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    What are you reading?

    I really enjoy that book that one of Clive Barkers best books and the writing is just excellent, I really like how Mr. B Gone tries to do evil things and they just happen to look silly to me or when he explain how he was going to torture someone and the reader, that great
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    What are you reading?

    Just wondering what don't you like about it?
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    The Dark Tower

    That was indeed my favorite work from him. I don't know guys I really enjoy the Dark Tower series but then I'm always about mixing it up. I think it get sort of boring when you are reading and 'oh Mr. Magic just cast a spell' but instead if they see something like 'oh Mr. Magic is eating those...
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    What are you reading?

    Wizard's First Rule, an excellent book series. Its quite large having 479 page with ten font type to them but it extremely good
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    Matahachi: a man of the times

    Did the real life Musashi have any kids by the way?
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    Vagabond Live Action

    Hope it helps :serpico:
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    Guts digital sculpture.

    truly your 3D work is quite amazing :isidro:
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    Berserk Character studies

    Hey Vee, I'm also new but man those are true work of art you got there! Truly something to admire
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    If you ever finish it you should repost it, not like I see anything wrong with it sense no poet but can appreciate good work
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    BERSERK-the black swordsman fan movie

    Bringing that into the mixture how come there no more Berserk video games? Gosh Bleach and Naruto overwhelm the anime video games and I'm just getting sort of tire of them
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    Matahachi: a man of the times

    I can't say for sure but from what I gather I think Musashi would consider a victory a victory regardless what is done, well maybe kidnapping people and hiding behind women and children
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    Vagabond Live Action

    The actual stage act is a film which I only got to watch because my fiance work at Bluckbuster, however here is where you can buy it and here some info about it
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    Musashi Kill Count

    I must say I'm totally impress with that! I don't think I could possibly count them and come up with actual number
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    REAL, Inoue's other basketball manga

    You totally have to show me where too look because man I been looking for a job and can't find anything
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    Current Episodes

    Current Episodes Thread most likely you guys are right and just ridding between the lines and trying too hard
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