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    SKnet: 20 Years Later

    Walter, this is great so far. It's really bringing back great memories. I've been around here since '07 and associate this site with Berserk itself. Berserk is such a huge part of my life and this community has been so awesome over the years. There's nothing like the thrill of a new episode...
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    Episode 361 (July 22)

    Thank you so much, Aaz and Puella for your hard work with this summary.
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    Episode 361 (July 22)

    Something tells me he's got this under control. And if not, Schierke can lend a hand.
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    How to buy the digital edition of Young Animal online

    I've been having a rough time reloading my e-coins. The only method I could use is credit card. Unfortunately, I only have one card and it requires some sort of extra bank verification that it doesn't even specify. I read a couple other replies here, and people have said they used other cards...
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    Grail makes doodlies?!

    Grail, I had a blast working with you. I'm very happy with how this turned out! And I hope that you all enjoy this too! :guts: :casca::rickert:
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    Episode 360

    I'm so happy I feel like running down the street, shouting at the top of my lungs, and hugging strangers.
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    SECRET SCHNOZ 2019! Time to Send Out Gifts!!

    Th3Branded0ne, thank you so much!!! First of all, excellent packaging. EXCELLENT. This is the most amazing water bottle I've ever seen in my life. As you can see by my expression, I will cherish this for the rest of my life. I am absolutely crazy for this Skull Knight print. I can't wait...
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    SECRET SCHNOZ 2019! Time to Send Out Gifts!!

    My gift has been sent!
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    SECRET SCHNOZ 2019! Time to Send Out Gifts!!

    Count me in! I look forward to participating again! :guts:
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    SkullKast: Episode 102 - Barrier

    Thank you for having me on! I had a great time. :serpico:
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    Episode 359

    This episode is amazing, from start to finish. All of this stuff I've been waiting years and years to see. It was such a treat to see Casca speaking to all her "new" friends. Then we get to see Casca kicking ass once again. Plus, something I was truly hoping for happened: she and Isidro sparred...
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    Episode 359

    I've seen this picture before. It's great to see it again, though! :guts:
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    Gob's Goofy Goofs

    Hahaha good point!
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    Gob's Goofy Goofs

    Hi guys! I wanted to start a thread to have a place to post any funny or weird Berserk-related stuff that I make. To kick things off, I made one of these comprehensive tier lists that are all the rage these days. Enjoy! Huge thank you to Grail, who drew the video thumbnail picture of me...
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    Episode 358

    This is such great news! :guts::serpico::ubik:
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