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    Episode 355

    Well, I can't help but see a difference. For comparison: (Sorry if the images are huge, they were tiny on my pc but still became this way here.) Anyway, I'm not saying she looks bad, not at all. I just personally liked her look a tad more in the previous arcs, that's all.
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    Episode 355

    I'm also kind of bothered by how Casca's face looks more like a child's face now than it did during the previous two or three arcs, especially the panel where she first wakes up, and the the first page of this chapter. Hopefully Miura fixes it somewhat for the volume. But other than that...
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    Berserk Golden Age Arc III: Descent [Review]

    One thing that stuck out to me (apart from all the obvious stuff that's already been pointed out) was the way they made Casca crack up laughing after she wakes up insane. It was ridiculous and also ruins the segments with Guts wondering when he last saw her smile. But I also have to comment on...
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