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    What are you listening to? (general music thread)

    Jeff Buckley's Grace: A great artist with a phenomenal voice, he died tragically just as his career was starting. A little low-key in comparison to my regular fare but It's great when I'm in the right mood. Tanzwut's Ihr Woltet Spass: Excellent German techno/industrial with strong folk and...
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    Episode 295

    Judging by what we've seen so far: I strongly suspect that Femto/Griffith (And at least Void) have powers that are based on the manipulation of natural forces. Momentum, acceleration, space, gravity, etc. Way back in volume three, Guts took a swing at Femto and was sent flying. Guts' sword never...
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    BET Gets a new Marvel Cartoon

    Sadly, it's just as bad as you might imagine.
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    How do you think Caska feels about Farnese?

    Re: How do you think Casca feels about Farnese? Indeed, there are threads where possible ethnicities in Berserk were discussed, never be shy about using the search function. Well, she's basically regressed into an infantile state of mind, if she remembers anything I imagine it would be...
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    Least Favorite Berserk Character

    While that's true, I meant my observation in the context of how Puck questions and observes Guts' actions early on, this is Miura's way of saying through Puck: "Yes, there is more to his character than this and all shall be revealed in time."
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    Least Favorite Berserk Character

    He was voted King of SaiGAR 2007: A contest that revolved around selecting an anime character that best embodied the concept of Virtus, the contest was called off this year for the best: Since the guy who created SaiGAR realized that there wasn't anyone who embodied the concept more than Guts...
  7. F love?

    I completely agree and I think that the kind of feelings that Schierke has for Guts are very hard to concretely define. For kids, the first crush on an adult is a very hard thing to define because not only is it so new, it's also heavily muddled up with other impressions, influences and...
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    How do you think Caska feels about Farnese?

    Re: How do you think Casca feels about Farnese? "Bitch best not be stealin' muh man!" :???:
  9. F love?

    I suppose someone may die or end up crippled but I can't see Miura killing everyone off again, that was already a focal point for the series so doing it again would be gratuitous instead of a well-considered plot-point.
  10. F love?

    That they've bonded, working together long enough to start respecting each others abilities: They want each other around and Schierke's own response to having others point out her crush on him shows that she is surprised at her own feelings. The context is different but it's the recognition that...
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    Least Favorite Berserk Character

    Welcome aboard Pistol. Somehow, for some people, the version of Guts that Miura has created just isn't badass enough for them, to paraphrase: "OMG! GUTS NEEDS 2 RAPE AND KILL EVERYONE N SACRAFICE THEM ALL 2 TEH BEHELITT ALREADY N RIP GRIFFITH A NEW-1 WITH THE BERSERK ARMOR! ISIDRO SUCKS N...
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    Caska's Crying

    Re: Casca's Crying Aaz has pointed it out before and I have to agree that while her parents selling her off seems cold: It was the best choice in context, I doubt he gave any indication of how avarice-laden his intentions towards her really were. I'm sure they knew that there was a big risk...
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    Another Skull Knight thread

    I can just see Griffith to snapping and shouting at Guts: "You always pushed me away!" during their final confrontation.
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    Guts' hair

    Maybe it's been brought up before but it's kind of odd that that didn't happen after the eclipse instead. The events of the Eclipse turned Guts into a cynical, traumatized wanderer and he's still recovering from it. I think it's worth pointing out that the White shock of hair must have more to...
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    Anon. VS Scientology: Who ever wins, we lose!

    I wonder if it's occurred to any of the anons demonstrating in public how big of an oxymoron it is to appear in public and declare yourself as anonymous . . .
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