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    Episode 305

    Well, regardless of the world-changing event... What does this mean for Guts and his quest? I still believe the story is about him, although a good part of the latest episodes disagree. So if the worlds have merged, doesn't this mean that the God Hand, and Griffith, are now reachable? By a...
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    Episode 303

    I can die in peace now. That is all.
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    Writing Miura

    I'm not into Berserk as much as many people here, but I'm still blown away. I had read that topic about writing Miura and I didn't pay any attention, because I was expecting by default that no reply would come. Congratulations to all team! For a real fan, this is like calling out to God...
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    Episode 301

    I am tempted to grab that page and post it somewhere else. "Berserk ending leaked!!!11" lol
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    Episode 297

    Interesting... Griffith's take over the world mimics the takeover from darkness following the US elections, and Guts & Caska reconciliation is because Miura got a girlfriend! See, it's all coming together. By the way, what's with the Civil War banners around here?
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    Episode 297

    For some reason, I think he may finish this story arc at 300. Sounds like a round, clean number to clear this huge event. And then it can go on with the arrival to Puck's home, and (finally!!) some serious character development for Guts and Caska.
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    Guts and Food

    Remember that Guts has no sex whatsoever, and that gives him the incredible energy boost that he shows. I'm being serious.
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    Episode 296

    Wow, the Beherit reacted like it does when the Godhand are near. Does this mean Ganishka has reached that level? And still no reaction from Griffith. I'm dying to see what's he going to do, or hear a piece of his mind. Did he expect this? Is he going to change into Femto? Did he crap his pants?!
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    Episode 295

    Yeah, that was as gigantic as Ganishka's new form. By the way... I laughed hysterically when looking at the scans, that was my reaction. I expected some huge ass beast, but this just owns all. Suffice to say, I don't care about what Guts is doing right now. This event is quite a sight to behold.
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    Episode 292

    Lazy Miura didn't want to draw any more soldiers so he killed them! :troll: Well, a few more episodes, and we'll see what is His Highness Griffith, King of Midland, going to do now that he has his goddamn kingdom. Well, probably we won't see it right away. But some foreshadowing would be nice...
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    Episode 291

    Looks like a slow build up previous to the battle. In a way it's a bit frustrating to see Griffith taking so much time of the story, because we all know how it's going to end: with him as King of Midland. The only thing I'm unsure about is the fate of Ganishka. Since reincarnating, Griffith's...
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    Episode 290

    Come on now, don't try to fool anyone. You only registered because this forum is now invisible to guests. Like me and hundreds (?) of former lurkers :ganishka: I hope Guts gets some miraculous healing or several years of rest to recover. Not only because it's getting ludicrous the amount of...
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