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    Prime 1 launches a Berserk line

    Hi guys :guts: this statue is just amazing :isidro: size,details,effects for me it's a berserk statue maybe too much details on the base but for me it's not a big problem when I saw every details on the pics I became completely mad and pre ordered it :ganishka: Griffith should be huge and...
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    AoW No.429 Zodd Trophy (Bloody or Non Bloody) with/without bone attachments

    ...Well why this option?? I really don't understand a trophy maybe it's for the hunters...the only thing to say: very good production(painting,effects...) but it's not new and not a statue :isidro: I'm waiting your's a disillusion for me :troll:
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    AoW Complete berserk new modelling - July 2016

    If it's a new zodd without me...the same for a skullknight too many editions :badbone: the idea about a diorama is interesting but with which scale? 1/6,1/4 or 1/1 and be careful with the price :isidro: Really hope they will make new characters and huge statues like in the past :guts:, in...
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    Prime 1 launches a Berserk line

    Oh my :isidro: can't wait if they have berserk's licence it will be good for all but their prices are brutal even their products are amazing :SK: We'll see, always waiting AOW news really hope it will be not a joke :iva:
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    AoW Complete berserk new modelling - July 2016

    Really hope a new character and not guts again :guts: maybe a diorama or a nice casca.... I pray :badbone:
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    What Are You Playing?

    Last week I've played at battlefield 1 "alpha version" on ps4 huge ambience it's really amazing but hard to play with old weapons (sights) :magni: Actually I play with Overwatch a funny game for me one of the best fps this year but no so easy to control coz the heroes have all their own skills...
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    Music Legend David Bowie Dead at 69

    ...very bad news today a genius is gone an incredible life with always huge sounds :isidro: I'm sad :judo: bye the artist and let's dance :griffnotevil:
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    Hi dude fantastic work :guts: it's a unique statue now :ubik: what's your next project??
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    Rage's Berserk artwork

    Hi miss :guts: nice work on the canva :ubik: I prefer your drawings the second of mozguz flying to heaven is really amazing :SK: what's the next?
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    Breathtaking Watercolor Art of Schierke

    Hello miss :guts: very good picture with the right Colors always nice to see great job :schierke:
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    Paris Attack words to describe this;i don't live in paris but i'm french and what happened last night is really horrific, friday night match day(france-germany) bars full of supporters, a heavy metal concert in "Bataclan" a real slaughter there and for the first time suicide bombers(kamikazes). For the...
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    Upcoming Gecco Berserk statue - 2015

    DSknight is a very good painter his "re work" of guts is simply amazing :isidro: i'm waiting your next work(s) :guts:
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    Headlong Zodd the Immortal Bust paint up

    Hi Kevin your painting is fantastic one of the best I saw :isidro: For sure French touch :guts: i search a painter for my tonboya slan kit won on Yahoo Auctions this month :slan: pm you soon :carcus:
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    ixupi's Sculptures

    I love your Rakshas I want one :carcus: great job now waiting the painting :rakshas:
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    Mogen's sculptures and repaints

    Hi dude it's nice to see your works :guts: paint berserk kits is not easy...your last work is amazing only the blood on his chest should be more bloody...Where do you find the kits? Maybe you build them? In any case continue to show your work :slan: always a pleasure to see great job :SK:
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