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    Duranki - New series for the studio of Kentarō Miura

    Did anyone read the Chapter 4 of Duranki? I thought it was pretty good.
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    SkullKast: Episode 102 - Barrier

    From what you are telling us Berserk fans from the West were also strugglers of a sort :badbone:
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    SkullKast: Episode 102 - Barrier

    Great Skullcast Skullcrew! If we get back to back episodes of Berserk and Duranki we might be blessed with several new episodes of the Skullcast! The part at the end about a God Hand coming to Elfhelm (other than Femto) and potentially dying was kinda mind blowing to me.
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    SkullKast: Episode 101 - Dawn of the Empire

    Do you think you guys will do a podcast episode for Duranki next week? If so, have you ever done podcasts 2 weeks back to back?
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    Episode 359

    Having the enchanted armors in the beginning of the episode was a genius way to bring back Skull Knight into the fray.... what has it been now 11 years since he's been in a new episode? (Not as a flashback) It's awesome to see that Casca was willing to work with Isidro and that she impressed the...
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    Nintendo's E3 direct was pretty impressive. The combo of No More Heroes 3 and the Breath of the...

    Nintendo's E3 direct was pretty impressive. The combo of No More Heroes 3 and the Breath of the Wild sequel invigorated me for the future of the Nintendo switch.
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    Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight novel

    Sounds like this novel is beyond terrible. I wonder what were the series of events that led to its creation.
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    SkullKast: Episode 101 - Dawn of the Empire

    Great stuff per usual skullknight crew! I was particularly fond of Aaz's bit, "falcon chair, in the falcon room, down the falcon hall, in the falcon kingdom", I was laughing a little too hard in my car this morning.
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    Episode 358

    I wonder Sonia is going to go on a trip through the world spiral tree to cool off after seeing Griffith and Charlotte's interaction. If she does, it would be interesting if she follows the moonlight child to Skellig. I would think that she would find it peculiar that someone besides herself or...
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    Episode 358

    Do we know the title of the episode yet?
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    Episode 358

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    Loving the new mobile website!

    Loving the new mobile website!
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    What Are You Playing?

    Been playing Smash Ultimate a lot recently, just beat adventure mode and have started to play a lot more online.
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    Nintendo Switch

    I think two things make it likely that Nintendo will release an "XL" version. 1: They have done that for past handheld consoles and 2: I don't think portable and handheld has to mean "pocket size", many people have tablets that are larger than the switch.
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    Nintendo Switch

    I wonder if they will make a beefier and larger version of the switch or go for a smaller form-factor. Another major factor is the child market, up until now the main marketing strategy has been to go after the young adult market. They might try to make a switch that is more durable and rigid...
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