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    I still need to see this movie so that I will know how to impersonate Vin Disel during Halloween when I shave my head and draw three x's in the back of my head. Oh, and also for the rest of the year too.
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    Gatts vs SK

    Depends. If this was in the ring I would put my money on Skull Knight, but if you put it in the cage Guts' Ground and Pound game is unbeatable. So I would say Guts by Ref Stoppage in the third round if it's in the cage.
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    Nowadays Guts Band

    Yeah, the blue preppie.
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    Nowadays Guts Band

    The thing about Farnese is that she doesn't posess the Heart ring like that Peruvian kid in Captain Power. I mean he was the Aquaman of that group, but whenever anybody did something stupid he managed to say, "Hey that's stupid!" and then they would tell him to shut up and make a teepee. However...
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    best manga except berserk

    These manga are fun, but not really that good. Grappler Baki is a really, really stupid manga. But I like it. Especially the second arc of the series which is just a flashback. Tough is a slightly more realistic fight manga than what I`ve been acustomed to. But it does have a lot of really...
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    Capcom vs. SNK 2 Is it too awesome for me? Yes

    I picked up a used copy of the game for about 3,700 yen, which comes out to about 30 dollars US. Video games are really, really expensive in Japan though and you can find more Saturn games than Dreamcast games. Funny huh. I still love the system though. It`s a rugged little critter.
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    Capcom vs. SNK 2 Is it too awesome for me? Yes

    I have been playing this game on my new Dreamcast and I must say it rocks harder than a Boston/Bruce Springsteen/Black Sabbath concert. Over 40 characters, great backgrounds, decent music(In a fighhting game no less) and killer gameplay make this one of the best 2-D fighting games I`ve played.
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    Dreamcast Question

    Because the almighty dollar is fucking strong in Japan I will be purchasing a Sega Dreamcast and I was wondering if it would work with American games via a boot disc.
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    Army of Darkness Blah Blah Ash is like Gatts Blah

    Well, I watched Army of Darkness for like the 30th time and I actually began to think about the similarities between Gatts (Guts!) and Ash (Uh... Ash!). Now I know there`s probably some post relating to this topic, but I`m really fucking lazy and I don`t have much time on the computer so die and...
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    Gatts, Gatsu, Guts etc....

    I thought he got his name from the Super Man 2 villain General Zod. But than again that was probably just speculation.
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    Anime endings

    Wolfwood`s my favorite character from Trigun. I just hope he doesn`t get offed in the manga.
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    Gatts, Gatsu, Guts etc....

    Yeah, but I really can`t write his name down as Guts because then I keep thinking of him as being that Mega Man villain Guts Man. Why the hell did they call him Guts Man anyway?
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    Skull Knight Hungry?

    Actually Skullknight eats the Behelits so that his energy levels can return to normal. It works the same as when Gatts busts opens trash cans to eat the turkeys and sandwiches inside. Geeze, people. Do I have to explain everything?
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    Gatts, Gatsu, Guts etc....

    Look at how he spells Griffith`s name. I love Miura and those wacky Japanese people, but they really have no fucking idea how to spell things in English or in any other non asian language.
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    Other Artist

    I was just looking at it in the 7-eleven today. It is a pretty sweet. Some mangaka that I think are pretty cool are: Eiichiro Oda-While his work is a little strange to look at and some of his female characters look exactly alike his art has a very nice dynamic feel to it(Especially with Monkey D...
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