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Movies, TV, Books & Music / Re: Solo: A Star Wars Story
« on: February 09, 2018, 08:16:35 PM »
I'd be down for that. But if they had went that route, fanboys would be crying over the lack of a Han Solo movie  :ganishka:

Probably, but like we've been saying "young Han" is not exactly the most fertile idea, especially when you consider how plentiful and iconic the character already is, as well as the actor tied to him. Lando, on the other hand, is still relatively fresh ground, and not as big a suspension of disbelief because the age difference is more pronounced and the casting much better. Whereas I believe Alden Ehrenreich as a few years younger Han Solo like I believe that guy from How I Met Your Mother is going to inexplicably start sounding like Bob Saget in his late middle age.

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: February 09, 2018, 07:47:52 PM »
I think they successfully made Doom relevant again, which is a huge feat. It's just not the successor I was hoping for. And honestly, I don't even know how to explain what I want. I suppose I wanted something crazy, like a direct evolution of what Doom 1-2 were, not a full-scale reboot. Something that was faster, more enemies on screen, more care into enemy placement, weapon spawns, etc. Imagine '90s Doom + Super Meat Boy, with levels that could be played (and replayed) quickly and mastered over time. What we got with Doom 2016 was a bit too cinematic and linear for me, the forced melee stuff fell flat, and the whole experience didn't really hold my attention longer than it took to beat it.
I'd say I'm a pretty big DooM fan (as my snooty writing of the name shows) and I was happily surprised by the 2016 edition. It wasn't a landmark game like DooM 1+2 were, but I doubt that's even possible in this day and age.

Sounds like that's what Wally was looking for, and I don't think it's impossible (it did get credit for mixing it up with the melee/survivability tradeoffs that rewarded aggression), just not very likely in any given case. Continuing your comparison with Zelda, a series with many more entries than Doom, look at how many games of varying experimentation they relased since 1998 before making BotW, and these are the best, most-consistent game developers in history trying their hardest to hit a grand slam on cue.

It brought me the same joy Zelda: A Link Between Worlds did.

This is easier to pull off, and I'm not saying easy as a slight, because it's also easy to screw up or misunderstand exactly what made something fun, so pulling it off as well as ALBW and Doom 16 is admirable, but it's much harder to create a successor that's equally fun and engaging that's also a unique and transcendent reinvention of the form in and of itself, from scratch. Practically impossible as you say because what could make it transcendent could also make it unrecognizable from its predecessors, "We don't want to make it too different from what people want/expect." So,
many times it's too different or not enough, thus why the ALBW method is more effective since you're basically swinging into that familiarity the best you can while making it feel freshly modern.

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Re: Solo: A Star Wars Story
« on: February 09, 2018, 07:27:10 PM »

Seriously, this should have been the movie! :badbone:

Hopefully still possible if Solo isn't a total disaster (hard to believe it won't at least be successful enough to save face) and Lando will be among the projects one those purported Disney/Lucasfilm secret hires is working on.

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: February 09, 2018, 05:06:18 PM »
The modern one? Yeah, it was fun. It wasn't exactly what I was looking for in a Doom follow-up, but I had weird expectations for what it should actually be.

Tell us more? I thought it was a nice return to form in a modern interpretation, at least as far as the gameplay went (the whole manually initiating big combat sequences was weird). It was definitely a "fun" vibe, which the original Doom had, though one didn't exactly imagine that's what it was all about or trying to convey as best it could in 1993 (Aliens with demons). Maybe that's why the 2016 version was ultimately fleeting; I played it, beat it, deleted it, and didn't think much more of it. Would you have preferred something with an atmosphere more like Doom 3 with the Doom 2016 engine or at least more speed? That one was like they were trying to make something more realistic or at cinematic, and different, but it missed the mark on what people really enjoyed about those games, wheras '16 was more an attempt at a literal modern remake (Pinkys are back in their original form!). A combination of the approaches from Doom 3 and '16 would be interesting, as it stands they're like two sides of the original coin.

I'm planning on checking it out, but it's way down the list. :void:

I bet, let us know what you think in 2041. :iva:

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Re: What are you reading?
« on: February 05, 2018, 08:34:16 PM »
I'm reading the run of Marvel Star Wars comics starting from 2015 and the Thrawn Trilogy simultaneously. It's like I'm at different points in two timelines in parallel (extended) universes! Everyone knows the Thrawn books, so I'll focus on the comics.

So far those modern SW comics are way better than the new movies at doing new and interesting things with old favorites. For example, though it's a bit of a departure, would it surprise you that a man like Han Solo has a scorned ex-wife that's most displeased with him and knows how use a blaster?

The one's I'm reading are the first two Star Wars collected books from 2015 and all the Vader collection and crossovers therin (the "Vader Down" arc). Even my Star Wars hating wife thought it was interesting to see the moment Vader learns Luke's identity and his reaction(s). They also manage to credibly embrace the facts of the prequels and reintroduce them into classic Star Wars in interesting ways (because it's not just ignored or shoehorned in). For example, Vader being knowledgeable of mechanics and droids.

The medium provides the kind of slow burning deep dive for characters that goes a long way toward rectifying Vader's (and others') changes between the prequels, ANH, and Empire. I don't want to say it's actually making those classic films better, because they don't need it, but it's very cleverly scrawling in their margins to make THESE stories relevant. So, while it wasn't required, it's actually taking advantage of the subtle changes to the characters between films. This is a lot better and more natural than the often forced ways the prequels and new films are connected to the originals for purely nostalgic reasons (which is ironically a disservice to the connection). Plus, that's all happening behind the backdrop of actual new situations, adventures or things we didn't see behind the scenes as opposed to rehashing the same Star Wars plot.

For example, you basically get to see Vader fulfilling his official duties for the Emperor and Empire balanced against, sometimes in very direct conflict, with running his own game behind the Emperor's back, and vice versa. It makes Vader more diabolical and dangerous since he's been allowed to be since Empire, which makes sense because that's the direction it's supposed to be going, and it's a good one.

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Re: Solo: A Star Wars Story
« on: February 05, 2018, 07:25:06 PM »
I really wonder if they can generate excitement for this one... For a spinoff, Han Solo seems like such a known quantity, versus fresh territory like Rogue One.

Yeah, it's akin to making a Luke Skywalker spinoff... isn't that already Star Wars, basically? Han Solo is a close second in that regard, eating up at least a third of the story and screentime. That's why I think the only reason this happened right away is because Kasdan said yes to writing it while they made TFA. Otherwise, it's not a great idea for a "spinoff" as you say. We'd be better off with the Boba Fett, Obi-Wan or X-Wing/Rogue Squadron movie, which everyone thought Rogue One would be until it was yet another uninspired assemble a crew for a heist story... hmmm, sounds familiar. =)

Really, the thing that made this different, interesting and promising was the involvement of Lord & Miller, and then they dumped them for Ron Howard in a move that can only make the movie more staid and vanilla. Speaking of which, some directors I'd actually like to see make Star Wars movies of some kind: Abrams (made the best two modern Star Wars movies: TFA and Star Trek 2009 =), Steven Spielberg (specifically RotJ as intended, if possible), Christopher Nolan, Joe Johnston (Boba Fett), Ridley Scott, Denis Villeneuve, Martin Scorsese (they should have had him take over Solo) and Ryan Coogler (maybe possible since he's already in the mouse house with a big hit coming).

Not interested: Colin Trevorrow, Josh Trank, Rian Johnson (hopefully he brings some fresh blood in for his trilogy), and Ron Howard.

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Re: Solo: A Star Wars Story
« on: February 05, 2018, 05:06:45 PM »
Looks better than I thought it would.

Here's hoping it's good. Can't wait to see it!

You will be shocked, SHOCKED to learn I can't say I agree! Unless you're bad expectations are so unreasonable in themselves, like visible green screen or boom mics in the shit, this still didn't seem very promising; though Glover as Lando looked cool as expected, and it's nice to actually see ships and shit and it being "real" instead of just a blob of good or bad expectations in your mind. But whether it's a turd or not, it's going to have that Disney polish, so the red flags will be more subtle (just check out the Attack of the Clones teaser that makes it look like a genuine Shakespearian tragedy as opposed to the filmmaking Shakspearian tragedy it is). Granted, it doesn't look as obviously bad as Justice League, but it did look totally drab and uninspired literally and figuratively and didn't do anything to make me look forward to it. It also looked like they're still hiding Ehrenreich a bit and if that's the best footage they've got... it ain't going to be good. Not only did he not seem right for the part, he also didn't display any charisma to make it his own (it was like Star Trek fan movie casting). I don't even think I'm going to go see this in theaters, not out of protest or anything, just regular "it's doesn't look worth running out to see" movie apathy. Anyway, while it could still be at least palatable to general audiences, and talk about damning with fainr praise, there's still the potential that it's Disney's own prequel Waterloo.

I mean that's why i put quotation marks there.

Likewise, I was responding to the entire notion.

Yeah, I guess I saw climbing the opposite way. To me it represented a greater freedom and openess in the world; the ability to traverse almost anything or anywhere, nicely put in Nintendo's mantra about it, "if you can see it, you can reach it." So, I didn't find it restrictive at all, and conversely grew very frustrated with games that didn't allow me to climb or trapped me in arbitrary, invisible boundaries after (like instinctively trying to teverse time after Braid, I was basically trying to climb everything for a while =). Frankly, every such game should give you some degree of climbing ability like they give you ability to walk, even if its not a featured skill or gameplay mechanic; it's always been stupid playing as basically superhuman characters that do battle with monsters but can't get past a waist high fense or rock. At this point it's just lazy.

BotW is the formula now? I thought it was the anti-formula! They did like 20 games with the old items before this already so it's a bit soon to be nostalgic, and I thought the point of the abilities in BotW was you got them all very early on so you didn't have to follow any particular path for the rest of the game.

Anyway, assuming they continue building on what they did in BotW, the only item I'd like to see back is the hookshot for the Spider-Man action they said almost made it into the game. That should have been game-changing post-Ganon content or something (better than a motorcycle =). I also agree it would be nice to expand the scope of the world to include underwater and underground/caves and more traditional "found" dungeons.

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: January 25, 2018, 07:14:00 PM »
I haven't picked the game back up since beating Onryoki  :ganishka: How are you enjoying it overall, compared to Souls?

It's the best knock off I've played, and does a lot of neat unique twists on things, but it's more repetitive, the equipment variation is kind of a wash on if it adds anything or just doesn't matter (because you're just habitually upgrading to the next weapon or armor of choice with better stats anyway) and the missions give the areas and bosses more of a "wash, rinse, repeat" sort of vibe. You can't get "lost" in it the same way because you can't even jump around once you're in an area. This choice could have positives, like putting you "behind enemy lines" until you get yourself out, but mostly it just gives it the cyclical feel I described.

The fast combat is fun and stances add a lot of variation... except it's more optional variation because you can pretty much mid-stance, roll past, attack, repeat on most enemies, including the big baddies and even some bosses, and never even get hit (mostly, you can't or you're dead =). Here's something I've never had happen in a Souls game: I went into a boss blind and beat them without getting hit once! It wasn't me either, it just happened to be the easiest boss in the game apparently, with a similar moveset as a major enemy you already fight in-level (and the roll-behind, attack strategy is all you need).

To be fair, I've also had a number of them give me just as much or more trouble than a typical Souls boss, getting killed a ton of times in the process, but for varyingly rewarding reasons. It literally is a process, it's a little too much pattern memorization or instant death that feels a bit cheaper than a more balanced approach where you can pick and choose your spots and exchange hits, which in itself leads to less restrictive, more varied and therefore more stimulating combat. I feel like it's much more that there's right and wrong answers in Nioh, and you pretty much need to memorize the "correct answer" to every move to get through (until I said fuck it and went with the ultra speedy/dodgy low stance to cut me some slack). This is a slightly different approach and its merits are debatable; it's kind of fun breaking down and puzzling it out, but sometimes it's a little too much like a meticulous puzzle and not chaotic and improvisational enough, strange as that is to complain about.

This is probably more of an answer than you needed. :guts:

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: January 25, 2018, 03:55:00 PM »
Nioh - Back to back battles with Nue and White Tiger have me embracing a new boss strategy: light armor (of which I'm already an adherent) and low stance strong attack. It's basically born out of my lazyness so I didn't have to master White Tiger's limited but quick moveset at a slower dodge/roll and risk getting caught randomly in a fatal combo (happens against Nue too, where one hit won't kill you, but they can immediately follow it up and catch you again or drain your stamia while you uselessly pound dodge) . I could almost be completely reactive (as low stance advertises) and get away with it. The strong attack makes up for the loss of damage (it's not like you're going to overwhelm them quickly anyway) and has the added effect of naturally limiting the length of your combos so you don't get caught being greedy and getting punished for it. You feel pretty invincible with that much freedom of movement, running circles around the boss even in the middle of their attacks, so it was effective and I didn't suffer from the loss of power.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 353
« on: January 24, 2018, 05:39:08 PM »
Flora ex machina or dues ex Flora? =)

There was a lot of introspection on the way and I'm sure much more to come. For now, a little less conversation, a little more action! Especially since that action is sort of the conversation right now. Two things stood out as "OH SHIT... duh!" moments to me: Flora literally pulling herself out of Schierke's hat to save the day and lay waste to the "apostles" pursuing them, which was a nice surprise to me even though it was discussed, but I don't think you could ask for more in the thick of things (plus, is it really any more Flora than Mozgus' head, even if it is to Schierke?). And the Demon Child reappearing as the literal, and perfect, final piece of the Casca puzzle, whatever we thought the rules of the game might have been (super cool surreal Femto dream eye and Dragon Slail say we should just roll with it =). We also discussed some form of the child being involved, and we may not be done yet, but it's a pretty great symbol of not only Casca's trauma and tragedy, but joy and hope. Kudos, Miura, I'm blown away again. :ubik:

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: January 19, 2018, 09:05:13 PM »
I probably sound like a total hipster twat saying this but sometimes accessability isn't always a good thing

Only if the work suffers, otherwise I don't really think the integrity of these games lies in their relative popularity, sales or our perception thereof, especially since Dark Souls was successful by doubling down on what made Demon's great and more. What struck me most about Demon's Souls was how finished the whole Souls gameplay style was in it and how much Dark Souls is a direct continuation of that rather than a true retooling of the concept. It also gave me renewed appreciation for Dark Souls III as an ultimate installment, how much it brings the series full circle and honors Demon's Souls as well, negating the necessity of a Demon's Souls 2 or Dark Souls IV in my mind. If there's a negative exception, to your point about mainstream success, it's Dark Souls II, which despite its merits stands out as the unnecessary black sheep and an in-house knockoff to capitalize on the surprising success of Dark Souls (as is this upgraded DS, since they don't have another game ready but clearly want to release one this year). The rest of the games in the series all have their place and purpose besides the obvious desire to actually sell games, but after DS3 I don't  know what else Miyazaki has to say with it.

Speaking of not letting Souls go, I'm a few more missions and bosses into my DS-style Nioh playthrough, so my wonky controls are working for me afterall.  I even tried switching to a more natural and efficient scheme so I could navigate menus normally, use all my item slots and switch stances on the fly, but it just wasn't right (I gotta guard with L1 =). I even got used to moving down in the menus by pressing up and up by hitting the Y button. Anyway, its incredible how close I got it to 1:1 with my usual Souls loadout since I kept that pretty simple too and the enemies and bosses are going down for me accordingly. If I had a major criticism it's that the mission based style kind of sucks, especially how it traps you in one when sometimes I just want to experiment a bit, and so far there's little variation in the way of enemies, or I see the same zombies and demons repeated too much every level.

Update: Bumping this for two reasons, first is I'm having a problem with a weird regular stutter in the game. I understand this game isn't very well optimized and has a weird controller check that can cause this, but I'm using a controller and after getting rid of it awhile after lowering my settings it's come back and now won't go away no matter what I do, even if I minimize all settings (even doing it custom through my nvidia card). Anyway, I don't know what perfect combination I had going when I was rid of the problem, but if anyone has more ecpertise on this issue I'm open to solutions. In the meantime I have it set high because it's not hurting performance! :ganishka:

Second reason for the bump is I wanted to express a couple of things I'm enjoying besides the core combat gameplay, which is the Diablo-like loot system (complete with treasure goblins =) and the delightfully gonzo pseudo-historical setting and "plot." I'm geeking out on the history, real and imagined, and Yokai mythlogy, even with the bizarre neon magic anthropomorphic stuffed animals running underfoot too.

Video Games / Re: Dark Souls
« on: January 19, 2018, 04:32:39 PM »
Never bought DSIII because didn't get along with this combat, playing in my friend's and watching on Youtube. I couldn't accept it for PVP, especially since I favor heavier builds. Armour itself seems negligible in DSIII. It's sad. And this leads us to a big problem.

Big Dad is impossible without armour and poise...

Boo! Pick it up for cheap now dude, it's totally worth it and you can't give it a fair shake at a friend's or watching youtube. Armor isn't negligible either, it's just presented and managed in a simpler, more natural way; mix and match your best gear to keep your defenses between 20-30% reduction, DON'T waste time grinding and farming for truly negligible armor upgrades when you're just going to find something better anyway and start the process again. More fun for me anyway, YMMV for heavier builds where taking some hits is part of the plan. I never had success with that in Souls though (I just died slower =), and figured the heavy setters that were good at it would probably be even better without it.

Anyway,  I don't know if I had success with DS3 combat because I liked it or liked it because I had success, but it always felt good and I could effectively fend off even multiple invaders or at least give them a hard time.

Video Games / Re: Dark Souls
« on: January 18, 2018, 09:47:54 PM »
No added content unfortunately, just graphics and multiplayer increased to 6 players, instead of 4.

Whoa, enemies are going to be facerolled like hasn't been seen since the original DSII multiplayer massacres. :ganishka:

They could use assets of other DS games, add cut-content, stuff like that. Otherwise I'm not buying it either.

Yeah, I doubt it, though something would be cool and I think is called for. Otherwise, the only motive for getting this is if you just want to replay it anyway and can grab this "enhanced edition" cheap. Bring it full circle somehow, From Soft (like that Age of Ancients/War with the Everlasting Dragons DLC idea I gave you and you ignored at your own expense =). Or just tie it in with Demon's Souls and let you fight The Old One finally. I don't think "The Old One" is copyright protect-able.

At least they won't ruin combat by turning off poise (DS III).

Whoa, that takes me back, "It's working as intended" (if you bring up the ME3 ending fracas I'll be in total flashback mode). Is this still a thing though? I thought it was determined that it was made contextual and tied to the effectiveness of hyper armor moves? It never bothered me much because I've basically become a lightweight roller unconcerned with poise anyway. I quite enjoyed the combat in DS3 overall, vE and vP alike.

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: January 14, 2018, 04:19:50 AM »
The only other boss who's given me this much trouble was Artorias, which is one of the toughest fights in Souls, and this is the second boss in the game. So even if I beat this guy, I might well just say "fuck this" as I progress to presumably tougher enemies.

Update: Got him finally! I used the tried and true method of just not listening to game audio, and listened to a podcast instead. Basically, I just started playing by instinct after I'd already learned all of his moves. Took him down on the first try tonight. Now, bring on the next insurmountable wall! :daiba:

Glad you got him, I'm not quite there yet because I haven't had a chance to play the last couple days, but if disregarding the way you're supposed to play is the way to go I like my chances better. :carcus: I'm still playing it with my wonky DS controls, and even moreso because I just stay in high stance for the damage and straight rolling. Keepin' it simple.

Update: Got Onryoki after only at least a dozen tries! :guts: Still using my bastardized Souls config for as far as it will take me, and it was a pretty typical Souls boss experience for me in that I did pretty good and got him down past halfway the first try and then immediately regressed and comically failed on subsequent efforts (including an instant first hit kill by him as I retrieved my amrita *SMASH* :ganishka:), until I painstakingly figured him out finally. What turned the tide was two adjustments, the first being high stance for more damage per hit, especially important to get past his trickier first form, and second, after wasting some Elixirs early on and having almost no life left I got hyper aggressive with my attacks and dodges, which it worked so well I almost won and knew I had the formula for next time. The worst part was I got impatient on one of my trips back to him, tried rushing some enemies and got myself ganked, losing more amrita in the process than I got for killing him (ugh, don't miss that feeling). Once I was at zero amrita I said fuck it and just ran straight past them to the boss, a strategy I'll employ from now on instead of being cute and trying to build amrita while I fail until OOPS! Anyway, that was fun, but good lord this game is full of complicated maps and menus and intuitive shit. Just navigating the maps (any way I can go back to that mission?) and menus is more esoteric than the lore is Dark Souls, and I'm doing it with completely wonky controls where A is B, RB is X, down is up, and up is Y, etc. =)

Prepare to 1080p 60fps!

Japan is getting a nice little collection of the three games, soundtracks for each game, knight and bonfire bookends, an encyclopedia, and art. Though it's not cheap  :P

I think if Demon's Souls got treatment like this, I think it would be enough for me to cry.
But the fact that it isn't is making me cry. Hell, it's not even getting a cheap old re-release on PSN. Poor, unloved Demon's Souls. :judo:

Yeah, it's not worth it, especially when you consider the huge price tag and that it's a Japanese PS4 exclusive. For that reason they might as well have included Demon's Souls in the deal, even just a code for the existing PSN copy or something. Anyway, again, disappointing that Dark Souls is getting the treatment many we're hoping to see for Demon's Souls, but I understand why. I guess DeS just isn't the valuable property we'd like it to be treated as, but it could be worse, if they did see it as some exploitable brand they might commission an awful third party remake... or sequels. :magni:

There's worse fates than being ignored.

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: January 11, 2018, 05:36:33 PM »
Controls are definitely a learning curve for Ni-Oh.

Another reason I was trying to make it like Dark Souls 4 is I'm also afraid that once I get used to it I'll suffer trying to go back playing DeS NG+ or Bloodborne. Anyway, barring some brilliant solution using both the in-game custom controls and steam controller configuration I'll just have to figure out a middle ground, but it's annoying they couldn't make one of the half dozen default control schemes follow the Dark Souls layout for at least the roll/interact buttons (like they did with attacks and block, to their credit). You're not fooling anybody with that distinction, Nioh (LotF did the same cute shit too, "See, it's different" yeah, just enough to throw me)!

And you don't get a real tutorial until after the intro.

I quit that halfway through because it was late and I needed to sleep (probably shouldn't have done that =), but it was enough to make me see that doing some broken, jimmy-rigged DS setup wasn't going to cut it with all the layers to the stances and even item switching mechanics. I presume you'll actually need to use that stuff effectively, instead of with both hands tied behind your back, to advance. DS principles over DS specifics.

But give it time, it's a great game. That opening area sucks, but the first real stage is a romp. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.  Then you can get stuck on the same boss as me!

Yeah, that boss doesn't sound too promising if it's giving you so much trouble. Just reading your description of it made me exhausted with him already. We'll see how I click with it by then. The intro stage was nothing special like you say, but I didn't hate it (I like how the game moves, actually). Oh yeah, my favorite mechanic was actually the visible endurance bars so you could strategize overwhelming and tiring enemies out. Again, I was approaching it like DS so a couple times I had a guy broken and didn't finish him off because I was watching him and waiting to see his next move, "Why's he just sitting there... OH!" :ganishka:

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: January 11, 2018, 03:45:09 PM »
Maybe you need to get back into peak form first? :carcus:

Cool, though if I didn't already get a chance to play Demon's Souls I'd be flipping out about another readily available game getting reported all over again with an upscale that's probably on par with DS Fix (this game was already in HD folks, and on PC you could make it look as good as your system could handle).

I've actually started Nioh as well, having completed Demon's Souls last week under somewhat of a cloud; it really never got more challenging than the Maneaters, so the rest was kind of a letdown, including the "final boss," which resulted in me getting the bad ending I guess (I was curious, yet my curiosity went unsatisfied. =) The real bummer is I didn't know after the last demon soul I got before that I'd be prompted for the final event and not be able to level up anymore. I didn't even mean to accept, I was just clicking like a spaz making sure I got that soul and accepted the return to the Nexus, which I figured was just because I was too close to the node! I intended to do so much before NG+ (which is a real kick in the ass in this game).

Anyway, back to Nioh, I'm approaching it exactly like a souls game, like trying to adapt the controls 1:1 but quickly realizing that won't work because of the extra wrinkles on top (it'd be like trying to play BotW limited to Dark Souls controls when there's a lot more complicated layers of control mechanics being employed, obviously), but it's also because the control change scheme is deceptively unaccommodating so that switching run/dodge/roll and interact also changes those buttons on the menu, yet isn't reflected in the onscreen prompts to further confuse things! :mozgus: The rest I understand isn't so easily switched for the purposes of the HUD, but you can switch A and B on the screen and there's literally no default control scheme that does this for you (is that the last straw in it violating Souls control copyright or something? =). So, I'm going to need to find a middle ground or embrace the necessary change of the Nioh controls, but to paraphrase Guts, I just want to go into battle with the weapon my hand is used to (to the tune of like 500+ hours). :guts: We'll see how it goes, I only went through the first area and boss and right now it's feeling like something between a DS game and Lords of the Fallen, we'll see if I find it more like the former or the latter in time.

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Re: Movies you've recently watched
« on: January 03, 2018, 07:54:47 PM »
I think I mentioned this on the podcast or my initial thoughts on TLJ about a fan-edit of Force Awakens and Last Jedi to make a better stand-alone Star Wars revival, and re-watching some of Force Awakens cemented it in my mind:

STAR WARS: The Jedi Awakens

Basically, The Force Awakens minus some fat and Starkiller Base, plus the throne room and heroics from the end of The Last Jedi tacked on the end. It'd be about as long as The Last Jedi but with the focus on the search for and return of Skywalker and the reawakening of the Jedi.

See, not hard, was it? And half the world isn't pissed off either. =)

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: January 03, 2018, 07:38:21 PM »
I don't think any trick is too low when it comes to powering through Souls games. The deck is stacked against you. That being said, my favorite aspect of those games is the thrill of GETTING GUD enough that I don't have to resort to tricks, and the most enjoyment I've gotten has been in moments of genuine triumph (Ornstein & Smough on first run is still my greatest gaming moment). But on the first playthrough? Fuck it, anything goes (*fires crossbow at Red Drake's tail*). I kited O&S for what felt like 10 minutes, but that felt pretty valid given that it was 2v1.

I think most people would cite that fight as a major "MOTHER OF GOD" moment when you realize you really have to fight both those fuckers at once. A friend of mine from work refers to them, unironically at this point, as Siegfried & Roy and we'll reference them as such in comparison to later bosses in the series, e.g. "I could tell it was going to like Siegfried & Roy all over again." Now did you say you soloed them on the first try or just that the first time was a huge moment? If the former, kudos duder! I've still never beaten Smough first and fought uber-Ornstein, which is too bad because on NG++ I wanted that Leo ring for the damage boost but fuck it. =)

And yeah, it's always more fun in the long run to do it the hard way than cheese your way through. I usually win by any means necessary on the first run, because I'm in an unnatural hurry to progress to what's next, and then apply a more strict code the next time. Solo of course, no exploits other than their natural weaknesses, and I like to get in there and mix it up with them until I can pretty much render all their moves useless; INVINCIBLE UNDER (PRAISE) THE SUN! It's crazy comparing DeS to some of the series' later fights where you can see where the original template came from and how they just kept adding layers of shit and turning up the difficulty dial over the years until you end up with The Nameless King (play DS3, please =).

Oh, cool! Doom VFR uses teleport as the main locomotion mechanic, that's not specific to PSVR. The reason for it is that running around in VR while you're sitting motionless IRL makes a lot of people sick. For that reason locomotion is by far VR's biggest challenge from a game design perspective. So a lot of "first gen" games have resorted to a teleport mechanic because it's easy enough to implement and works pretty well, but it can be frustrating.

Interesting and good to know (I'm also forwarding all this info to my dad because he's interested in VR and this close to taking the plunge). I heard it might be something like that (he said it was to give your eyes a rest), but I didn't why and skeptically thought it might be a technology restriction... but WE are the weak link! I feel like I'd cope ok or better than many at least, though it was a weird feeling as is.

EDIT: Oh and of course there's RE7! That one will really get your heart racing.

Now that's the one I'm really curious about. I heard there's two kinds of VR and this one falls into the cinematic mode category, so it's sort of more in front of you still than all around you? Is that a fair distinction or is there less or more to it than that? I'm assuming the differences somehow solves the locomotion issue because there's not as much in your periphery?

Haha, that's a pretty common control scheme for mobile VR like on the GearVR: you control a dot with your head/neck movements and there's a timer that clicks a button if you hover on it for a few seconds.

Yeah... I was pretty disappointed my brain hadn't integrated with the machine and I wasn't going to go on a power mad trip for digital world domination like a bad movie.

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The maneater is the hardest challenge in the game.  For me anyhow.  The jog up to him, the environment, that was the coolest experience the first time through.  Not gonna lie, when this came out and I kept dying, I spammed him through a little glitch right in front of the fog gate.

If only I'd known! :ganishka: I'm not above such things as I basically poisoned the last two bosses in the final DSIII DLC. I guess that wasn't the point, so I'll play them again straight sometime, but if they didn't want me doing that they shouldn't have made it such an attractive option. =) Didn't feel as satisfying as when I finally beat The Demon Prince(s) "the right way" though.

But yeah, I got real good at knocking that facebug out of the way (one time trying to just roll around him I fell off :mozgus:) and killing the octopus guard. Glad I'm not the only one that had trouble with those bastards. They definitely felt more like real individual bosses than the later gargoyle type ones. At least these guys could get a bit aggressive and give you some trouble if both aggroed at the same time, especially if you're in the wrong spot.

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
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I beat Adventures of Mana yesterday. It was a very well-made remake, though a bit on the easy side. Still a fun game to play. On to Secret of Mana!

Secret of Mana was a game I played later in life (funny way to describe a gaming experience :ganishka:) at Aaz' urging and I was not disappointed. Actually, I was sort of amazed how relatively underappreciated it is (not by those that have played it).

On New Years Eve we played a few games on a friend's SNES Classic - Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Mario Kart (gave me motion sickness cos I wasn't used to seeing pixels move that fast), Super Ghouls and Ghosts and Contra III.

Yeah, Mario Kart 1 is one great game I have very little interest in playing again these days for the very reason that the graphics now seem totally disorienting.

Their two player games were really fun with this bunch or friends, decent selection for crowds I'd think ... but nobody was prepared for controllers to be dropped or thrown cos of game rage ... my friend wouldn't budge with Contra III and an hour later, he finally got to the first stage's boss and died at the same time as beating the boss. He was not pleased, not one bit. It was funny to watch.

Haha, the more things change...

Speaking of which, I had my first real Souls experience with Demon's Souls thanks to the Maneater(s) boss. That is, fucking dying ludicrously due to the environment and then sprinting back to do it again and again, more incredulous each time. Finally, I said enough is enough, revived my body, put Old Spice (not the aftershave) on my belt and said, "This is it" and meticulously took them down with the assistance of Light Weapon on my Crushing Claymore (I also have a Moon Claymore but this combo was better =). I can't tell you how many times before that I had the last Maneater down to less than a quarter life before something stupid happened like I randomly rolled sideways off the bridge seemingly due to input error. BTW, that has to be my least favorite control wrinkle in this game, those fucking sideways rolls that feel like they can go in any direction and always seem to be the wrong one.

And speaking of disorienting, I should mention I tried VR for the first time courtesy of my brother in law who let me try PSVR Doom and some videos. The videos, particularly a sci-fi horror one called Sonar, had a lot of potential because it's a truly participatory and environmental viewing experience where you have to look around to follow the action. Very interesting sort of space between watching a movie and gaming. As for Doom, it was pretty crazy aiming with your eyes/head, like easier but I had to remember to do it! The biggest disappointment was the controls because it was like you sort of skipped or jumped around, almost like Myst, instead of moving like a normal game. Is this typical or the same on Vive, or was it just the PSVR or those particular settings? That definitely made it feel like tech that wasn't quite there. Also, I was surprised by how blurry it appears because I assume the res needs to go much higher that close to your eyes (yay, another graphical progression to pay a premium for over the next decade, just when you thought it was enough =). I think my favorite moment though was when I thought I was alone, moved my eyes to a play video button and seemingly initiated it myself by looking/blinking, which I thought was SO COOL but I couldn't replicate it and it turns out my bro in law probably just did it via the controller when he saw me looking at it. But for a moment there...

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Sage Freke is a great character and has a lot of great spells, and yeah The Tower of Latria is very similar to the Irithyll Dungeon, more of that to come later on, world 5  :carcus:

Yeah, I finally cashed in some Demon's souls for new spells from him, now I gotta get my intelligence up a couple points to try the 2 slot ones. I don't want to go too far down this path though and hobble my characters melee abilities down the line. Even Soul Ray uses too much MP to be more useful than Arrow for my purposes.

Anyway, I'm at the beginning of 3-2, but don't know when I'll next get to play (and I'm thinking the Avarice ring I bought isn't worth it and I'd have been better off using the 50,000 souls towards my level).

You should play Sunshine if you ever get the chance, it's underrated.
I've seen quite a bit of it played (on Giant Bomb, they had a series for it), and it looks utterly painful. But if they port it to Switch, I might check it out.

It shouldn't be hard or expensive if you already has a Wii. I've been thinking of hooking up my GameCube and giving it another shot for a while diring my Mariothon. I stopped playing it about halfway through out of bored frustration the first time (not a great sign =).

In other news, I've also put a few hours into Papers, Please, which Wally was kind enough to gift me, and it's strangely compelling/addicting. My first effort yielded a couple of ignoble ends but now I'm in a little bit deeper in more ways than one.

Also playing Twilight Princess for the umpteenth time in HD on Wii U, mainly on the gamepad while the wife watches the TV. It's losing me, though I did just complete the final bug hunt so that's like the nadir, but the Water Temple on steroids in this game isn't exactly a fresh start either. If BotW had huge temples like these strewn about though it'd be the best Zelda EVAH!

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Have you guys listened to Peeleís commentary for Get Out? I loved the movie, but the commentary added so much to the film for me. I was surprised by how many little details in the film were symbolic or had deeper meanings

I've only heard his commentary for the deleted scenes but even that made it clear that he put a lot of thought into everything and the implications of it just were never coincidental.

Iíve seen it twice, actually. The first time I had it all figured out pretty much as it happened. Honestly, the twist/reveal felt a lot like the one in the Prestige (people who didnít see THAT twist coming a mile away still baffles me).

I just donít get the love for it. And that is coming from someone who typically enjoys everything.

Well, let's jump in and say the love for it is not about those twists so much as the symbolism for blackness in America, white supremacy, and the exploitation or appropriation of black bodies, art, and culture etc. (Stephen Root literally wants to take his "eye"), which make it a truly black-centric horror film with a unique and thought-provoking POV, at least to me (YMMV). Yet, even though that permeates almost every scene, it's not preachy but always entertaining and also works as a clever, straight ahead horror movie too (this is where Last Jedi's allegory falls short for me). I think that's what really opened people's eyes about it and you don't easilly find a lot of movies occupying all those spaces simutaneously and yet so seamlessly (and economically, in an hour and a half instead of like three!).

Saw Pixar's Coco tonight and it was pretty good, though speaking of twists it uses some of Pixar's standbys.

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