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    What are you listening to? (general music thread)

    Sim City is currently my fave Hirasawa album
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    KikiPT's Fanart

    Not really fanart but was rereading and couldnt keep going without testing Jill's statement. She was right.
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    KikiPT's Fanart

    Guts sure has lost a lot of blood along the way
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    KikiPT's Fanart

    Thanks a bunch but not sure im worthy of such comparison haha
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    KikiPT's Fanart

    how does miura even highlight this mans hair everyday its mad hard
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    KikiPT's Fanart

    Did somethin simple focusing on Gut's wounds. not sure if I'll colour it tho
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    Episode 358

    Gotta say, this has been the most satisfying episode we had in a while. We got a lot of development throught the discussions had in 358. Feels fulfilling to have so much dialogue after a while.
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    Avengers end game and berserk reference

    If you're talking about the soul stone planet then I'm absolutely sure that was the intention
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    KikiPT's Fanart

    Thank you! I thought of putting Griffith's current sword in but then I came to the conclusion that that one doesnt really deserve its spot on the hill.
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    KikiPT's Fanart

    I still got ways to learn when it comes to colouring but here's a lil something I made. Probably can't see it but two of the funky lil eclipse faces are smiling as they drift away lmao.
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    Castlevania showrunner wants to animate Berserk

    If we're talking Netflix in particular I personally do not think they'd be up to the task. I liked Castlevania but mostly due to the action scenes and their choreography, when scenes focused on characters and their interactions (which is admittedly Berserk's strongest point) the direction seemed...
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    Vampira's colorings

    these are all very good my portuguese friend
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