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    Gigantomakhia—new 6-part scifi miniseries by Miura

    Woohoo! :ubik: Great that it is coming out in other languages and a good sign it might come out in English! :puck:
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    Should I read Episode 83?

    Hey there, I'm actually in the same boat, I only found out about the pulled episode when reading the forums this year as I prefer to follow the series volume by volume. I have decided though, that in my next re-read of the series I will have a look at episode 83 in the intended order :). Let...
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    Berserk Redux: A Fanedit of the Golden Age and the '97 anime

    Just finished watching Chapter 1, and after getting used to the annoying English dubbing, (Although, I like Zodd's and some of the nobleman's voices better in English) I enjoyed it. Thanks for spending so much time creating it. As far as editing feedback goes: Some sections were seemless, such...
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    Karma Unleashed: Give Props or Disapproval for Posts

    Nothing to do with my job I don't think, I work in an office. I think if people see something funny on their computer at work, the normal thing to do would be to supress their laughter so not to draw attention. In this case I guess I couldn't hold back and people might think it is strange not...
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    Karma Unleashed: Give Props or Disapproval for Posts

    Oh wow, that was great. I actually lost it at work, got a few weird stares from my loud laughter. :ubik: I'm also a fan of the karma idea (great word for it). Not sure about being able to do a negative vote though, as this might be abused when people hold a grudge. Although, you guys know...
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    Max Factory Femto

    Thanks for sharing, Looks great! I assume there is still some colour to come? Yet another reason for me to go to Comic Con, still haven't been...
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    Max Factory Femto

    Hi there, thanks for the information. May I ask what your source is? Perhaps they have made an announcement on release dates? I'm sure everyone is eager to know. If anyone else has any clue, feel free to reply to my post - even if you only have a good idea what kind of release schedule time...
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