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    Uncertainty about Berserk's future

    Do you think there is a chance Miura wrote down, or told a close associate, what should be done if for some reason he "couldn't finish" Berserk? My guess is even if this existed, he would have never expected it to be so soon. I'll mention I am also in the camp that it likely shouldn't go on...
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    What Are You Playing?

    If you all were to play one Resident Evil title on the Ps4 which would it be? Restated, which would you recommend to a relative noob to the series that appreciates immersive, challenging games that do not really waste your time? The only one I have ever played myself was RE5 , which was mainly...
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    Episode 362

    Now that we know what his bash results in, it seems notable that Hanarr chose to trigger this reaction from the armour. Originally it seems like a simple test to see how much control guts may have / how much the armour has progressed towards taking control if him. Given how quickly he does it...
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    Episode 360

    Hello, just spitballing some ideas/ questions that have come to my mind after this latest episode. I post mainly to understand the Berserk world a little better and keep the conversation going. Feel free to correct me if I am referencing things incorrectly or have some misunderstandings about...
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    Skullknight.NET Podcast: Episode 78

    I apologize for bumping on old thread, but what is the name of the opening song for this podcast? I would be interested in a thread with all Berserk-related themes if it doesn't already exist. Thanks!
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    Griffith's reincarnated body

    This is also the way I have reasoned it in the past. As was said before, the egg apostle was just a vessel and "extra flesh" of some kind needed to be consumed. But I have also read it as any infant being viable for this role (ex. the pilgrim kids before their parents began getting...
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    SkullKast: Episode 97 - Stonehenge [357 Review]

    Re: SkullKast: Episode 97 Sonia mentioning that the World Spiral Tree's branches lead under the ocean at points reminded me of Skullcast 34, where you guys joked that if the Idea of Evil were to manifest in the merged world it would probably be underwater.... Who knows, maybe there could be an...
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