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    Episode 331

    This is just too cool. I decide to take a two month break from Skullknight and the moment I return a new episode arrives! Must be a sign from above. :void: The most interesting thing about 331 as far as I'm concerned is Moonlight boy using the branches of the Ganishka-tree as some sort of...
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    Episode 326

    That's some immense puke. You know your health bar is low when you're spewing up blood with whole ships in it! I'd say he had the advantage of a strategy that would have been impossible on other enemies like Zodd etc. In this case fighting the enemy head-on would have been impossible, so...
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    Episode 326

    Seems like we've got an awesome episode. In the third image the Sea God looks like a gigantic evil pacman. :troll:
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    Resident Evil Retribution

    Along with Underworld: Evolution Resident Evil: Afterlife is one of my biggest guilty pleasures of all time, so I'm actually looking a wee bit forward to this :troll:. One thing I like is that they are not even trying to adapt the stories from the original games (if they do I sure as hell can't...
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    Your most hated words

    "Badass" and "manly" - overused by childish action fans. The phrase "Do right by him/her" - Used to the absurd extreme in Keith Giffen's rape of the Battle Royale manga. "Agenda" - Especially when it's combined with Atheist, Anti-Christian, Satanistic, Ungodly, etc. "Propaganda" - used to...
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    Episode 325

    Thanks a lot. Yeah, I thought "Luca?" the moment I saw Isma's mother. The merrows are using soundwaves? If they stun the Sea God it could give Guts a chance to do some carnage.
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    What are you listening to? (general music thread)

    Have to disagree here. I thought they used those "Meshuggaisms" quite well, and so far this is actually my favorite metal album of 2011. One of my summer favorites: Played it to death during military service ages ago. They haven't been up to this level ever since unfortunately, but this one...
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    Movies to dread

    As a Norwegian I hope this one at least improves our horrible grenade-throwing skills from Carpenter's movie. :ganishka:
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    Movies to dread

    I will stand outside the cinema at the premiere along with Westboro Baptist Church carrying a banner saying "God hates Adam Sandler".
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    Movies you've recently watched

    Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals To quote Scream 4: "Fuck me wow!" If they are still making movies like this I sure don't know about them. The task of combining sexploitation with cannibal exploitation was way too big for a director like Joe D'Amato (this is easily the best movie of his I've...
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    Movies to look forward to

    I got Ico/Shadow of the Colossus vibes from it. Looks a hell of a lot more interesting than Cars 2. Tarsem marvel when it comes to cinematic eyecandy, but can the story deliver as well? Prepare to find out...
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    What if the manga wasn't titled Berserk?

    In the Shadow of the Schnoz Guts & Co. Lord of the Beherits
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    What are you listening to? (general music thread)

    I don't think it belongs there either honestly. My favorite from the classic 1980s scene is the overlooked Spectrum of Death by Morbid Saint. I listen to it all the time.
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    What are you listening to? (general music thread)

    This is probably their best moment. It was more melodic than I had expected, and with much more intensity and punch than most melodeath. I like.
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    Episode 322

    I was hoping for a spectacular introduction of the Sea God and it looks like we got one. :void: Rip the island in half! I wonder if it emerges to fight the Sea Horse, or if it's a reaction to the damage Guts is doing to its heart (or both).
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