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    WTB Statues

    hi, im selling my collection i have guts and zood desperate attack 850 usd , and houma irvine with blood in 400 usd, plus paypal fees and shipping , if you are interested let me know, thanks
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    selling entire collection

    hi im selling all my collection everything is availiable exept , guts cannon slice, skullknight 2011, guts battle of doldrey, femto gyakko, guts arm cannon , zood horror and 20 aniversary , any interest please ask,
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    andrewz nonconformity with canon slice deal

    i dont see anyone had problems with my package ,as far as i know they arrived ok, the one who needs to grow is you , first you wanted me to talk every day to the shipping company when i explained you it was normal delay now you want to keep it and get money back you are out of your mind , you...
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    andrewz nonconformity with canon slice deal

    Besides your other pins where not about puck but for the gantz statue show them too so everyone read Them You never claimed anything just mentioned the broken piece, you pm bescuse you wanted me To complete the deal of the gantz statue, the damage was done on the shipping period if you wanted...
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    andrewz nonconformity with canon slice deal

    Ifi ddnt response before because i had pwrsonal shit to do and im responding now That price they may charge now but not the cost of what i sold to you , im not going to pay the price you want and you want to give 300 usd back and keep the figure??? Are you aware how policies return work? You...
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    selling my collection

    hi to all of you that have been asking for the statues sorry for late reply but for the moment i stop selling i also want to thank the comunity because thanks to you i could solve my issues quickly i was able to solve the money issues and i dont need to sell more statues for the moment if i...
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    andrewz nonconformity with canon slice deal

    First of all i want to apologize if that is not the place for this msg but i want to clarify that , i was just sent a msg from andrewz that he wants a refund from 300 usd because puck figure was broken, he perfectly knows that puck was in perfect condition before shipping because he asked me...
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    selling my collection

    hi unfortunately im selling my entire collection of statues ;for most of them im asking the price i pay plus the shipping cost i had to pay too some rare pieces im going to mention im going to sell them way more expensive than the original cost because of their rarity and i dont think im ever...
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    Original Pre-painted berserk armour by Gecco

    hi i have one but it has some details in the sword as shown in the first two pics, if you are still interested please make me an offer cheers
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    selling entire collection

    sold! thank you!
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    selling entire collection

    hi there im selling my skully , im asking 1200 dlls , plus playpal fees, plus shipping, if interested please send a mmsg!! :iva: sorry for the pics if you want others i can send thanks
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    Selling my femto and griffith

    Hi im selling these to statues, femto has some white ish mold stains on his cape, griffith in perfect condition Im askimg 600 us for femto and 200 for griffith!
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    looking for some statues

    hi, im looking for some statues , if someone is selling them please contact me -guts birth ceremony chapter limited version 4 with heavily bloody dead angel ,( not interested in the other versions) -god hand set with grifith -serpico any version cheers!
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    AOW No. 409 / No. 410 Skull Knight 2015 Dark Metallic Green Version 1/5 scale

    did you read the part where it says next time cost will rise 20% ! :magni:
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    No.408 Guts 1/6 Scale -Berserk: Slash- *Black Version*

    i wonder when will they release an new statue :???:
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