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Character Cove / Guts = Griffith = Guts = Griffith etc. etc.
« on: December 21, 2001, 01:17:26 AM »
I mean I can't say exactly which one is good or evil.
I think Guts and Griffith have the two at the same time.

Whatever they are, Guts and Griffith are the same, they’re differences are only superficial and circumstantial, and I’ve always found this juxtaposition between the two most fascinating.  It’s amazing how different they can seem, simply because they look the exact opposite of each other (a device Miura is now drawing on more heavily, volume 22’s cover for example), and because Guts had no direction originally while Griffith did.

They are two of a kind; they are both self-absorbed, have incredible willpower, ruthlessness and ambition. But both are much more complicated than just these traits, they are indescribable at their cores, like real people.  Griffith lived for an impossible dream, one to justify his existence, and Guts lived for no reason at all besides the fact that he refused to die, so that his existence would not cease. But when he saw what Griffith had, he wanted it for himself.  If Griffith is bad, then Guts is just as so, he just doesn’t know it, and his very refusal to acknowledge it is why he is actually worse.

After Griffith fakes his death, murders the Queen and has Guts murder those foolish enough to serve him (Guts needs to get better with foreshadowing), Griffith asks Guts straight out if he thinks he is an awful person. He deceived the Hawks, having them believe he was dead, he used people and then disposed of them like they were nothing and demonstrated that he would destroy anyone or anything that got in his way to achieve his goals; that nothing was sacred. Then he asks Guts if he was evil, and Guts said he was not.

Guts has no right to call Griffith, “villain”, Griffith has never hidden who he is from Guts, and Guts always understood and accepted Griffith and his actions, he even admired him and desired similar accomplishments, until…Griffith’s “evil” actions actually affected him that is.  Only then did Griffith become a villain in Guts’ eyes (and the eyes of so many Berserk fans), because he dared to hurt him, and because Guts is just as self-centered and selfish as Griffith ever was.  Guts could care less about how Griffith treated people, but when his turn came all of a sudden Griffith was a monster.  They are so alike, and ironically because of it, they both refuse to consciously acknowledge the other's faults in themselves.

Though, at the moment I hold Griffith in higher esteem than Guts because he is a bit more mature and has a better understanding of who he is, and he accepts it; he’s more honest with himself and always has been.  Meanwhile, Guts is in denial, he’s stuck where Griffith was three years ago; desperately confused emotionally and morally.  Of course, Griffith’s maturity may be his biggest flaw, for although Guts is a step behind him, Guts still has the choice to walk in a different direction.

They are the same man, only at opposite ends of the spectrum.  That is why they were so attracted to each other from the beginning; it’s what Griffith loved in Guts when he first saw him, and what Guts originally hated in Griffith.  Nobody else can relate to either of them except the other, that’s why they resonate with each other, why they are drawn to each other, because they can only learn to understand themselves through each other.  


P.S. They are unique to any man in the world except each other, in a way they are the only two people that really exist in the world, and they still have much to learn from and about the other, but in the end, the very designation of men like that dictates that only one can exist at a time, if they are to truly exist at all.

Shootin' the Breeze / Apostle Ancestry?
« on: August 09, 2001, 11:02:38 AM »

The Crimson Beherit was created by the God of the Abyss from Void's crystallized tear of blood…Void… with the help of "Apostles" he created, destroyed Midland…

This makes me think, is each generation of Apostle weaker than the last? If the crimson Beherit was created by Void’s tear, then I assume that the tear of the first Apostle Void created (Zodd, likely) was the Beherit for the next Apostle (who made his own tear) and so on.  Zodd (or whoever was first) would be the closest Apostle to God Hand & Idea and next would be the closest to Zodd etc.  So as time went by the strands would keep getting a little bit more diluted and you’d begin ending up with some real losers (the Pig-Apostle Guts fought at Godo’s, or my favorite, the rubber chicken that attacks Judeau in vol. 13).

Also, assuming Void created more than one Apostle himself, then those Apostles tear’s would contain their traits creating many different Apostle arch-types, a type of heritage.  So, a down on his luck Zepec could find a Beherit coming from Zodd’s lineage and become the next super Apostle!

Oh well, these are just nonsensical ravings, but a lot of fun.


P.S. “Hey, watch it, pal! I happen to be a descendant of Zodd himsel!” ;D

Shootin' the Breeze / Downfall Tipoff
« on: August 09, 2001, 06:27:05 PM »
There are some here believe Griffith’s Kingdom will fall like Gaiseric’s through some plan of God Hand’s, correct?  But, I wonder if Griffith is going to be warned (if he hasn’t already figured it out) by somebody (Guts, Casca, Skull Knight or maybe the girl speaking for one of the previously mentioned?) of God Hand’s possible ill intentions for his Kingdom?

Also, if he was warned, would he listen, or keep deceiving himself?


P.S. Wouldn’t it be the perfect reason for Skull Knight to explain his past!? :)

Shootin' the Breeze / R.I.P. ELF-MAN THEORY!
« on: September 09, 2001, 12:54:10 PM »

-Griffith, The Elf-Man Slayer

A bit too dramatic? ;)

Ahhh yes, The Elf theory cometh like a plague! Sorry, but you force my hands.

And let’s not forget the last time this came up…

On second thought, maybe we should forget it, it’s pretty embarrassing, but maybe we can learn from these past tragedies and not repeat them.

Yeah right…

Before we go into Elf debate, lets remember the rules.


1. You don’t need any proof.
2. Specious reasoning is still reasoning.
3. Pointy ears always equal Elf, Elf, Elf.
4. Just make stuff up as you go along.

ELVIN TRAITS: Here is a list of traits to look for in Berserk characters to see if they are Elves or not, though the very idea of the latter is totally ridiculous.

*!!!Pointy Ears!!!*Feet
*No “banana” or “taco”

Remember, if you see ANY Berserk character with one of these traits, there’s a 99.456% chance that they are more likely an Elf than the offspring Griffith’s magic horse.

Other Major Characters In the Series That Are DEFINITELY Part Elf:

Skull Knight – Puck got a sort of Elvin feeling from him, funny he never felt that way around Elf-Man Supremo Guts.
Griffith - He not only has pointy ears, but he has no penis either!
Zodd - Again, pointy ears, no penis, this and the fact that he and Griffith are friends now CANNOT be a coincidence!!!
Gambino - I assume he also has no penis.
Donavon - Judging from the look Guts’ face, he probably did have a penis, Ouch!
Isidro – He had a SD form just like Puck, he’s an Elf.
Everybody else too – THEY MUST BE!!!!
Idea and God Hand – Since all men are really Elves then Idea was created by Elves and Idea is really a giant Elf-God, who created more Elf God’s.

10 Better “Theories” Than the Elf “Theory”:

01. Zodd is Guts’ Father
02. Skull Knight is Guts’ Father
03. Void is Guts’ Mother
04. Gambino really was Guts’ biological father but forgot.
05. Zepec is Guts’ Father but Jill isn’t his sister
06. Casca is Guts’ Father from another dimension
07. Niko is Guts’ Father too.
08. Guts is his own father; he went into the past, had sex with his mother and then he was born, neato.
09.Guts is black, and Donavon is probably his father.
10.Guts isn't an Elf!!!!! That's crazy!!!!

I for one totally believe Guts to be a secret Elf, even if Kentarou Miura never says Guts is an Elf, my perceptive friends and I have already seen the signs and know it to be true!  While other so called Berserk fans wallow in their stupidity, fumbling around with concepts like  “logic” and “truth” the truly elite like me shall have ascended to the level of ultimate fan, the people who really know that Guts is an Elf!


Shootin' the Breeze / Skull Knight, we see you, post something!
« on: February 18, 2002, 10:59:20 PM »
Even a simple hello would be epic.

Oh yeah, and here are the last four chapters in case you haven't seen them (care of Puella)...


Shootin' the Breeze / Olivier, do the damn interview already!
« on: March 25, 2002, 01:06:16 PM »
Hey kids, who wants to see an interview with real life translator and TOTAL BADASS Olivier Hague?! This guy IS the infamous TRANSLATOR who single handedly drove paradiselost out of with his awesome powers! Don’t believe me? Check out this classic exchange:

Paradise: “ friend, I like much more Paradiselost like seems to me that it's much more representative about myself... ;)

Olivier: “If only you could get _lost_, indeed...”

Paradise: “...please, Olivier, don't be offensive, ok?”

Olivier: “Fuck you.”

Paradise: " :'( "

Hahahahahaha! That gets funnier every time I see it! This motherfucker (your mother that is) doesn’t take shit from anybody! He eats Green Berets for breakfast! He spends every afternoon chilling in Boobie Land Paradise and his true identity may very well be Kentarou Miura himself! And dammit, wouldn’t you all love to see an interview with him (how else will we find out the truth about this mysterious and shady character)?


P.S. He’s FRENCH! ^____^

Shootin' the Breeze / Nice Dreams
« on: June 23, 2002, 06:29:37 PM »
Okay, here’s another dream of mine, I suggest you all post your own.  This one’s about a year old, but I transcribed it on some note paper after waking up in order to preserve it, for no apparent reason.

I’m at a random high school, it’s modeled after my own but is new me. I buy some skittles and everyone around seems to know me in a sinister way.  Feeling uneasy, I go into the health office where I meet Chris E., a fat guy who is trying to escape and needs my help.  His legs are chained to a bed and I suggest we cut them off.  He doesn’t like this idea too much but before we know it this Nazi chick has the drop on us.  She has short blonde hair, about chin level, partly covering her icy blue eyes on the right side and she wears a sleek black uniform.  Chris is killed outright but I make my escape.  She's running on top of the office buildings blazing away at me with an Uzi while I slip through the quad area.  I bust through a door and suddenly find myself somewhere altogether new.  I’m exiting a large mansion with the Lakers, apparently they are my comrades in arms.  It’s around sunset, we’re walking on a beach next to a jungle, talking about our victory against the Nazis.  I’m specifically walking with Rick Fox and Kobe Bryant and conversation is subtly slipping into basketball/war metaphors.  When we talk about the preceding victory they even hint at winning the NBA championship with a wink.  Another strange thing, while talking on the beach everything is echoing like we are in the mountains.  When Kobe and I speak, our echo sounds exactly alike, he thinks this is very strange.  We enter the jungle and our voices echo normally. Not far into the bush we meet up with some more comrades of mine all dressed in fatigues. They're attempting to scale a thirty or so foot cliff using a fallen tree.  One of them explains how it should be done quietly in great detail.  As soon as he is finished, we are attacked by two evil Nazi teens in black uniforms standing on top of the cliff.  One of them has black hair and a pale, chiseled visage.  He mocks us and kills many of my comrades.  I throw a piece of cinderblock at him but miss because the thing is so damn heavy.  He retaliates by throwing a brick, but since I ran away as soon as I threw the cinderblock, there was no way he could tag me.  I block the remaining barrage of bricks by holding the first brick over my face.  This is when I come to the realization, quite dramatically, that I must kill to survive!  Now I’m entering another Mansion in a swamp (I assume I got past the teens and the cliff somehow, probably using the tree).  I enter a long hallway, like something out of Resident Evil, where I encounter a soldier that looks just like porn icon Ron Jeremy!  He reaches for his gun, and having learned my lesson of war back at the cliff, I grab him by the throat before he can shoot.  I watch him very closely the entire time, I see the desperate look on his face begin to fade, the depression in his eyes, until finally he lets out a sigh.  I choke him until I am I satisfied he is dead.  But he isn’t dead! In desperation I start strangling him again, though I’m not even holding his neck but the fat of his chin and face.  He looks at me like I’m a total moron and suddenly he turns into Danny DeVito.  He begins babbling on about movies, all the while we remain in our respective positions, me holding on to the lower part of his head.  He notices some shirt I’m wearing, it’s a promotional shirt for a movie. I don’t remember the full name but it had the word “Glitch” in the title.  He says it caused a scene to be cut from a movie because Richard Dryfus, or just “Dryfus” as he called him with contempt, wore it during the filming.  Suddenly, I have a flashback of the cliff scene from earlier, only now a young Richard Dryfus is standing in place of me wearing the shirt.  As DeVito speaks it cuts to another scene of Dryfus at a ball of sorts still wearing the shit, along with a tuxedo.  DeVito starts rambling bitterly about how stupid Dryfus and someone else (possibility the director) was for not noticing the shirt.  Then DeVito disappears and I’m strangling my dog, so I stopped. That’s the end, but here’s the weird part of it…Why weren’t ALL the scenes cut since Dryfus (I) had the shirt on the whole time? I mean, doesn't that seem a little off to you?


Berserk Miscellaneous / Japanese Berserk Boards
« on: August 07, 2001, 11:53:17 PM »
Hey Olivier, I’m curious about the Japanese Berserk Message Boards.  Do they have a bunch of different theories from ours?  For instance, what’s their take on Locus and the upcoming chapters? What are their big theories on what happened with Gaiseric & God Hand and other important events?


Shootin' the Breeze / Getting Serious About Getting YA
« on: July 01, 2002, 01:11:38 PM »
If we’re going to get the scans flowing plentifully around here again, we’re going to have to really focus and go all out.  I think we’re all just waiting for them to appear Godot-style and that’s going to lead us nowhere. First things first…

Does anybody think they can get access to current YA chapters?

If you think you can get YA or scans anywhere, even just theoretically, try to follow it up and see where it
leads. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you get scans from a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend, as long you can get them to me. ;)

I’m hoping 1 out of the 800 of you can provide and be the undying hero of the board, forever celebrated in the songs and poems we write about your greatness.


Shootin' the Breeze / Sad State of Affairs Indeed.
« on: June 27, 2002, 02:47:39 PM »
Well, a whole lot’s been happening in the Berserk community lately…oh, no wait, nothing’s been happening at all actually, nothing relating to Berserk anyway. The events of the story may be more important than ever right now; Kentarou Miura’s world is coming into full view but we certainly aren’t seeing it. Rather than generating theories and speculation at this, what should be, exciting time, the board has become a strange gathering place for buffoons (myself included) the world over; a rogues gallery of Berserk fans now and former rambling incoherently about random bullshit and bitching about the fantasy content of series. We decide whether a chapter “totally sucked” or not based a second hand description that’s only a few sentences long. Do we even attempt to look beyond the surface anymore, are we trying to understand the implications of anything? More information on the Berserk world is being revealed than ever, even the coveted Chapter 83 didn’t get this explicit, and still all people can do is make cheap AD&D jokes and lameass MS Paint Berserk covers because all we focus now on are the set pieces.  It’s gotten to the point where paradiselost is not only welcome, but missed.  Shit people, let’s pull our heads out of our asses, take a look around, and ask ourselves what we’re doing here? The world of Berserk is blooming and we are finally being given the chance to understand how it truly works on every level, the Berserk DVD’s have just been released in the United Sates, and Berserk Volume 23 is coming out tomorrow.  There is no excuse, the Berserk community should be bigger and healthier than ever, so why is it in a coma?

“But Griff, Miura has made Berserk teh fantasy AD&D LOTR’s garbage!”

EAT A BAG OF HELL! This series has had fairy dust and elves in it from day one.  It’s had a Minotaur with wings. It’s had a 300-pound skeleton fullback with a rose sword and matching shield, and a horse that can fucking fly.  It’s had a main character known throughout the land as the BLACK SWORDSMAN who wields the DRAGONSLAYER, how about the whole Goddamn Lost Choldren arc…do I need to continue?  I don’t care how blind you were to it before, that’s just as much fucking fantasy as enchanted weapons and witches. How come nobody ever noticed or complained about all this fantasy shit before the Lord of the Rings movie came out? Miura has presented us with the antithesis of God Hand and instead of examining it we’re only complaining about how it doesn’t match with the rest of the series. No shit, I guess he did a good job.

“But Griff, we don’t have teh scans!”

FUCK OFF!  I’m not buying it anymore. Are you telling me that out of 800 members worldwide there isn’t one person that can get access to scans?  Trust me, I want them just as much as anybody else, and I have no intention of waiting for Volume 24 to see things unfold further. If I have to, I’ll take the cash I put aside for the DVDs, order a subscription to YA instead, and scan the damn chapters myself, just let me know.


« on: July 22, 2002, 12:55:18 AM »
In celebration of Serpico’s new arsenal, I present to you:


Here's a short  documentary about the good Captain, enjoy.

If your appetite is not yet quenched, check out the AWESOME flash movie below, you’ll witness blatant homosexuality and MAN ON DINOSAUR FIVE-WAY ACTION!

I'm guessing we can probably guess the rest of Berserk using this as a template, it already had the feathersword thing afterall! So if anyone finds out how this ends, go ahead and say so, I’ve yet to make it all the way through.


P.S. I have a question, how many fucking times can you remix the goddamn Dorothy the Dinosaur song!?

P.P.S. Just thought I should update and mention that Walter and I made it to the end of the flash movie. Please, learn from our mistake.

Creation Station / Griff's Colors
« on: August 30, 2002, 12:25:30 PM »
Welcome to my photoshop/art thread, I'll be updating this first post with work new & old, so if you can't find what you're looking for elsewhere check right back here.

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Anyway, since this is like my first photoshop ever, and still one of my favorites, it's only fitting that it ceremoniously start the thread:

Phoenix Rising






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