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    Berserk: The Motion Comic Episode 3 - The Brand (Part 1)

    Actual episode is now available.
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    SkullKast 121: Halloween Spooktacular

    To me, shorter format could still mean having good discussions... but the desire of us as an audience is we want deep dives into these topics and just really thrive on the nitty gritty. Fwiw, I myself find excitement usually locks in around the last 1/3 of the podcast: Sometimes one of you will...
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    Berserk: The Motion Comic Episode 3 - The Brand (Part 1)

    Discussion of Episode 1 on the forum here. Episode 3 releases on 12/18. The Trailer
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    SECRET SCHNOZ 2021! Gifts Going Out Now!

    Too many posts needed to catch up, but looks like fun!
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    SkullKast 121: Halloween Spooktacular

    I'd actually love a part 2 to this, especially based on submissions from others who have not been re-reading the manga for years. Listening to this I was also thinking of the introduction of the beast of darkness. Specifically how disturbing Lost Children is as you learn Guts has been killing...
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    Movies you've recently watched

    Dune Mini-series (2000) is worth watching. Haven't seen the new film yet. Cop Shop (2021) was quite good. I really enjoyed the character acting, the graphic novel like structure, and all around had a good time with it. It is a very literal B film, so just go in to have a good time. Old...
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    Berserk's Unresolved Plot Threads

    Questions in my mind: - Does Guts know the moonlight boy is his child? (probably, but not resolved) - Can the moonlight boy be saved if Griffith is defeated? - Can the Beast of Darkness be defeated? - Can the brand be resolved for Guts and Casks? - Will Caska ever embrace Guts again? - Can Zodd...
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    Episode 364

    Interesting, because if they are still standing there talking I'd think it would actually decrease the desire to fight in Guts. He truly has changed and let go of much of that hatred + is shook by his own weakened state... that is why I figured he would need to swing right away if he still felt...
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    Episode 364

    Looking at this makes me think the next panel of 365 might be Guts swinging the sword as Femto transfers back to Falconia, just as he did for the start of the full moon. Since Griffith is still *there* after transforming... is it safe to say he also harbors no ill intent on the island?
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    Episode 364

    I noticed a striking kinship between Rutger Hauer's final Tears in the rain monologue in Blade Runner and the final panel of Now see Rutger Hauer's final "Tears in rain" monologue in the original Blade Runner. Here is the wikipedia entry and here is the youtube scene. "I've seen things you...
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    Kentarou Miura has passed away

    I miss Miura-sensei.
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    What Are You Playing?

    Playing Ghost of Tsushima on lethal. It is a great Samurai game. Love that cutting down enemies can cause other enemies to falter or run away. Standoffs (basically timing when to strike in a duel) are exhilarating against multiple people. Feels like the scene in Tombstone where Wyatt Earp slaps...
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    Art of IndicationCreative64 as episode 364

    I hope your wish comes true!
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    Art of IndicationCreative64 as episode 364

    All comics are from this super talented reddit artist: IndicationCreative64. <- See many more comics here as well. Attempting to put some into a loose order as a fun episode 364.
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    Does this help? [IMG]

    Does this help?
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