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    Diablo 3!

    The concept art for this game is nothing short of breathtaking:
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    Osama Bin Laden : Dead

    So Osama bin Laden was found in a mansion in abbottabad. Talk abbottabad place to hide!
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    Inoue has turned into one of those guys that's always drawing on their I-pad.
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    Adventures in YouTube

    Mike Patton on Wolfmother:
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    Adventures in YouTube
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    True Grit

    Coen bros movies are very hit or miss for me. Some of their films are among my all-time favorites, but I'd put True Grit among their misses unfortunately. Jeff Bridges did a pretty fine job in the lead role (although sometimes I couldn't understand what the hell he was saying) and Matt Damon...
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    Letter to Inoue

    I'd say we nominate Griffith to write it. He's obviously very passionate about this issue, and I think we're all pretty much in agreement about this whole thing, and Griffith expresses it particularly well. Sorry to put this burden on you Griffith, but all you would have to do is compile a...
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    Adventures in YouTube

    Someone filmed Griffith last time he went clubbing..
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    BERSERK: RECUT (ベルセルク:再切断)

    Re: Old Berserk animation series confirmed: Berserk Recut Have you seen Watchmen: The motion comic? It's simply the art from the comic, with minor edits and added effects to give it a more cinematic feel. The main problem with it is there is only one voice actor doing every character...
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    Adventures in YouTube

    80s Video Dating Montage - pure gold!
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    Adventures in YouTube
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    Post Wacky Images

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    Adventures in YouTube

    Honestly try and get through this without abiding to the title..
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    Adventures in YouTube

    this video is beyond awesome:
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    Adventures in YouTube Seinfeld From A Serious Point of View A show about nothing. And yet, everything.
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