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    Episode 323

    Before turning into a merrow, Isma says ma-na in katakana before repeating in kanji. Is this because she does not understand at first the meaning of what is conveyed by the voice from the deep or could Mana be her true name? Sorry if I misinterpreted the text. Next episode will probably dispell...
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    Episode 323

    Well, apart from Puck among the discarded clothes of Isma on panel 13 :puck: It seems to me that Guts is repelled by the heartbeat, sound effect on panel 11. As told in previous episode, the pressure around the heart is huge, feels like at the botton of the ocean. There are also some weird...
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    Episode 322

    Great episode. good mix between humorous (pirates, earplugs ...) and ominous (maddening, raging heart beat, emergence of the sea god...) scenes I've written down the japanase script. Since the translation thread is not open yet, I post the link here : Hope...
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    The Moonlight Boy

    Nice find Aazealh. The figure at the top of the hills, the recurrent referrence to the moon, the way the moonlight boy looks like Casca and Guts, it all seems really significant. I find the multiple reference to the full moon even more convincing than the shadow over the ill. The relation...
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    Things you would like to see when the manga closes to an end (Who knows when )

    Re: Things you would like to see when the manga closes to an end (Who knows when the idea of evil being butchered with the Dragon Slayer.
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    Episode 252

    I'm not sure, but I don't remember a point in berserk when there has been such a change of focus, going from a story line to another while in the middle of something (kindof cliffhanger). It doesn't seem to be the author style. We have still to assist to the destruction of the city. For it to...
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    The PL show!

    In my dictionnary, kate means food.
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    On second thoughts, the egg apostle is not different from the other one. He is quite selfish. But I wonder : did he die? has he been taken in the same place as the count? Or is he still somewhere? The behelit is supposed to survive a ceremony, so where did he go? about the translation of the...
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    about the behelit guts is carrying, I was wondering if Caska may use it... Which leads me to another question : what is the condition to sacrifice someone? Griffith is important to Caska and Gats. Could he be sacrificied? To my mind Gats is too power driven to make it but if Caska were to do it...
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