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    Griffith's reincarnated body

    Oh, true. I forgot about that line. The closeup on Void's face just after does seem to imply that he knows more than the rest of them, too.
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    Griffith's reincarnated body

    Perhaps the God Hand's intention was just for there to be some infant that would become Femto's reincarnation. With so many pilgrims in the area, it's not much of a stretch to imagine that at least some of them would have brought children along. From there, it would be simple for causality to...
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    ~Muscle Man~

    Let's not forget that he's also carrying around that heavy metal arm all day.
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    Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight novel

    I wouldn't worry too much about this novel's impact on Berserk's story. Look at all the different light novels Jojo's Bizarre Adventure has had over the years. Almost all of them stink to high heaven and contradict the manga in strange ways. Araki did some pretty fantastic artwork for them all...
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    Episode 358

    ...This is why the God Hand's only decree is "Do as thou wilt," isn't it? I never thought of that.
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    POLL: Guess Miura's 'Next Project'

    If it's a sci-fi project, maybe it'll be a Noa series. ;)
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    Episode 358

    I didn't know about these. It'd be pretty cool to see that unfinished art. Is there an archive of those previews anywhere?
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    SkullKast: Episode 99 - When will Berserk end?

    Fantastic episode! It's real interesting to see the rest of the manga parceled out into groups of episodes. I agree that 80-100 episodes sounds like plenty of space to finish the manga off. I think it might feel too short at first glance because of the pacing of some recent episodes. To me, the...
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    Very Bad Berserk Summary

    Oof. I wonder how much of the anime whoever wrote that watched to come up with that description.
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    The Beast & Dog/Wolf Themes in Berserk

    I found a lot of dog/wolf connections in volume 4 after looking for a specific moment: Gambino plays with his dog and tells Guts to bring it some meat, and then he kicks it. This parallels the way he raised Guts, cycling between care and abuse. The mercenaries make fun of his actions, which...
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