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    Where Berserk is headed

    Well guys lets not kid our selves, there are still many years to go until this story we love so much comes to a close. If I remember right, Miura said in his letter that hes about 60-70% done with berserk. So lets say he has another 14 volumes left to go and with this current trend of release...
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    The New Picture Thread

    Well once I get the lathe here up and running, get my power hammer foundation made, and finish my blaster cabinet and buy an air compressor and install it, I should be able to start making blades. When I actually forge Berserker it'll probably be using a very large cable Damascus or just regular...
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    The New Picture Thread

    New Pics! me and my new metal lathe :guts:. Incidentally it actually weighs more than the DS!
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    Elfhelm: What we DO know about it

    Elf Helm is gonna be awesome. I think it'd be pretty cool if Guts got his forearm and eye back though it probably won't happen. Maybe the dwarves will hook guts and co up with some new equipment? Also with the barrier around Elf Helm possibly being compromised that could possibily lead to the...
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    My own sword

    Thanks lol, but I don't really like to think of it that way. I actually have a lot of respect for SaiyanDevilRazz (we talked a bit) because hes off doing his own thing a bit different from mine following his own path. The man works construction and that is tough shit to be doing 8 hrs a day. He...
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    Episode 305

    Yay Guts! I'm wondering how hes gonna get all the rust off of that metal forearm lol. Its going to be a lot of scrubbing with a wire brush, 1 handed!.
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    Episode 301

    I don't think he should rush it at all. I love his art work and its awesome to see how he's improved slowly volume after volume, he is an amazing artist. Honestly though if he really is getting tired of it, maybe he could hire some other artists to do the grunt work of the drawing, stick to...
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    Metallica lyrics similar to Berserk in some sense

    Thats funny you should bring this up, "Sad But True" reminds me of the Beast of Darkness a lot. Hey Im your life Im the one who takes you there Hey Im your life Im the one who cares They They betray Im your only true friend now They Theyll betray Im forever there Im your dream, make you real...
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    My own sword

    thanks bud, yeah I hope in a year or two perhaps. My dead lift and Curls have always been my best lifts lol, which is why I'm much closer to my goals on those.
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    My own sword

    no no the number on the top is the goal, the number under it is where I am now, and it doesn't really describe what I do, for working out in numbers of sets or w/e. Its a goal sheet. the number next to 315 and 235 are the reps. For example the goal is to be able to bench 315 for like 6-20reps...
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    My own sword

    Aazealh is correct on this one, now listen I'm not going to be mr.negative and say you're crazy, when I began this journey of mine 3-4 years ago I sounded a lot like you are today, and as time went on my dream became more practical and my training much more serious. I haven't yet formally told...
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    Episode 301

    What one of you really should be betting on is when we get a glimpse of Guts in Elf Helm, I'm guessing 2010? :ganishka:
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    Weightlifter's nightmare

    If you bench or squat in a power rack and have the bars set properly for your height and everything you can bench or squat without fear of dropping weights on your self.
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    Episode 297

    Now I think I know why the ending song of the anime was "Waiting So Long" by Silver Fins. :ganishka:
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