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    Movies to look forward to

    American Sniper is looking better and better. I've read Chris Kyle's book and so far it looks like Bradley Coopers on his way to nailing this role. Can't wait to see it.
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    88 seconds of not very much. I like JJ Abrams work so I'll have to wait and see. Still, that x-wing shot though.....
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    Movies you've recently watched

    I had a similar reaction to Interstellar was well, I really enjoyed the movie but I was kind of expecting a bit more from it. Some of the twists weren't really that shocking but I feel like it was a solid movie with good acting and an enjoyable story. The music was excellent as well, I liked...
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    Movies you've recently watched

    Gone Blew my expectations right out the damn window, great performances all around especially by Rosamund Pike. I haven't had a moviegoing experience like that in a long time.
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    Game of Thrones TV [spoilers]

    If only........hahaha
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    Berserk Resumes April 11

    Joe wake up!! Berserk is back!!!!!!!! ME Great way to start off dead week, thanks for the update Walter.
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    What are you watching? (television thread)

    I've thoroughly enjoyed the second season of House of Cards, though I agree with Walter that the characters outside of Underwood could use some more meat to them. I really hope they come up with a rival that can challenge and push Underwood next season though. As much fun as it was to see him...
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    Movies you've recently watched

    With ya all the way on this one, I liked how it ran so counter to all of his older western movies with its grittiness and take on violence. I'm interested to see how this new Japanese remake with Ken Watanabe goes.
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    Movies to dread Really?
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    Movies you've recently watched

    Whatever floats your boat man.
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    Movies you've recently watched

    I gotta say that Lone Survivor was much better than I expected. I appreciated the director for not trying to make this movie into something that it wasn't. Just a solid movie about heroism and courage, Ben Foster was really spot on as well. Personally I rank it below The Hurt Locker, but well...
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    What are you watching? (television thread)

    I've really gotten into Hell on Wheels just within the last month, I finished season 2 just as season 3 was wrapping up so I'll have to wait on Netflix for the rest. Maybe now I'll finally sit down and watch Breaking Bad and Mad Men.
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    News & Not News Megathread

    I've always aired on the side that I would rather give people the ability to defend themselves rather then be defenseless. Whether or not they decided to carry a gun is their decision, however they should have the legal right to do so if they feel they should. Also unless this kid actually meant...
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    Games to look forward to! I'm almost finished upgrading my laptop to run this at full capacity. Can't wait!!!
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    What'd you do over the weekend?

    Even though it was a couple weekends ago, my Civil War Reenacting group flew from Oregon to Pennsylvania for the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. We had 10,000+ reenactors and around 200,000 spectators during the event. It was an incredible experience as we were not only able to...
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