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    Kill Bill

    Kill Bill is so ridicuosly stylized that I can't see how anyone could impose reality on it as some form of criticism. Tarantino did a video interview with a British publication (a Bit Torrent is floating around the interweb) and he said Kill Bill was his first movie for movie's sake as opposed...
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    Kill Bill

    Does anyone know if there will be an import soundtrack with most, if not all, the songs from the movie? The American version seems to be missing quite a bit. RZA is definitely a great producer but I think he ruined the Ode to O-ren Ishii with that half-assed rapping/storytelling. The Japanese...
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    A new flavor

    It looks pretty strange in Mozilla but there's not much that can be done about that.
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    Spider-Man 2

    Appearance wise, that's a nice translation of a comic book character to live action. I think one of the shortcomings of the Batman films (except the first) was that Burton and Schumacher tried to replicate most of the exaggerations of comic books like costumes, architecture, and overall...
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    The British officially returned Hong Kong to China in 1997 and from what I've read it hasn't changed as much you'd expect. Beijing doesn't have the same power over it as mainland provinces.
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    Levis Jean Commercial

    I found that site because I was looking for a commercial song too. I got this really annoying but catchy tune looping in my head and I couldn't even remember the commercial it was from. Eventually I saw it again and it's the Smirnoff Ice ad where an old blind black guy becomes the bouncer at a...
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    Levis Jean Commercial It looks like Air - Playground Love.
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    Berserk Rock N Roll All-Stars

    I second Guts as a bassist, although more Bootsy Collins than Geddy Lee (Guts got the funk). Meanwhile Griffith is up front getting all the groupies, whether they be princesses or fat male pedophiles.
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    Episode 210

    Re:210 Thanks puella. phallicMonsters++;
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    Episode 211

    Re:211 Good stuff. That Schierke drawing is a keeper. It's only her expression in EVERY panel. Walter: I like the grayed-out Beast option. Now that would be an interesting RPG element not involving leveling up.
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    D00M ]|[ r0x0rs j00 b0x0rs!

    I downloaded it and couldn't extract anything so I guess it was corrupted. Is the alpha you guys played in a 364 MB rar file?
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    D00M ]|[ r0x0rs j00 b0x0rs!

    I haven't played the alpha yet but I don't doubt that it is amazing. This is probably one of the only games where it can be said that the graphics (and audio) make the gameplay. I mean, it is basically the same type of "find the key and shoot monsters" situation in the original. Simplicity can...
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    Just wanted to say...

    The blue is fine but the brightness of the white isn't easy on my eyes and my gamma isn't that high.
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    Episode 207

    Re:207 Thank you puella. It's kind of weird being in the middle of Japanese 101 and seeing Berserk now. I can only read the kana and understand desune,korewa, and other simple things. Troll carnage is very comprehendible though.
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    Episode 201

    So even the astral world has booty calls...
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