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    Episode 368

    I enjoyed this quite a bit, there were some off looking panels but I can excuse them since as a whole it still looks fantastic to me, I think Mori and Gaga are getting more confident with the project so there's more dialogue in this episode and I honestly can't wait til the new episode drops.
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    Episodes 365 & 366

    I read it, I enjoyed it and I'm more then happy looking forward to what Gaga and Mori have for us next. I knew from the moment I finished these two episodes that Miura would have drastically changed the way these were written, paneled and storyboarded but I'm still impressed with the detail and...
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    Elden Ring (New From Soft Game)

    Haven't seen the gameplay preview since I want to go in with as little expectations or knowledge as possible but I really hope that From have brought something new and fresh to this game. I've loved every single Soulsbourne game but it's no secret that all of them heavily share concepts...
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    Games to look forward to!

    Speaking as someone who's played Devil May Cry 3 and enjoyed it enough for one playthrough but not enough for more, would Bayonetta be worth trying? I have an interest in the character action genre but I very rarely replay games more then once so I don't know if there are any games in the genre...
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    Episode 363

    Yessssssss!! Great start to the new year!!
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    Dark Horse Releases "Deluxe" Berserk Edition

    That'd be fantastic! Can you send me a link if that's possible? Interesting, I'm surprised they didn't bother double checking that considering they just used a translation for a fan community, especially since Hanabufuku was used years apart in separate volumes. You'd think they would've...
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    Dark Horse Releases "Deluxe" Berserk Edition

    Nice, a lot of these actually shock me at how obvious these errors are but either somehow were missed or weren't bothered to correct, just tarnishes Berserk and the experience a first time reader could have. This is really surprising, the pirates were the first moment in Berserk i genuinely...
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    Dark Horse Releases "Deluxe" Berserk Edition

    Exactly the kind of reply I wanted, thanks man. P.S. This has nothing to do with what I asked but I've heard quite a few people talking about Dark Horse mistranslations but not anything further then that, is there a post on the website or on the internet that shows examples of mistranslations...
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    Dark Horse Releases "Deluxe" Berserk Edition

    So now that six volumes are out, is the general consensus on these editions that they are good (enough) and all are worth a buy or just wait potentially for a better product however long down the line?
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    Episode 362

    I think it was the phrasing that threw me off to be honest. The way he said it made it sound to me he couldn't kill them through conventional means and had to send them to the Vortex by more obscure methods i.e. the Beherit sword. It made me think if he didn't have the sword but he was the cause...
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    Episode 362

    A point I want to make that I don't think I've seen brought up yet is what Skull Knight said in Episode 221 when he first used the Beherit Sword in Qliphoth when he used it to escape from the cave with Guts. He mentions that "Though this was only meant to be wielded to entomb them in that...
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    Episode 362

    Yes! Great find! It's just vague enough to be in the background that you won't notice it unless you're looking closely. This brings up so many questions. Best episode of the arc so far imo.
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    What Are You Playing?

    Bloodborne - Just completed the base game and the DLC for the first time ever. Took just over 70 hours and managed to get the platinum in a single playthrough which I don't think I've ever done for any game ever. To put it bluntly, yeah it's the best From Software game, one of the best games of...
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    Status of Berserk's Pre-publication

    Can anybody infer what "manuscript" means? Does this just mean the next episode or something else or just a case of poor translation by Google Translate? I'm also assuming that the assistants are either working on Duranki or even possibly, they're starting to draw the art of Berserk?
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    Movies to look forward to

    It's how they're likely going to reboot Iron Man & Captain America within a couple dozen years. It's honestly such a colossal mess lol, The MCU has problems of it's own but at the very least they were consistent with the rules in it's universe - well at least the Infinity Saga is, we'll see...
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