Guts.

Of course, this is provided she remembers any of her post-Eclipse memories upon waking up. I would personally be a bit disappointed if she doesn't remember them in some capacity, but it is still a possibility that she won't remember them initially.

Yeah that's what I was talking about.

Yeah, it was what you were talking about.  :slan:

Just to be clear, the term "vessel" here refers specifically to the body. The child's corporeal body was overtaken by Femto during the Incarnation ceremony (where Femto "took flesh"), but his ego somehow survived the procedure.

Yeah, I was trying to draw a distinction between "vessel" and "body" in regards to the Moonlight Boy using Griffith's "body" (being your theory that isn't yet confirmed, but has evidence to support it) and the two obviously sharing a "vessel" due to Femto being incarnated into the Physical World and the child either being part of the process or a foreign element in the process. And the result was that what I said didn't make any sense. Sorry about that. I'll try to be more concise in the future.

I'm sure the Beast of Darkness would find the idea delectable, but I doubt Guts as a whole would be fine with the boy's death. Also, there is no need to prioritize Casca's protection anymore, since she's cured.

Not sure why you're drawing a distinction here. And well, I did say he would be conflicted. He isn't a monster, so I doubt he would be "fine" with killing the child either. But the temptation will no doubt be there, and I could even see him making the decision to exploit the child's connection in some way in order to get revenge (whether that be killing him, or using that connection to "control" or "influence" Griffith in some way, but that's too far ahead).

As for Casca, I don't know if her need for protection is necessarily over just yet, seeing as she still has to deal with the trauma of the Eclipse. She may not even want to fight at first and decide to hide away from everything on Skellig. In fact, I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility that Guts and Casca might just decide to stay on the island and live in peace for the rest of their lives. Guts would be far from satisfied with that, but if she did make that decision, then Guts isn't going to drop her there and go straight to Falconia (not that you didn't already know this yourself). Nor would it last forever seeing as the story has to continue. Long story short, she is "healed", but I'm not so certain that Guts' struggle between Casca and Griffith is over yet. But it could definitely still exist in another form that doesn't include Guts protecting her, such as possible contention over whether to exploit the connection their child.

I have a hard time imagining Casca being Ok with killing her son.

Poor choice of words (again), but I don't see any scenario where Casca is "okay" with killing her son. At the same time, we don't have any idea how Casca is going to feel about her son or his connection to Griffith. As you said, before she was an "absence of a person" whose love for her child was entirely instinctual. How will she process her knowledge of the child with a restored mindset and memories of the Eclipse?

Note that I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm just trying to keep my mind open to different possibilities for the future of the story. I do believe that Casca's feelings towards the child will be a bit complicated however (which almost goes without saying). Maybe she will be just as ambivalent as Guts is, but still fall on the opposite side of the fence in regards to how they should handle the situation.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 354
« on: March 02, 2018, 10:25:01 PM »
You're mistaken. The sexual assault isn't the "real" reason Casca feared Guts. She became afraid of Guts after he strangled her. This is very clearly depicted in the manga and we see Guts reflect on it. That's why he then tied her up (which made her hate him more). The fact he forcefully kissed her and bit her breast several days or weeks later didn't help with the situation, but she had already stopped trusting him at that time (which is why she fled while he dozed off and stumbled into the brigands' camp). And we never see that second assault as making a difference in her behavior.

You're right, I should have chosen my words more carefully. But the point of that particular comment of mine was really that it was a personal moment between Guts and Casca that will be need to be dealt with between the two of them.

Well sure, but let's not forget what Guts & Casca's relationship was like to begin with. For example how she stabbed him with a sword before they first made love, or how he strangled her (then broke down crying) during the act. Like I said, it's not that those scenes are unimportant, but we have to remember who the real Casca was. A warrior who could fend for herself. A military leader who stood up to Guts when it was needed. That's the Casca we're getting back.

I wouldn't be so sure about that. At least, not right off the bat. We aren't sure how Casca is going to react to regaining her sanity and her memories of the Eclipse. Personally, I don't think we will be getting the confident warrior/commander from the Golden Age. She is going to have a lot of issues to deal with upon returning. I think rebuilding her confidence as a soldier and a leader will be one of the primary subjects of her future character arc. I doubt we will be getting that Casca back for a long time, or at the very least not until she has had plenty of time to process and deal with her current situation.

And of course, things are very different now, but that's also kind of the point. They both went through the Eclipse, and it has left a trauma that has dwarfed everything else. Guts is still completely haunted by it, and we've already been warned that Casca will be as well. I think everything else will be secondary to that, and to their objectives going forward (i.e. their son). Which is why it seems to me that people who focus too much on those two scenes from volume 23 are missing the big picture.

As Griffith said, I don't think the assault is necessarily removed from the big picture. Casca is going to have a lot of things to deal with upon waking up, including her feelings regarding the Eclipse, her child (and maybe its connection to Griffith, but of that I'm less certain), and of course her feelings regarding Guts. While I agree that how she deals with the Eclipse will be the primary focus upon her waking up, her feelings about Guts will still need to be tackled at some point. And that deals with a whole list of issues, such as Guts abandoning her for two years, her assault, perhaps taking her to Elfhelm to restore her sanity without her "permission" (although this would be a bit irrational of her, I could still see her having this reaction as a result of her distress with the stuation), and potentially even contention concerning their child.

I don't think the assault will be a new pivotal plot point that will cause a rift between them either, because there already is a rift between them. And just like Casca dealing with her trauma, I think this is something that shouldn't be healed away with magic. It should be something that they work through and deal with the consequences of together.

I think Guts will feel bad about his past behavior (he really was an asshole to the child). I've never forgotten the two pages at the end of episode 238 where he thinks about him. I think they're indicative of what's to come. There's tons of ways this could go, of course, but to me the real deal down the line will be facing the fact the boy is essentially fused with Femto. That could lead to an impossible choice: should they try to kill Griffith and kill their son in the process? It's easy to see how Guts and Casca could fall on opposite sides of the issue (though I would hope that all would end well eventually).

I think Episode 238 shows that he may have more ambivalent feelings towards him if nothing else. He doesn't feel anger or hatred when thinking of the child. Instead he seems more sad when he thinks that he may still be wandering around alone in the night.

But on the topic of the child being fused with Griffith's vessel (and the two of them probably sharing a body as well), I could definitely see both parents falling on opposite  sides of the issue as you say. Even though Guts has resolved to protect Casca over taking revenge on Griffith, he still has that temptation gnawing at him with Griffith now being where his sword can reach him. How will he feel if he learns that Griffith now has a potential weakness he can exploit to actually kill him (if it is indeed a weakness)? He would be conflicted I'm sure, but I think the thought of exploiting his son's connection to Griffith would make his desire for revenge (and maybe even his dissatisfaction with prioritizing Casca) grow even stronger.

And as for Casca, I think her own feelings towards her child might be just as complex as Guts' are. She has shown a strong motherly instinct towards her son while her mind was regressed, but with the knowledge of him sharing a body with Femto, the man who raped her and sacrificed her comrades/subordinates to be slaughtered, I could easily see her contemplating or even making the decision that killing him would be for the best. It should also be taken into account that there might not be a way to free their child, and Guts and Casca will be made aware of this from the onset. That would make it less an issue of difference in motivation and more a conflict for both parents to suffer through in their own ways, perhaps even causing the rift between them to widen.

Chiming in here from the peanut gallery. I just wanted to say that it's pretty amazing that we're having these conversations now, when it's no longer a distant hypothetical for when these issues will actually be addressed in the story. We really made it!  :ubik:

I had a similar moment replying to Aaz earlier where I had to correct myself talking about Casca's return like it was still coming. She's already back!  :guts: :casca:

I feel so happy for you guys who have been keeping up with the series for so long. Maybe one day when we reach the next big milestone for the series (or even the climax of the series) I can be in a similar position.

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: March 02, 2018, 08:49:44 PM »
Star Wars: Battlefront II... and I feel guilty that I even impulse bought it on sale, then tried to return it but missed the deadline. :farnese:

In the days of my childhood I used to play the original Battlefront II on my PlayStation 2 with my younger brother against AI opponents. Those were good days!

Lately I've actually begun playing InFamous for the first time ever on PlayStation 3. I bought both games for around $11 at GameStop and so far I think they're a good edition to my PS3 collection.

Podcast / Re: SkullKast: Episode 93
« on: February 27, 2018, 05:47:38 PM »
Thanks for all the positive feedback folks!

Nearly a week in to having read the episode, I feel so much more comfortable with the focus of it being on Casca's breaking (and not the rape itself). I do think that Miura will show a counterstroke about this experience's impact on Farnese and Schierke. At least, if he doesn't, I think that'd be a missed opportunity to show that diving into such an intense memory cuts both ways.

That would be nice, but I almost think it isnít necessary. We already saw them cracking a bit from the fear and stress throughout the entire ordeal of the hunt for the memory fragments, yet they still managed to continue fighting on. This experience still tested them perhaps more than anything they have been through before, but I thought that it was very powerful how they were able to continue fighting on in spite of their apparent distress at the situation. It kind of thematically ties into how they are going to help Casca confront and deal with that trauma herself. They had to experience it themselves in order to do that. And not only did they experience it, they conquered it.

I think a bit of mild PTSD wouldnít be unwelcome. But I donít know about anything too extreme in regards to mental consequences for their experience.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 354
« on: February 27, 2018, 04:31:24 PM »
Regardless if she remembers the time when Guts was possessed and assaulted her, and even if she doesn't bear conscious ill will towards him if she does, she might still have quite uncontrollable feelings of fear of him.

Just a mild correction, but Guts wasnít possessed when he sexually assaulted her. He was however possessed by a spirit when he began strangling her beforehand during a separate incident (although he does wonder if those were his own feelings of malice that caused him to do that and not the spritís). This is even set up as the reason Puck believed that Casca feared Guts, keeping him oblivious of the latterís assault.

And yeah, Iím honestly not expecting those feelings of fear to magically disappear. That just seems like wishful thinking. But maybe weíll be finding out next month!  :slan:

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 354
« on: February 27, 2018, 04:04:28 PM »
My concern would be if she remember what happen during the period while she was insane. For eg Farnese and schierke.

Or if she remember that back in vol 23, Guts did accidentally tries to harm her.

Well I wouldnít call it an accident, but I do believe she will remember this event in some capacity. What would her reaction be? Who can say? They did share this traumatic experience with one another and after remembering those events I could see her being a bit more understanding of everything Guts has been through, seeing as they both became broken in their own ways as a result. But I also wouldnít discount the possibility of her still being afraid and distrustful of him after she comes back. She is the only one who knows about that incident. Not even Puck, who has been with Guts longer than anyone in the party  knows the real reason Casca is afraid of Guts. Itís something personal that they will have to talk about at least.

But this depends on whether Casca retains her post-Eclipse memories right away. I donít see why she would forget them, and I also think it would be a little cheap if she did, but thereís no telling in what capacity she will remember things. And with her waking up after regaining her sanity and realizing that the Eclipse wasnít just a bad dream, I have a feeling she wonít be completely rational right away. Maybe it is logical for her to try to be more understanding of Gutsí POV in light of their shared experience, but it isnít guaranteed she will want to think about things logically at first.

And what if she does understand what he has been through but still doesnít want to forgive him? I donít think she will hate Guts for the selfish things that he did, but it isnít unrealistic at all for her to be upset with him. In fact, I think itís highly probable she will be. But if that is the case, then there will no doubt be future opportunities for them to work through their issues together and rebuild their relationship (even if it is no longer as lovers). There are so many ways this could play out, and I couldnít be more excited about the future of the story.

Podcast / Re: SkullKast: Episode 93
« on: February 26, 2018, 12:12:58 AM »
Just so you guys know, I was waiting for this all day.  :guts:

On the topic of Casca's expression upon waking up, I thought it looked as though she were waking up from a dream. Maybe calling back to the Dreamcast game where she seems to recall the Eclipse as a bad dream. Except now that she's really awake and regained her sanity, she'll have to deal with the fact that it wasn't just a bad dream. (Also, of course, Corridor of Dreams).

Also completely agree about Casca eventually taking charge of Guts' Band. I could definitely see her bringing more authority and discipline to the group (almost like a mercenary commander :slan:). Bonus points for when they eventually begin waving a banner bearing the symbol of the original Band of the Falcon (but that's just speculation).

Keep making podcasts guys! I love your content!

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 354
« on: February 24, 2018, 08:36:20 PM »
No need to apologize man, we get it, this is truly a new benchmark in Berserk's story, I'm still in disbelief and feeling sentimental over this and I've only been into Berserk for about 7 years, I can't imagine what you and the others who've read it for nearly (or over) 2 decades must be feeling. Oh and welcome back to the forum :)

Seven years? Wow. Iíve only been a Berserk fan for four years, and this still feels like a long-awaited moment for me. This is another turning point for the series, perhaps even exceeding Gutsí epiphany in the Conviction Arc in force of impact. Itís an exciting time for Berserk fans in general. I can only imagine how you guys who have been reading the series the longest are feeling.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 354
« on: February 23, 2018, 04:25:15 PM »
I'm excited to see her talk to Guts again for the first time.  I suppose I'm just excited about the phase of the story we are now entering, where we don't know the next goals of the characters yet.  I suppose I'm just excited about all of it. :ubik:

Next episode is going to be heavy. Guts and Casca reunion accompanied by the latter's realization that the Eclipse wasn't just a bad dream. I don't think I've ever been this excited for a new Berserk episode.

As for what their next goals are, I've been thinking back to the scene on the boat after the Sea God section where Guts looks out the window and begins to inwardly declare what he will do after his current journey is over.

This could easily be taken as Guts deciding to go after revenge again (and I've seen a lot of people come to this conclusion). But I've also been wondering if this isn't him resigning himself to staying on Elfhelm with Casca for her sake. Since he comes to this decision after thinking to himself that Casca became insane because she couldn't cope with the trauma. Maybe he is deciding here that he doesn't repeat his previous mistake and leave her behind for revenge while she is in such a critical state. And the look in his eyes is one of frustration because he knows this means keeping himself away from what he wants.Of course things obviously wouldn't go that way or at least continue that way forever for the sake of the narrative. Just a thought.

Although whatever happens, I'm pretty sure it will be something to continue keeping Guts away from revenge.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 354
« on: February 23, 2018, 01:25:16 PM »
I liked the pacing of all of the last episodes, basically since group's arrival to elfhelm, because I thought we were rushing to a specific event (events of this episode!). But now this was dealt with so quickly... what's the rush?

I get what you mean. I actually remember being very surprised when the initial leaks were released that Casca was waking up already. I expected at least another episode after this one before the Corridor of Dreams plot was resolved. I had anticipated there being some sort of moment for Casca to become aware of what was happening and be forced to confront her trauma and make the final decision to wake up herself.

Although the more I think about it the more I prefer things this way. Now we can have that moment of realization and those reactions alongside her interactions with Guts and the rest of the party. I like the idea of Casca being ďforcedĒ out of her insanity to actually process and deal with her trauma without giving her a say in the matter. It will no doubt add to the drama in the coming episodes.

As for the Eclipse, I thought it was handled very well. Farnese and Schierke had already been dealing with the Eclipse for the past few episodes in order to get to the last memory fragment, fighting the penis monsters, representations of the Apostles, and the ďKing of the MonstersĒ representation of Femto. They were also visibly cracking from the fear and stress, but still managed to continue fighting on. I thought that was very powerful.

As for the actual memory fragment itself, I liked the way the Eclipse was presented. The panorama of all the terrible things Casca saw during the Eclipse ending with an emphasized finale of the moment that ultimately caused her descent into insanity. I was surprised it didnít linger, but I donít think it was necessary. Weíve already seen these events ourselves after all, and though Farnese and Schierke did seem a bit less perturbed by the actual experience than I thought they would be, I think the scene accomplished its task. That being to offer Farnese and Schierke a real look at what broke Casca so they can help her recover in the real world.

As for what I anticipate in the future, I do agree with Aaz that an explanation for how and why Casca understands and associates the Demon Child with the Eclipse would be necessary. And I do think we will have that as well. More than anything, Iím curious how Casca is going to remember her post-Eclipse memories now that she has regained her sanity. Will they be more instinctual or subconscious? Will she slowly remember them over time or through her dreams? Or will she remember everything as if she were always lucid? There are a lot of directions this can go.

At least I can say that I think this was the best episode in a long time and that I havenít anticipated a new episode this much for as long as Iíve been a fan of Berserk.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 354
« on: February 23, 2018, 01:12:00 AM »
Such a beautiful episode   :judo:
This is the moment that we've all been waiting for. Almost 22 years and over 260 episodes later, it finally happened - Casca is back!!  :guts: :casca:

And I love how Miura makes it clear that while Casca's sanity (and memories) may have been restored, her pain and psychological trauma are still there. And they are raw as ever. I really like how this episode reminds us there are some things that no amount of magic can make go away and that there will be no easy fixes. Even Danan's formidable magic is no silver bullet for Casca's condition.

Agreed Johnny Apples. I also love how the Eclipse was showcased in this episode. Iím glad the episode didnít focus simply on the rape, but emphasized how the event in its entirety was the source of Cascaís trauma. I loved the symbolism with her heart being covered in thorns, and I thought the helix imagery reminiscent of the Idea of Evil and Vortex of Souls was very interesting.

And next month we will finally be gifted interactions between Casca and Guts again, as well as her reactions towards the events that transpired during the Eclipse. I havenít anticipated an episode like this in a long time.

Speculation Nation / Re: Casca & The Idea of Evil
« on: February 22, 2018, 09:47:54 PM »
I can't imagine most fans have trouble realizing the significance of Ep 82's appearance, and not connecting it to what Flora said, and not noticing the world spiral tree's design with the brand, etc.

Yeah, of course not. I was just being goofy.

But I do think it would be really cool if Miura were building up to a new grand reveal for ďGodĒ in Berserk. Starting with its initial appearance in Episode 82, all of the bits about causality, the spiral imagery, etc. Basically the culmination of all those things. Then a new reveal for how the Idea of Evil was born, what itís purpose is, and the specifics for how causality functions. Perhaps accompanied with the reveal of what the IoEís real plan for humanity is.

Sure, we already have all that information from Episode 83, but a new reveal that came after everything that has happened so far and ties into all of these other things (both big and small) would be more ďepicĒ I guess.

Do you agree?

Speculation Nation / Re: Casca & The Idea of Evil
« on: February 22, 2018, 08:50:03 PM »
It could still be a heart-like thing. But the removal of Ep 83 means that it doesn't have to be one. Furthermore, Miura has kind of already recycled the heart with eyes design via the Sea God, which leads us to believe that he's probably scrapped that notion for IoE.

That isn't why it was removed though. Like I said earlier, Ep 83 is not a spoiler as in, "you aren't supposed to know this yet"; but it limited how he presents the Berserk universe. Should high concepts such as determinism and causation be broached directly in conversation and grounded concretely, or be left ambiguous? A conversation with the god of Berserk detailing the methods of its manipulation arranges the scale and stakes for the story differently than when left a bit open. Miura took the flexible approach. And as others have said in the past, he could probably pull that off better if given more time for those ideas to stew a bit (STEW!)

It would be great if Miura were to eventually have another "big reveal" for the Idea of Evil or whatever form "God" takes in the series at that point. Then when the series is finally completed, newer readers can read the entire story from beginning to end and be gobsmacked by the reveal of the Idea of Evil before going back and noticing all the "hints and foreshadowing" of its existence.

 "Oh right, in Episode 82. I remember now!"
 "So this was what Flora was talking about then."
"It has the same helix shape as the World Spiral Tree!"
 "Oh wow, the Sea God looks similar as well!"
 "And Casca's heart as well? Wow, he really planned this out..."

So kind of like the inverse of what we do now, finding cool stuff that alludes or looks similar to content from Episode 83. :ganishka:

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Hola
« on: February 14, 2018, 09:01:33 PM »
This forum is great. Mods are cool/helpful, and the episode discussions/podcasts are some of the best I've seen in the Berserk community. I'm not sure, but I think even has a Discord server if you're into that. Hope you stick around!

Speculation Nation / Re: Will Casca return to Griffith?
« on: February 14, 2018, 08:56:37 PM »
Will the fact that Griffith's body is her son's sway her mind? Discuss!

I think it will definitely play a role in whatever her reason to fight turns out to be. But she isn't going to join Griffith. The only emotions she should be having for Griffith at this point are betrayal and revulsion. She isn't like Rickert, who was not present for the Eclipse and found something new to protect in Erica to help him grow past the loss of the Falcons. She was there to experience the horrors of the Occultation Ceremony herself, and she has been in a regressive state for the past few years and so hasn't been able to work through her trauma yet. We're going to be getting the latter after this mission in the Road of Dreams is over; this won't be the end of Casca's mental and emotional turmoil. But once she does finally work through it, I can all but guarantee she won't be fighting at Griffith's side.

However, while I do think she will be fighting with Guts and the party, I don't know if she will accept revenge as her motivation. She will almost definitely hate Griffith, but her forming a vendetta will do nothing but feed Guts' own desire for vengeance that he has been putting on hold until Casca was safe in Elfhelm. I think Casca will find her own reason to fight that goes beyond her former loyalty to Griffith or taking revenge with Guts, perhaps something involving her child. Not only would this create tension between her and Guts on what their next objective would be (it pushes Guts even further away from going after revenge), it also creates a major conflict for both Guts and Casca, as killing Griffith would most likely also kill their child. But I nevertheless see them opposing Griffith together, even if they aren't completely on the same page at first.

Side note, but I would also love to see Casca take her proper position as the Unit Commander of the Band of the Falcon. While I see Guts remaining as the de facto leader and beacon of inspiration for the party, I could see Casca taking up a co-leadership position with him, and bringing more authority and discipline to the way the group fights and operates. And when they eventually reconvene with Rickert, I could also see them coming together and waving the banner of the original Band of the Falcon to oppose Griffith's Neo-Band of the Falcon. This is actually something I think is a very strong possibility for the future of the story, and I couldn't be more excited for it. But Casca will probably have to deal with things such as depression and PTSD, as well as regain her confidence as a leader and warrior. Her slowly finding her way back to the confident warrior she used to be and eventually retaking her role as the commander of the Falcons would be an amazing character arc for her that could last the rest of the series.

I'm also expecting a lot of time to be spent with her building relationships with the rest of Guts' Band. I'm particularly looking forward to her interactions with Isidro. I could see her becoming a sort of "big sister" to him that tries to instill discipline in him and talk with him more about what it really means to be a soldier/swordsman.

Speculation Nation / Re: How much do we know about the World of Ideas?
« on: February 11, 2018, 08:49:10 PM »
The Egg talks pretty clearly about how the incarnation of Femto will be the bridge between the old world and the new. And we already know what that new world is. Creating Fantasia was already the series' biggest spectacle. I don't see Miura doing that all over again, particularly for something where the stakes are unclear and unexplored.

As cool as that would be.  :sad: I think he could definitely do it, but it would certainly be a tall order. At the same time, I can't imagine how difficult it would be to capture a change on the world of that scale. We don't even know what sort of effect that would have.

So do you personally want Miura to elaborate upon the World of Ideas? I've been a bit obsessed with the concept and how it pertains to the larger Berserk universe lately.

Speculation Nation / Re: How much do we know about the World of Ideas?
« on: February 11, 2018, 07:28:49 PM »
Wow, thanks for answering so quickly. I'm going to look at each of your responses and respond based off of the information you give me. Please let me know if I'm misunderstanding things or overreaching.

This is a bad translation. What she calls it is "the spirit that is the source of existence". Because it's in Japanese, there can be variations, for example "spirit" and "soul" are both correct, and "source" and "origin" are also both appropriate. Existence could also be replaced by "beings". However Miura does go out of his way to use words that relate to water for these things, hence why "source" is preferable here. Of note is that in the name "Idea of Evil", the kanji for "Idea" has the same meaning: source/origin. And since we're at it, I can't help but remind those who don't know that "idea" in this context is a Greek word and pronounced the Greek way: ee-deh-ah.

That's very interesting to know. If I'm understanding Plato's theory correctly, then these "forms" or "ideas are the "perfect" representation of their more flawed or imperfect counterparts, correct? If that is the case, then does that mean the Idea of Evil is the source of a "perfect" evil? And since humans were the ones who created the Idea of Evil to grant "meaning to their suffering, then are these "ideas" created to be something beyond the thoughts/imaginations of humans? As in, are these "perfect ideas" beyond the limitations of human conception, and so created to be perfect based off of humanity's flawed perception of the idea? I know we don't have enough information about the World of Ideas to really speculate too far along these lines, but am I understanding the theory of ideas correctly?

The Idea of Evil resides in the Abyss. And I think it's safe to say that the Idea of Evil is part of the World of Ideas. However, how that works is currently unknown and tricky to get into. Is the great ocean of souls part of the World of Ideas? Is it its surface or a gateway to it? Or is it the World of Ideas itself in its entirety? We don't know. We also don't know really the details of how the World of Ideas relates to the Astral and Corporeal worlds.

Yeah, my line of thinking was that the Abyss where the Idea of Evil resides could have been an "overlapping" between the Astral World and World of Ideas, similar to how the Physical and Astral Worlds can overlap with the Interstice and Road of Elves. But maybe I'm looking at the World of Ideas' existence all wrong. Magic-users know of its existence, but it's unknown if they are able to interact with it in any way, and if so what limitations they have in that regard. Personally, I find it unlikely that magic-users can interact with it in the same way they can the Astral World, if only because we haven't gotten any further elaboration on it since its initial passing mention. But then the question arises of how they even know about its existence in the first place. Maybe it isn't another "tangible world" on the same level as the other two parts of Berserk's macro-cosmic trinity, but is instead only represented by these "ideas" which it concerns. But all we can do is speculate at this point. I hope we receive more elaboration on it in the future.

I think it's above their pay grade. The one pulling the strings is the Idea of Evil.

When you say it's above their pay grade, do you mean that they aren't significant enough to have any sort of ability to interact with the World of Ideas? And when you say the Idea of Evil is the one who is pulling the strings, do you mean to say that only it would be capable of accomplishing anything involving the World of Ideas? If so, how would you imagine that happening? My understanding of the Idea of Evil is that its manipulation of causality was only extended to creating the lineages that would produce in every human the necessary qualities to play a part in its grand design, as well as bestowing "evil power" upon the Apostles and God Hand. Aren't the God Hand the ones who are physically executing its will, as well as the will of humanity's subconscious collective desire?

For a followup question, I was wondering if you believe the World of Ideas will be elaborated upon or play a part in the story in the future, and if so do you have any predictions or speculations about what that part will be? I have heard some speculate that the God Hand would want to further transform the world by "merging" the World of Ideas with Fantasia. Maybe this would be the "perfect world" that the Egg Apostle desired to create by birthing Griffith's new vessel. Do you have any thoughts on that?

Speculation Nation / How much do we know about the World of Ideas?
« on: February 11, 2018, 04:38:40 PM »
I know the concept is derived from Plato's theory of forms, but what role does it play in relation to the other two worlds (the Physical World and the Astral World)? Schierke refers to it as "the soul of the origin of all existence." Does this mean that all things/concepts/objects in the Physical and Astral Worlds are just derived from their original forms in the World of Ideas? Does the Idea of Evil reside in the Abyss or the World of Ideas, or do the two overlap? Is it possible the World of Ideas will tie into the God Hand's plan in some way, such as merging the World of Ideas with Fantasia (for example)?

Podcast / Re: SkullKast: Episode 92
« on: January 29, 2018, 06:36:50 PM »

Segue has to be the key phrasing because I don't think Casca's dream world is the time to be broaching the Beast conflict within Guts.

Yeah, the more I think about it the more I agree that now might not be the best time to follow through on that plot thread. I had a similar discussion on the episode thread, and I think it would be a bit better if Guts and Casca talked about it themselves after this dream sequence is over.

Yes, but it also gave a pretty specific framing for when it would come back. The Beast hinted that it will resurge after his friends are killed, not that it will kill his friends.

Yeah, of course. I don't think there is going to be a second Eclipse or anything of that nature, nor do I think Guts is going to regress back to his Black Swordsman Arc personality. I was just pointing out that his struggle with the Beast is far from over. I think a death or tragedy within the party of some kind will be what brings about the return of the Beast. I also think the fact that Guts even has that thought to begin with illustrates that he is afraid something will still go wrong and he will go off like a bomb to do something truly horrible. He is at least afraid of the possibility of doing harm to Casca and the party. I don't think it will go that far, but I am almost certain something bad will come of it.

Again, I'm not sure I follow you here. What do you mean by confronting Guts about it? Is this going to be like an Intervention episode?

Well I don't know about an intervention haha. I was thinking something along the lines of Farnese and/or Schierke demanding an explanation, and after being given one, to want to help Guts overcome it. Actually, you know that sounds exactly like an intervention... Well, the gist of it was I thought a new avenue for the Beast of Darkness to be explored could be opened up by the party or someone in the party forcing Guts to give an explanation. But as I said above, this could be done by Casca alone as well. After all, this is really between her and Guts, not anybody else.

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