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    2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 9

    I've always felt that this section of the manga was among the darkest parts of the story for me, after the eclipse. There is so much death, disease, and horror that I've always enjoyed about berserk. It just feels like something critical is missing here, like what has been mentioned facial...
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    2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 2

    As others have said, I did not care much for the band of the falcon being mention and the flashbacks, but after the interogation, I felt like everything got better, i don't know why but it seemed smoother, or perhaps its just because it followed the manga more closely. Something felt different...
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    Berserk (2016) Premiere Poll

    The Manga Monster has from what I can tell page for page book for book perfect adaptation as an anime in 2d not this bizzare CGI crap i think it went 74 episodes if I recall correctly and was well done for keeping to the source. So obviously it can be done and done sucessfully. Mangas are like...
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    Music that you associate with Berserk apart from anime/movie O.S.T.s

    many themes in this album make me think of Berserk. This song Lex Talionis starts the album
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    Berserk Saga Project News

    So according to that review Rickert is like litterally missing in action till what the ending at the cave? :magni: We don't see skull knight saving him, meeting puck, the fortuneteller lady :???: I mean Hopefully something is explained otherwize its like hole after hole for plot! Its lame as...
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    Berserk Golden Age Arc II: Capture of Doldrey [Review]

    Hey guys, I haven't seen any discussion of this, so for those who have seen Movie 2 is skull knight in it? The scene at the beginning of volume 9 I would think would be in it. Otherwise they are sticking it in at the beginning of Movie 3 which I suppose could work. To totally omit that scene...
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    Dexter: Miami’s finest

    All I can say about Dexter is I love the show but no season can top the First Season! Thats my opinion!
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    I've found it to be a surprisingly interesting & very good show to watch. I admit I wasn't too thrilled about it to start but its grown on me quite abit. As for the second season, the way they ended last weeks episode has me glued to the screen to see where this show goes next.
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    Voice Acting in Berserk Animation

    I agree, I got into Berserk through the original anime with the english dub. Berserk was the anime that got me into other anime series and mangas. I liked the original cast, perhaps over the top at moments, but I really liked Griffith,Foss, Void, and the other members of the God Hand. And to...
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    Is Rakshas Skull Knight in Disguise?

    This is a scary and nutty topic to say the least! :schnoz: You Can't Be Serious, OMG. I'm with Walter, there is NO WAY that Rakshas is Skull Knight in Disguise
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    Berserk Golden Age Arc I: Egg of the Supreme Ruler [Review]

    Overall, I enjoyed the movie! We all have our different perspectives! Here is my 2 cents. I do agree that Zodds appearence was less effective than the 1997 anime and overall the tone feels much less menecing. My first exposure to Berserk was the first anime and that scene got me hooked as...
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    Berserk Film Trailer (Black Swordsman Remix)

    Now that is EPIC, Bravo nicely done :ubik:
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    Episode 320

    Oh My! What Epicness! :isidro: All Hail Miura.
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    Post a picture of your desktop

    Uploaded with Here is my Desktop, been like this ever since I got into Berserk :zodd:
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    New Berserk animation project confirmed

    Bravo :ubik: I liked that very nice addition to the recut. Indeed that was one of many important parts of the story that was left out of the original anime. :puck: Such a chilling atmosphere and such a crucial usage of forshadowing events to come.
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