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    Is it Christmas yet?

    Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Mine was pretty crappy, but it was nice seeing (some) of my distant family again. I would love to get a Wii, but I can never seem to locate any. All the stores are sold out, and the places I look online are always sold out as well. Guess I'll...
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    What are you reading?

    The real question is, what true nerd/geek hasn't? The LOTR books were fantastic, the movie was great but not what everyone makes it out to be. I'm ashamed to say it, but.. I have never read Dune. I hear it's a fantastic series, but I have just never gotten around to reading them. I dunno why...
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    Dark Horse Releases

    Well atleast it's just a sticker so I'm not really angry about it. If they had printed it into the cover, though, then I'd get a bit mad. No harm from a simple sticker. :troll:
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    Story Discussion: Dark Horse readers only [NO SPOILERS]

    Yes but you don't know exactly how it's supposed to sound. I believe it has to do with Japanese being a phonetic language that you can't really translate the sound effects literally, or something like that. Of course you get the general idea, but you don't really know just what it is unless you...
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    Dark Horse Releases

    Great, I'm glad DH is doing well. Hopefully it's introducing a lot of new fans to berserk. It seems to be selling fairly well :)
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    FINALLY! Spoiler tags

    oh em gee at teh spoilers!!! :carcus: Very neat, good work Walter! Kind of funny how it doesn't hide smileyes, but not like that matters. :serpico:
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    Rubber Johnny

    Yes, yes I was. I didn't even notice this topic was a revival from last year, heh. :troll:
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    Rubber Johnny

    Pretty crazy, I remember watching this like a year or so ago. One thing that I'm never quite able to understand is when there are those pauses during the video and someone opens up the sliding door and he's just sitting there. What does the person who opened the door say? I can only distinguish...
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    Happy Birthday, Kentarou Miura

    Hey it's my birthday, I don't get a topic?!?! :miura: (kidding, kidding. =) ) Happy day of Birth to our favorite manga author!
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    Dark Horse Releases

    Yep, and 2010 isn't an unfair date at all to catch up on. The new ones to the series won't have to wait so long to get a volume. That is, until DH does indeed catch up, then we'll probably be at around the same pace as the Japanese releases, correct? (of course it'll probably take it bit to...
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    Where are you from?

    so far the closest person to me, I believe. Where arounds do you live in NH? I have some cousins near Concord.
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    Picture of an object found in 1872

    Well I am pretty close to New Hampshire, I can just go down there, get my hands on it, and rule the woooorld! *que evil laughter* :troll:
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    Story Discussion: Dark Horse readers only [NO SPOILERS]

    Hmm, well I pre ordered it, dunno when it'll come in. I hope in time for my birthday (the 10th), that'd make a great gift :guts:
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    Green Photography

    Pretty cool! I'm interested in photography as well, but I haven't really attempted to pursue it yet. Maybe I will? :) I like the second and sixth ones best.
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    The Sony POOS

    Sony just can't be unique can they. First they copy motion sensing in the controller, now their taking a wacky name (honestly, it's not even relatively interesting like the Wii. What does Poos even mean?!) Heh, well I'm not much a sony fan anyways so I don't mind :chomp:
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