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    Prime 1 launches a Berserk line

    New P1 reveals today at WF: Both statues are 1/4 scale. SK looks a bit chunky to me, proportion wise. Could be the angle, but I feel he looks a tiny bit squished. Casca looks great. Love the nod to Adon too lol.
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    Prime 1 launches a Berserk line

    Yeah... estimated to the tune of $3600 USD which is craziness. I mean, it will be massive at 1/4 scale, and surely amazing. But man... it will hurt. As for the SK standing pose they just revealed... I am not a fan of the overly metallic paint job. But the proportions of the piece are quite...
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    Displaying Berserk Art & Merchandise

    Late to the party, but Maiku's custom shelf is insane! What a sight to see all those pieces that were accumulated from 15+ years of collecting. Impressive! And Branded_Saiyan27, that is a really dedicated way to display those Prime1 pieces. So much space in between, each with their own...
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    [WTB] James Perkins Busts

    :stop: HOW DARE YOU TURKITAGE! j/k Ahmetal is a good guy, it'd be great to go a dedicated collector like him!
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    What are the best ways to support Berserk?

    I rebought all the manga in digital format on Comixology. Looks so great on my iPad and super convenient for travel. I highly recommend. Also Dark Horse is coming out with hardcover collector editions of the manga. It's looking sexy! You can buy it on Amazon, Barnes n Noble, or your local comic...
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    2019 20th Anniversary Guts AoW

    $1700? For an improved cape, modded helmet, and a different paint app? I know there are still a lot of hardcore AOW collectors out there (especially for the newer repaints), but that price is pretty shocking.
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    selling my collection

    Sorry to hear you are selling your entire collection! It is a beautiful one. I wish you the best in your sales!!
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    My (Growing) Berserk Collection

    First of all, WELCOME!!! :guts: Second of all, the God Hand / beherit holder is AWESOME!!!!! :ubik: That's so creative. Well done!! Narin Studios just started producing/selling something similar but I like the paint job on yours a lot. More true to the original. I can't wait to see what else...
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    Their Zodd/Guts/Griff dio will go up for preorder on Nov 23rd. There will also be an exhibition of their products in Paris on the 24th and 25th, event info here:
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    Oniri Creations - Berserk line

    Both versions (bloody and normal) are sold out already, but here they are if anyone wants to take a gander. Bloody (99 pieces, sold out in an hour): Normal (450 pieces, sold out in a week)...
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    [WTB] James Perkins Busts

    Not selling mine, but I will be curious to know if you find any sellers for this. Let me know if you do! Good luck! =)
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    Looking for Zodd Revelations...

    I moved this here. Good luck!
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    Prime 1 launches a Berserk line

    I'm also in the US, and sideshow is def the way to go.
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    The New Picture Thread

    Ahahahahaha indeed!!!
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    The New Picture Thread

    Both of you look like a million bucks, my friend. :slan:
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