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    Episode 243

    Holy crap dude. I now bow to your dome of infinate knowledge.... :o ...and I thought I was obsessed...
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    Episode 243

    It looks to be part of the swords sheith...but strange that it has never been around before. lol...and why is on pg 12 Ishodoro is carrying a torn off crocs tail?
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    Episode 243

    Why? I still dont think the G&C's demon child is the child of the moonlight. Too bad I am illiterate in Japanese.
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    Episode 243

    Hey, I didnt say the demon child was lame, just that the demon child = the child of the moonlight was lame. Read what I post before you bash me. It just common curtesy.
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    Slann And Guts Color Slowly Progressing

    Bah..looks like i'm the only onw eho dosn't like the green :/ But, I would go with more of a burgundy blood red instead of the fuscia you have...then ask wich is better ;D
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    Who will turn on Griffith?

    Hmm..I think having the apostles get PO'ed at Griff. for not doing what they want would be a good turn in the plot. They go onto a "We gave you this power" trip, and he turns on them. They summon Guts using his beherit and give him powers with a money back garuntee so he can go after Griff.
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    Episode 243

    *sigh* If the demon child has anything to do with the child of the moonlight...i'm gonna stop reading berserk. seriously. Turning Guts's mutant son into "a real boy!" is in my insanely stupid idea. I'm just hoping it gets explained soon, so I can laugh at all of you about how you...
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    Episode 243

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    Lith's colors & tutorials

    Whoa...that new one is the best yet..... So, have any plans on continueing the tutorial?
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    Episode 242 Femto gets more human, Gutts gets more demonic, to take him down... (o.0) (Its a conspiracy!)
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    Episode 242

    I would like to see the berserker try to kill the a long fight...with a hilarious outcome. I think, the next chapter will be Gutts trying over and over to cleave the spirit, until he falls from exaustion (o.0) *swing* miss *swing* miss *swing* miss lol...that would be great....
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    Episode 242

    I doubt he would WANT the elf king to regenerate it..... Seroiusly, thing about the benifits/attachments He has his crossbow, and dont forget the heavy-duty magnets in it that allow him to whip his sword around... I wonder if he could even lift the sword without the mech arm?
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    My first color!

    I picked an easy one..... Photobucket resized it, but meh. so, whaddya think?
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    Episode 241

    Jeeze Lithrael, I really want to see an explanation on how you did that... :P
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    Episode 240

    Perhaps, Ganishka is testing Guts and co. since he can see the power of the new "Band of the hawk" and plans on creating his own elite team, and seeing how Guts is the only person who has ever defeated Griffith... Probably not. Anywho, has anyone elso noticed the similarities between Guts's...
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