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    Episode 361 (July 22)

    Has this ever happened before? I mean, postponing a release that was already announced?
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    Dark Horse is releasing Dragon Slayer themed bookends In all honesty, if I had the shelf space for deluxe editions to begin with, there would actually be a non-zero chance I'd be getting these.
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    Dark Horse Releases "Deluxe" Berserk Edition

    This might be premature but, assuming they keep releasing these, would it make more sense to keep the 3-in-1 volume thing or keep the page counts more stable across these deluxe editions?
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    What is your favourite manga? (besides the obvious one)

    Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita) and Nausicaä of the valley of wind are my long-standing favourite mangas after Berserk. Although the great part of Gunnm was mostly only the original run. I have largely mixed feelings about Last Order and Mars chronicles...
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    What Are You Playing?

    This isn't actually what I'm playing but somehow I managed to miss the western release of Collection of Mana until just few days ago... And I just got it delivered. And I don't even own a switch. But seeing how many enjoyable hours I wasted on fan-translated SD3 on emulator back in my high...
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    How to buy the digital edition of Young Animal online

    I finally managed to get it done yesterday. My CC required stronger authentication and I had those credentials only for my checking account card which I initially did not want to use for online purchases. But I did so anyways. Bought the ep 358 -containing issue for testing and it WORKED! Also...
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    Episode 359

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    Episode 359

    Someone on reddit (here) already did that, apparently... hopefully its correct?
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    ~Muscle Man~

    In short: no. It's fantasy, chill out.
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    Status of Berserk's Pre-publication

    We'll know sometime next week if it's late June or not.
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    Any coder or programmer around?

    In my opinion, C is probably the hardest language (of all languages in actual widespread use) to learn programming when you're beginning from 0. If you are looking at C because that's what your university classes are using, I feel for you. If you're looking at C because someone else told you to...
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    Status of things that were revealed and then redacted in episode 83

    I admit the possibility of treading on thin ice here, but I again and again find on this forum and elsewhere discussions where people use the information that was revealed in episode 83 in speculations about how the world of Berserk, specifically Idea of Evil and God hand, works. I also admit...
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    Episode 358

    I'm on the fence of starting to actually wonder whether Griffith actually has no sinister endgames aside for wanting to be the "ultimate, revered king-emperor-savior-jesus loved and worshipped from one coast to another", which in itself is somewhat creepy, and his methodology may be straight...
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    Episode 358

    I'm not sure if the first appearance really counts like that... Didn't the familiars only appear little later than that? Now that I think of this, Zodd's presence there is perplexing; if Griffith and The boy are different persons in shared body, wouldn't they have rather just kept him...
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    Episode 358

    This is a great episode. Not feeling bummed about Griffith focus any longer, that's for sure!
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